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  1. Disappointed, but not surprised. There was no way Microsoft weren't going to follow suit sooner or later. Not that I'm in any way condoning Sony (An I'm fairly sure Nintendo) doing this, but this was inevitable.
  2. I wouldn't assume too much about the similarities and differences between these two countries just because they share a border.
  3. Even on the MegaDrive/Genesis, Sonic levels weren't exactly liner with various paths open to you and secrets to find, so the fact that they don't hold your hand makes sense to me. Unfortunatly, I don't have the game, so I can't really offer any specific advice. If you are stuck, try looking up a guide online. I did find this video that may or may not be the very part you are stuck at, but at the very least this user's gameplay walkthrough might help you out if you check out his other videos.
  4. Shagger

    E3 2023?

    Don't you think you're brining this up a little too early? E3 has got to be six months away. Sorry, but this is pointless. I won't lock this thread, but I'm lock other threads that come up closer to the event because this is already here.
  5. I was under the impression Japanese censorship was mostly related to violence rather than sexual content and nudity. Maybe it's both. I do agree with what you said about people having a fit over censorship, it is childish. I'm not a fan of censorship, adults do not need need thier media moderated that heavily when it's rated for adults, but it's pathetic to loose your shit over Lara Croft now wearing jeans instead of short shorts or whatever.
  6. Yes, it's possible to run games from other services (or any program, really) through the Steam launcher, but the feature is not easy to use and it keeps track of only a very limited amount of information. GOG Galaxy does this much better.
  7. Given the fact the original game was controlled with a single analogue stick, they'll have to. I love Goldeneye on N64 and Perfect Dark was even better, but let's be honest the games haven't aged that well. Bring back Perfect Dark with a retelling of the same, mad story with modern FPS mechanics, controls and graphics and I will be a happy man.
  8. 8/10 I Like it. It has a very Arabic feel to it which is obviously spot on for the game's setting. I saw a lot of talk about FFX and FFX-2 earlier in the thread, and there's no way we can have that discussion happen without brining this up;
  9. I don't want a new MGS without Kojima. The last time that happened, we ended up with this: This is Komani without Kojima. As for what I would like to see, I honestly have no idea. I find myself hungering for very little in terms of new games, so I'll just see what's on offer and see it it interests me.
  10. Why are just scrolling down the PlayStation sub-forum going from topic to topic making a comment on each one like it's some sort of task? All that your doing is bringing months-dead threads back to the very top whilst bumping down more recent and relevant threads further down. Stop it, now.
  11. Actually, there is a point in TLOU Part II whare Ellie plays the song on guitar and sings it to Dana. Now that I think about it, there's no way that's a coincidence, it's probably a deliberate reference.
  12. Seriously, you need to pretending you know stuff before you make comments. If you had bothered to look her up or knew anything about her, you would know Merle Dandridge has had several roles on major TV shows like Sons of Anarchy and made her name on Broadway. We're talking about a multi-talented and professional actor. Not to mention that she's playing a character she already knows well having played her before. Even if she was a voice actor, that you would doubt here ability her for being a "mere" voice actor is, quite frankly, insulting. Voice actors deserve more respect than that, especially from somebody who plays video games. Man, I am getting quite excited now. I must admit I was quite pessimistic at first, but wether I want to be or not I am very much riding the hype train.
  13. The $billions or revenue and share value riding of deals like this would bring out the petty in anyone.
  14. Sabaton are probably may favourite band, but I really love Amaranthe, Lovebites, Nightwish, Unleash the Archers, Metallica and Rammstein as well.
  15. No. It's not that I have anything against animals or pets, I just don't have any.
  16. Wow, I hadn't realised they've got Merle Dandridge back to play Maléne! That is so cool.
  17. This topic is already starting to sound like the "Rules" from Scream... Anyway... One thing that does drive me nuts about Braveheart is the portrayal of Robert the Bruce. He didn't betray William Wallace at Falkirk. Hell, he wasn't even there. He actually grew up in the English court, so if her betrayed anyone it was England. At Bannockburn in 1314, he wasn't all dressed up in fancy armour either, he was actually armoured for something suitable for "reconnaissance" only and armed only with a small axe. An English Knight named Henry de Bohun spotted Bruce in this "disadvantaged" state with light armour and riding a small horse and charged. Bruce held his ground until the last second before side stepping and whacking Henry de Bohun with that small axe right between the eyes, both killing him and breaking the axe in the process in one of the most amazing combat baits in history. Bruce actually had to sit out the rest of the battle because he no longer had any means to defend himself.
  18. Anyone buying a new switch now may as well buy the OLED model. If Nintendo had any intention of releasing a so-called "Switch Pro" the OLED model would have been that. We will not see a hardware upgrade from Nintendo until they come out with a whole new console.
  19. Now that have finished watching the video, I must say thanks for sharing @Techno, great documentary. And of course hats off the Stuart Brown for creating it. Not only was it interesting, detailed and brilliantly researched, it was also great in it's presentation. Showing all the displayed information in the style of a microfilm projector was inspired, a brilliant idea.
  20. @Justin11 Before you get tempted to keep arguing with @Crazycrab, might I suggest you do what you should have to being with, but clearly didn't do and that's watch the video in @Techno's OP and/or do a little research. All that you are inputting to this thread is load of assumptions without putting in effort into actually figuring out if they are correct. As a result, it's not exactly suppressing that every single one of those assumptions, from the Atari 2600 ( BTW, as @Crazycrab pointed out, there have been serval different Atari consoles, so you're going to have to start being more specific.) being the first home console to pong being "ahead of it's time" when games like Tennis for Two and the very similar tennis game on the Brown Box both existed before. Again, things you would know if had bothered to watch the video or do your own research. I know the video is an hour long, but if you can't be bothered to watch it or do your own research you have no business commenting this thread. The bare minimum respect you are expected to show the OP of a topic (In this case, that being @Techno) is to observe all the content in the post by reading it in full and watching whatever video clips are included. If you can't be bother to do that, don't reply. Nobody creates topics on this forum to give you a new blank space to help you add your tally.
  21. Losing save data is something amongst my worst nightmares. If I was willing to loose all the save data in a game, It's unlikely I would have played that game in the first place. To be honest, I can't think of a time when I lost an entire game saves through some sort of problem, but there has been times where I lost hours of progression and it hurt.
  22. There's already a game whare you work at something you would rather not be doing as apposed to playing video games in order to be able to afford to play video games. It's called life, and it sucks. The whole point of video games is to be a form of escapism from life. I'm sorry, but the concept here is ludicrous. I might be more warm to this if the arcade games you "buy" by "working" in the game were actual arcade classics, but as far as I tell they're not, I think there're made up.
  23. @Crazycrab pretty much said it. You would have to look hard to find someone who loves the Burnout franchise more than me, but I do not want this to happen simply because EA will cock it up like they did with Burnout Paradise. EA don't even want people to remember the Burnout Games on PS2 that were all about offline multiplayer racing, they want to push it as always online, live service garbage. I'd have to double check, but I'm fairly certain Burnout Paradise had DLC's than it had tracks. Burnout Paradise killed the arcade racer and Criterion can kick it all they want, it will remain dead.
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