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  1. You should definitely check out Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2. A game unique in style and setting where you control the gravity with a compelling story to boot.
  2. It's never a good thing to know people are about to loose their jobs. I know what it's like to not know how I'm going to be able to feed myself or pay my bills, and it's a horrible feeling. So that's why I'm not exactly of @Kane99's attitude here. This is never something to celebrate no matter how you feel about the cooperation in question. There's nothing to celebrate with this. I do agree that there is a certain inevitably about this given they way the games industry is going, I still feel sorry for the people who will loose their jobs over this.
  3. I've got a modest collection of retro game stuff and a couple if limited run albums, but I'm no collector. I think I prefer having the few, cool things over the larger collection of other things I don't really need.
  4. At long last, the launch cost of the PS5 has finally been revealed. It's pretty much about what most people were expecting. I'd say high enough to assure quality, but not so high as to rip people off. But, what to you think?
  5. Another thing, you want to know what the one of the rarest games on PS2 is? And I promise, I swear to you, I'm not kidding. Back in the holiday period 2013, EA made the strange decision to release this game on... well, everything, and do mean every platform, including the already redundant PS2 and even PSP. That's how little effort goes into these games, BTW, they can release on three generations of home console and two generations of handheld at the exact same time. Anyway, because this was the same holiday period as the PS4 and XBox One launched, obviously with their
  6. The thing about rare, collectable video games is they're rare because they didn't sell very well, and there's usually a very good reason why nobody bought them. Because they're terrible. There're exceptions, obviously, like the aforementioned Ducktales 2 on the NES @The Blackangel brought up, that didn't sell because that NES game had the terrible bad luck to came out too late (1993, the SNES had been out two years by that point) to a world that just didn't expose games the way it does now. If you are lucky enough to come across a rare, valuable, collectable video game, you may be
  7. That's not about completion, that's about power and control, but I'm not going to go on and you try to detail yet another thread towards politics. You're trying to blur some very clear lines here. If I tried hard enough I could define cooking at a sport or even an act of political aggression, but it's not. You're a smart enough person to know what the clear differences are. Political motivations for conflict have to do with the subject at hand. Please stick to that.
  8. War is not competition, it's conflict. There's a big difference. And as I pointed out earlier, being a physical challenge does not make something a sport on it own (like pro-wrestling, for example) it's about completion. I've pushes examples Golf, Snooker, Darts and I suppose you can count professional chess in that as well. It these sports, and they are sports, the challenge is not physical, it's a mixture of wits, strategy, skill, experience, teamwork, things that's matter in other more physical sports as well. So one can't discount them with discounting Boxing, Football, Soccer.
  9. I wouldn't say so. That was actually really funny and worked on several levels. I get why you feel that was pushing the limits, but this is a gaming forum mostly inhabited buy adults. Relax.
  10. This franchise has lost all spirit and only sells through it's name. There was a time COD was revolutionary, but then they added jetpacks to answer to Titanfall, made Black Ops 4 a multiplayer only title with BR because of the success of PUBG and Fortnight and added aggressive microtransactions because it's Activation and in their mind that was becoming acceptable. To summarize, Call of Duty, what was once the gold standard and trend setter in multiplayer and FPS gameplay is now a trend follower. A cash cow that has no value beyond its own name, and even that name has limited cred
  11. No problem buddy. You're not on the clock here. Post if and when you want and are able to do so. Your education is way more important, but remember that we are here to offer any support we can. Best of luck with your studies.
  12. It makes me wonder what the first three Fartcry games were about...
  13. My sympathies, that would be very irritating, but sadly as @The Blackangel pointed out it's to be expected and there isn't much that can be done about it.
  14. This is a little game that's nothing more than a chance to be funny and creative. What to do is completely ruin a video game, movie, TV show or book by changing just one word from the title. I'll go first.
  15. Holy hell. I'm gonna have to do bullet points, because there's so many things wrong in this statement. Look up the meaning of the word "bigot" and you'll realize that it applies in no way to anything I said. I don't hold prejudice against people who share your viewpoint, I simply disagree with them, there's no reason to take it that personally. Maybe I shouldn't have implied that people who share that view are stupid and more that it's just a stupid point, so I apologize for that, but I didn't expect anyone to take it to heart like you just did. Watch your tone, especially
  16. I don't know. If Facebook and Twitter are happy to host profiles representing The Flat Earth Society, then I'm not so sure you're correct. Yes, there is that too. For example, there's some fool I sub to that keeps using Twitter to send me messages because he's a twit who can't seem to keep track of his phone.
  17. The fact it is a competition is exactly why it's a sport. Competition is what defines a sport as a sport. Just because it's not an athletic challenge, doesn't mean it's not a sport. I'll refer you back to previous post;
  18. To hell with this franchise. They're always the same. Just the previous years game with an updated team roster loaded with some of the most predatory microtransactions the industry.
  19. Got it. The Monument to Alexander II of Russia outside the Helsinki City Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland.
  20. I don't think one needs to be an advocate for eSports to know ridiculous the idea is that something has to be athletic to be a sport. There's so many other sports that are not based on an athletic challenge that have been taken seriously for decades, if not centuries, and have a huge following behind them. Golf, Snooker, Darts, Pool, (some forms of) motorsport, to name but a few. Claiming eSports can't be a sport because it's not a test in athletic ability is an ignorant, hypocritical view shared by the truly stupid. I'm not actually into eSports at all, it's not my sort of thing, but I h
  21. Mmm, 1863. So @Crazycrab was wrong it has nothing to with WWII. Other than that, I have no idea.
  22. I have to confess, I'm not much of a bookworm. I'll read stories on Wattpad and stuff wile on break at work and stuff, and that suits me. It's just more convenient that an actual book. Still, a couple of favourites of mine would "Goodnight Mr Tom" by Michelle Magorian and Bill Bryson's "A Walk In the Woods". True. There was a time when it was morally right to segregate and owning slaves made you the apex of society. It seems pretty pointless to just people from way back when for how the society they lived in shaped them, what we need to do is, like you, learn from the mis
  23. I actually do think the XBSX is the superior console, and even has the superior services, Game Pass in particular, but what really matters is exclusive games, and the PS5 certainly has the XBSX beat. Most of XBox exclusives will be on PC, so there's little point for anyone with a decent PC to buy the XBox, and first few months to a year looks far stronger for PS5 in terms of exclusive games anyway. The mistake they made was assuming people would be happy to accept all those changes in one single moment as opposed to being phased in. Don't get me wrong, the original XB1 co
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