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  1. Zelda OOT was special. I love that game almost as much as my own son. Even so, it may have been the first open world action adventure/RPG ever made, and that is it's legacy as well as it greatest weakness. As with most things, especially in video games, the first is almost never the best. Consider Zelda OOT a product of it's time if you want and rate it on that, but don't feel bad for saying RDR2 is a better game. Zelda OOT is an all time great and will forever have a place in my heart, but is it my favourite game? Hell no! Games like Horizon Zero Dawn took the formula, took advantage of better technology, then did it better. Nostalgia finds quality, no denying that, but more modern games are better because lessons get learned and improvements are made. That's why I'm saying Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West as my favourite games. They are recent, but that's also why they're better.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I like AC Odyssey, but I still think Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is the best in the series, at least amongst the ones I've played.
  3. IMO, Cyberpunk is a style of visuals and setting rather than a genre. The colourful, rebellious, self indentified identity of punk with futuristic, sci-fi elements. It's like not like video games are the only expressions of cyberpunk. For example there are several movies, like Tron and The Running Man that I'd describe as cyerberpunk as well. In terms of games, and as you've shown, first person games seem to be a popular choice with this aesthetic in recent years for reasons I can't quite figure out. But still, I have seen RPG's, FPS's, side scrollers and even racing games with that aesthetic theme. There are limits, it's not like all genres suit the aesthetic. Horror is one that strikes me as one that really wouldn't work. But that's not the point. Cyberpunk is an art style. An art style that suits some types of games and stories more others, but an art style none the less.
  4. This is a giveaway being handled by Ubisoft themselves, so it's legit. Claim AC Syndicate completely free now until December 6th 2023. All you need to do is go to the link below then follow the instructions. https://register.ubisoft.com/acsyndicate/ Basically, you'll have to install Ubisoft's PC launcher Ubisoft Connect (if you haven't done so), click on the link on the page to link the offer to your Ubisoft account, and you're ready to go. As far as I know, this adds the game to your library permanently, it's not like a limited time period to play the game or a demo. This is simply just the full, standard game for free. The only string attached is that you need to use Ubisoft Connect, which is a bit shit, but you're pretty much stuck with Ubisoft Connect to play thier games on PC anyway. To summarise: This offer is for the full, base game of Assassin's Creed Syndicate This is a 100% discount, the game is free. I'm sadly not aware of the price on Ubisoft's store before the offer, but the games is around about £35 (or the equivalent) on Steam. This offer runs from the 27nth of November 2023 until the 6th of December 2023. The offer is directly through Ubisoft via the link provided.
  5. It's also available on PC and Xbox 360 consoles. I'd recommend you do go the PC route if you can because it's a later release with performance enhancements and DLC included. Given the game's age you won't need a supercomputer to run it.
  6. If somebody quotes your post or, for lack of a better term, "mentions" you by quoting you username @Dismal_Bliss like I did just there, you should get a notification. You can choose to follow users by clicking on thier profile and hitting the icon. You can also follow chosen topics by hitting the highlighted control near the top of the thread; You should be presented with this drop-down menu; From there, you should be able to customise your options. I hope this was of help to you, but if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. Me and the other members of staff are here to help you.
  7. I'm not exactly surprised by this, but it still seems kind of pointless. I love both The Last of Us and the The Last of Us Part 2 (Both are links to my respective reviews), but have Naughty Dog and Sony not milked this enough?
  8. First off, moving this topic to general gaming as this topic is not centred around a specific game of game genre. Second, I think you're overacting. I'm not denying that gaming addiction is a real thing, but there are far worse thing out there to get addicted too. Mostly because the "symptoms" you described are all prevalent in those addictions as well, but are least of those peoples problems. Anything can become addictive, if it induces any kind of pleasure. On the outside, one does not have to understand that pleasure, only acknowledge it. There are literally people addicted to eating rocks. When playing video games get's in the way, and especially replaces, real life, that is a very real problem, but like with any addiction, the first step is admitting to oneself that there is a problem. That's why I don't really feel it merits much discussion because there is very little to distinguish it from other, obscure addictions. People who play so much that it actually becomes a serious problem need help, but just playing games doesn't really expose anyone to risk. It's not the same thing as drugs or alcohol in that regard.
