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Cakey's Twisted Bakery FREE on Steam, But You've Got To Be Quick!

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A brand new game, released on July 5th 2024, has been made free for a very limited time. You have until 9am Eastern time to on July 7nth to claim it, so head to the Steam page now while you have the chance!  It should cost £8  (Around $10), so why not just claim it for free.





Cakey's Twisted Bakery is a first person horror game whare you explore a strange bakery in search of your lost bother be fore he's baked... literally.  With added elements of stealth and collecting ingredients to make pastries that, in one way or another, help you escape the bakery. Boasting an art style similar to game like FNAF and a retro 90's setting.  It looks interesting and could be a lot of fun.


Toi summarise, This is for Cakey's Twisted Bakery on PC through Steam.  The game was £8, but is being offered at a 100% discount to £0 from the time of this posting until 1pm GMT (9am Eastern US time) on the 7nth of July 2024. Here is the link again to the Steam store page to claim the game:


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