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The Sims 5 leaks online, Revealing DRM & Engine Change

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Supposedly two separate builds of the game, one being a playtest of the game was leaked online recently and they can be played via PC & Android. I am not going to tell you where or how to find them. I assume EA is trying to stop this leak as fast as they can. Whoever leaked this is going to be in some serious trouble, especially with the way recent leakers have gone to jail. 

The leak, if true, reports that the new game will have a free to play model, similar to what The Sims 4 is currently. It will have DRM added into the mix, which is kind of to be expected with EA. Another bit of news from the leak also mentions them moving away from the frostbite engine and moving on to the Unreal Engine, either 4 or 5. Which makes sense to me.

Do you see yourself playing The Sims 5? Or did the 4th game sour your taste on the series? Maxis have to follow what EA wants to do, and we know full well they're going to make it into a live service style game. Either by releasing endless DLC packs, or charging a ton for stuff in game. 

More on this news here: https://gameranx.com/updates/id/490974/article/the-sims-5-leaks-online-revealing-drm-engine-change/

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