  9. I feel that Microsoft may have saved a few people from themselves with this move, but also robbed people of a basic freedom. The freedom of choice. Any benefit this has welded is nullified buy my certainty that they did this for the wrong reasons. Ever since the early days of what is concerned to be console gaming, console manufactures could have done this, but chose not to because it was a very anti-consumer option. Microsoft did this through greed. This is Thier strategy to sell more first party controllers, and that's that. I recently reviewed a third party controller I've been using on my PC... And, despite a couple of issues, I'm quite happy with it. Microsoft have already banned third party controllers on Xbox, so how long is it before they ban the same controllers, or at least end support of them, on Windows? They could literally do that tomorrow and nobody would be able to argue. This is fucked up, and no force on heaven, earth or hell can convince me otherwise. This is a pure scum move.
  10. Easy choice, every instrument. That would be so much more fun and open up more possibilities.
  11. What are you talking about? There are lots of games rated as being made for adults. In fact, that may even be the biggest market when it comes to traditional console and PC games these days. Here's a list compiled by imdb.com with nearly 300 games on, and trust me when I tell you that is not all of them. Ever since the ratings systems and the various regulatory bodies that enforce them were introduced back in the mid 90's, video games changed. And not just because we started to see stuff like this appear on game boxes; It's because video games themselves stopped being mere toys and merchandise and became an entertainment medium, just like movies and TV shows because they started getting regulated in a similar way. I know that these regulatory bodied like the ESRB and PEGI aren't perfect, but they serve a valuable and important purpose. Not only do they help parents, who likely don't know games as well as thier children, make the right choice, they also allow developers the opportunity to make more adult theme games without fear of persecution. Without the rating system, games the The Witcher, GTA, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed and The Last of Us would never have existed Now, all too often we get into a situation whare parents, for one reason or another, fail to respect that video games ARE an entertainment medium and the ratings are there for a reason. So inevitably, they let thier precious little Jimmy play GTA5, to then walk in and find little Jimmy mesmerized with a pair of strippers tits. When that happens, that parent has nobody to blame but themselves. Even so, the so-called "phycological effect" of such games on kids I feel is a bit of a myth. Kids may be impressionable, but they're not stupid nor insane. For anybody, not just a child, to wind up with psychological issues as a result of entertainment media, they would have to have some underlying issue to begin with. 99.9% of people know how to define the difference between fantasy and reality, so at least as many people can play GTA and not start shooting up the streets. Does that mean I think it's OK for parents to let young children play games like GTA or COD? No, I don't, but I would happily accept parents doing so long as they are also willing to take responsibility for it. If people were to stop scapegoating and blaming not just games, but TV, movies and music (Recently, even books haven't been safe) for all the problems in society, we'd be allot further forward in solving those problems.
  12. I'm not a big fan of musicals. I don't mind the "Disney" approach whare what they're basically doing is braking up the story from time to time to add something entertaining and maybe try to establish some character traits through it, but when musicals actually try to use songs as exposition I just think it's a rather cumbersome and distracting way to tell a story. It can work if the songs were written and composed for the musical itself so they're made to tie in together. However, then there's the jukebox musicals like Mama Mia whare they're trying to shove the round songs into the square holes of the plot and REALLY doesn't work. Mamma Mia had other problems, like a plot devoid of all logic or anything relatable and it being a god-awfully boring waste of time, but at least the stage show would have properly trained performers who bring a sense of grandiose spectacular to ABBA's music even if the story was phoned in garbage. The movie was a who's who of pointless, middle-aged celebrities who can't sing!
  13. You can download and play Diablo IV for free now on Steam until the 28th of November 2023. All versions of this game are also discounted by 40% during this this offer. (Snip Taken on the 28th on November 2023) Full details on the steam page at the link below: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2344520/Diablo_IV/ So this is the perfect opportunity to give this game a try if you have been (Quite justifiably) weary of it at no financial risk. You WILL need a battle.net account and link your battle.net account with Steam in order to play the game which, if your me, was a pain in the ass, so consider yourself warned.
