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These Video Games Were Turned Into Shows/Movies

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Article Source: https://www.krqe.com/reviews/br/toys-games-br/video-games-br/video-games-that-were-transformed-into-shows-or-movies/

According the the article, they are...

Mortal Kombat
Monster Hunter
Resident Evil
The Last of Us
Super Mario
Assassins Creed
Gran Turismo
Five Nights at Freddy's


I never knew there was a Zelda show in the 80's, and I was an 80's kid too. 


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I own season 1 of Halo, but I haven't even watched one episode of it. I'd like to watch it one day, but it's like my interest in films/series has gone down drastically over the years. There's a few others listed here that I wouldn't mind seeing one day as well.

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