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Uncharted 1 Remake could be coming?

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Source - https://gamerant.com/uncharted-1-remake-ps5-drakes-fortune/

It's being rumored that there is an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remake on the way, and it could be coming out for the PS5. Now this is just rumor, as the rumor came from the team at Xbox Era podcast, stating they heard a remake was pitched, and it was strongly considered by Sony. This of course brings us to Naughty Dog, and Neil Druckmann, who has been quoted saying that they are done with the Uncharted series as they want to focus on something new. So that either means a remake is likely not happening, or they are dropping it off to a smaller studio to take on, which has happened with some remakes in the past. What do you think though? Would you welcome a remake of the original game? If Naughty Dog doesn't develop, who do you think could? Bluepoint did the work on The Nathan Drake Collection, so maybe they can be tasked with a remake? 

You can read about Naughty Dog being done with Uncharted here - 

The link to the article doesn't work anymore, but I was able to find another site that had the news - https://ftw.usatoday.com/2023/01/new-uncharted-games-not-happening-naughty-dog-says


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