  14. This is nonsense, and that's exactly why you hyperlinked the video instead of embedding it. I'm removing the link and locking the thread. I am also going to recommend a ban for your account as you have chance after chance to post like a actual human being and communicate like an actual human being and always go back to stuff like this. We've had enough.
  15. I've always admired Nintendo for thier will to go against the grain. Sony and Xbox are so concerned with what the other is doing that they end up making the same console. Nintendo dare to be different and I admire that, but it does cause problems. Underpowered and out of date hardware is not something you want in this industry, especially when technology advances as as fast as it does these days.
  16. I know that our first interaction was not positive, but let me welcome you VGR. Any questions you have, let me know. Sorry for the presumption. Glad to have you.
  17. Been playing Soulstice recently. It was free with Epic Games a couple of weeks ago and that's great because I had my eye on it for a while and would have likely bought it, so yay for the timing. I like it, it's very Devil May Cry, but I'd say it's a little more challenging. I do have a few issues with how it controls, though.
  18. Probably not. Never been much into COD anyway and the games have devolved into a greed-feuled bread and butter for Activision over the years. It's just not worth it.
  19. Graphics are very important, but not for the aesthetics as most people understand. Yes, graphics are a big part of the aesthetics, but thier main function is to serve as the visual interface. They need to display the game and information accurately to the player so the player can respond accurately. That is the function of graphics and it is vital the graphics work properly, otherwise a game is likely to be unplayable. Art style and design is more important than graphics when it comes to aesthetics, but a game with bad graphics can fail to display the art style and design correctly and the limit of graphics can limit the level of detail. So yeah, graphics do matter when it comes to aesthetics, but art style and design still matter more.
  20. Welcome to VGR. Anything you want to know please ask.
  21. That's right, even after 46 years, Atari are making a brand new game for the Atari 2600. Full story from Yahoo. Pre-orders are now open for Save Mary, a game two years in making by veteran Atari staffer Tod Frye, the same man behind the 2600 port of Pac Man and the Swordquest series. This is a proper, physical copy of a fully licensed 2600 game, so it's not like the fan made games that people have been continuing to make for the console over the years. This is truly fascinating to me that we still new games made for such an old console. Best of luck to Atari in this venture.
  22. I'm not going to make a fuss about it this time, but remember in future to include and end date to the offers you post here in accordance with the rules of this sub-forum. If the end date is not known or if there isn't one, it is technically not valid on this sub-forum. But, like I said, I'll give you a break, this time.
  23. The fact I had Covid is the last thing I'm interested in here. I know this frustration, literally, but I also know there is nothing I can say that you don't already know. You literally are my voice of logic. I literally go through your posts to seek inspirations for my problems. So I say, trust your will and trust your heart, I literally would
  24. If we ever see it, and I honestly hope we don't, it will be an awfully long time. AI creating artwork, music and even stories is one thing, but video games too complex. Most game developers can barely get AI in games to behave in a natural, logical manner, what chance has an AI got to program that properly?
  25. Another good reason why I don't buy these "live service" games anymore. These companies are desperate to draw you into these games as early as possible because its those early players that are easier to rip off. Frankly, it disgusts me because if you start playing a game early, your experience is likely going to be less polished that somebody who picks it up a few months later given how bad these games tend to launch. Game publishers don't have a "quota". They want all of your money, as well as all of everyone else's money, they wanted it yesterday and want to give you nothing for that money in return. Any step away from that closer to actually offering a fun game that's worth the price is a begrudged frustration and only done as a last resort, and that includes making the game at all. Why else would they sell games broken to say "we'll fix it" later? Why else would they cut stuff out of the game to sell back to you as microtransactions, battle passes, deluxe editions, pre-order bonuses and DLC? Even games that are free aren't really free, they do that as an excuses to be even more egregious with all that bullshit.
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