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  1. I knew that the switch had Bluetooth connectivity, that's how the Joy-cons work, but for some reason it only worked with joy-cons and didn't have any ability to connect to anything else. So what happened, did the just, turn it on?
  2. Glad to see you back. Remember we're all here for you.
  3. To be honest with you @Head_Hunter, I'm very concerned about what it is you're trying to do on this forum. Consistently making posts with such a clear and positive bias on FIFA, it's no wonder people think think you work for EA something. Whether you do or you're just a passionate fan, trust me when I tell you you're not going to convince anyone that this game is worth buying any more than I can convince you it's not. Everyone has their minds made up long before the new FIFA comes out. Whether one wants to buy the game or not, there's is almost no chance of changing somebody's mind, it's just the way it is with games like this. There are two kinds of gamers, those who love FIFA and that are completely baffled why and that's not going to change. So, and I want to make it clear that this is advice and nothing more, I'd recommend that you stop trying to talk this game up on VGR. You're not going to gain anything by doing so except aggravating folk and making yourself look one dimensional. Don't get wrong, feel free to discuss the game all you want, but I'd suggest a different approach to how you word you posts on it so it doesn't sound like a promotion.
  4. Add the fact that pre-owned EA sports titles depreciate in value so much and thus can be bought dirt cheap, and this really is the way to do it.
  5. No, it's original release was meant to be April 16nth 2020, but after all the delays the game didn't actually come out until December 10nth 2020, so it was "after the cut" for most accolade windows for that year. September 17nth was one of the dates they missed. The launch was such a dishonest disaster that there is no way the game deserves to be in in contention GOTY anyway, be it 2020 or 2021.
  6. Just to reiterate one more time as well. The report function is there for a reason and people shouldn't be afraid to use it. Using it is not an attempt to "taddle" on anyone or get someone in trouble and we will always look at an issue impartially. Whether we do or do not take action will depend on that individual case. You can access the report function via a drop down menu by clicking on this icon on the top-right hand corner of any post. It is preferable to use the report function then sending a DM, it's actually faster and helps us keep better tack of issues on the form, so DON'T dm myself of DC about an issue, use the report function.
  7. Okay, okay, please @Heatman and @Justin11. I appreciate the compliments, I really do, but can you please climb out of my ass now? It's starting to hurt.
  8. The game is available on PC's and consoles as well.
  9. League of Legends is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Riot games in 2009. The links should tell you what you need to know. There is nothing wrong with people coming onto a gaming forum wanting to learn. It may seen like common knowledge to you, but that may not be true of everyone. Be nice.
  10. Clearly, none of you three really know what you're talking about because none of you did the right thing. If you see a post you believe is in violation of forum rules, you don't debate it openly on the forum, you report it and let either myself or @DC handle it from there. Listen, all three of you, and in fact everyone, but especially you @Heatman because you have been doing this a lot. Before posting on threads, look at age of them and think to yourself "Is this still relevant? Is this worth bringing back?". In the case of old SSP posts that would have been deleted under the current rules, that is answer is most defiantly a no. Yes, the Forum Rules and Guidelines as the currently stand forbid posts that only exist for the purposes of promotion; But these rules are, and have always been, subject to change. In other words, this rule wasn't always in place and wasn't always enforced as strictly as it is now. Indeed, it was only around the time this thread was originally posted OVER A YEAR AGO that this all started to come into place. Why? Well, the post @The Blackangelmade at the time kind of sums it up. The community was fed up with the sheer volume of this crap that was getting posted to the site at the time. It was around a month later after THIS thread was created that @DC offered me a position as a moderator to help better enforce the new rules and clear spam posting. The opening post of this thread is in violation of this rules, along with so many others, but they were never removed because; Deleting these threads would remove a large amount of perfectly innocent response posts. The process to do so would be time consuming. Banning these accounts wouldn't really make a difference as the OP's of post like this tend to disappear after that one post anyway. It would not be fair to penalise people for posting SSP before there was a rule against it. This thread is not the problem. The problem is when people re-awaken long dead promotional threads like this to "call them out". This is why I need you @Heatman especially to pay attention to what I'm saying as it was you who kicked this dead thread back into life after well over a year since the last post on it just to say this; And spark a whole debate about the rules on promotion on VGR, and for what? This isn't even the first time I've talked to you about posting on dead promotional threads, is it? Back then I was asking you nicely, but now consider this me officially telling you. Stop it. Stop posting on dead threads that have no current relevance, especially old promotional threads like this that would have been deleted if somebody tried to post them today. I don't know why you feel the need to awaken long dead threads like this, but I'm telling it is not worth it and it adds nothing of value to the VGR forum. It doesn't take much to tell when a thread is worth posting on after some time has passed and when it is not worth it, just a little common sense, please. And that goes for everyone. Yes, it is good forum educate to check if a thread already exists on a certain topic and to post on that instead of starting a new thread, but just think it through first. Again, common sense. Since the OP has never been back and the link in his post is still broken, I'll remove the link and lock this thread to further discussion. And please, if anyone has questions about the forum rules, ask either myself or @DC, don't debate them amongst yourselves as if they're subject to opinion.
  11. Welcome to the VGR forums.
  12. @skyfire is right, we has discussed this before. Locking thread.
  13. Welcome to the VGR forums. We're just as happy to have you.
  14. You have a point there. So it's actually falsely presenting itself as pay-to-win to temp people into paying more money. God, does it get more scummy than that?
  15. People have joked about it, but I am seriously starting to think you DO work for EA. That company is the template to follow to be the ultimate scum in the gaming industry and the FIFA franchise serves as one of the easiest examples to explain why. They treat their developers like stepped on shit with thier persistent habit of killing of game studios they take control of (including the studio that made Dead Space to being with). They treat their customers even worse with some of the most exploitative monetisation schemes that we've ever seen. The quality of their games has, if anything, been dropping the last few years with less and/or worse combat elements, poor storytelling experiences, dumbed down gameplay and presentation that has failed to keep up. The quality control has been very poor with games sometimes needing weeks or even months of post launch patches to even function properly. They release games like FIFA and Madden year on year almost exactly the same with little to no changes, but still have arrogance to demand full price or more to allow people to play thier "slot machines for kids" each time. Progress also resets on these games, mean any time and indeed money spent on them inevitably amounts to nothing. They have literally taking features out of games like FIFA to add them back as "new features" because they believe the fans to be stupid and won't notice. EA has tried on numerous occasions to deny your right to buy their games used. EA are scum. When they do actually release a good game, it is nothing more than a fleeting fluke at this unlikely to be repeated. The only good thing I can say is that they have managed to stay out of the abuse scandals that have rocked Activision and Ubisoft... so far.
  16. You're wrong. With FIFA, you're not paying $60 - $70 up front for the "privilege " to buy useless in-game crap, it's worse. The lootboxes in FUT are pure pay-to-win.
  17. Signed up. My username is ShaggerVGR if anyone is interested.
  18. @Crazycrab is right, @Head_Hunter. There are other threads to discuss FIFA, please stick to the topic at hand.
  19. To be honest, whilst this is obviously spam, it's just bizzare enough to be interesting, enough to the point where I'm kind of reluctant to delete it. Removing the link in the the thread and flagging the user, but I think I'll actually leave this topic open, at least for now in the hope I might find out what the hell this mad rambling of some laptop is actually about...
  20. I admit I'm ignorant of the FIFA series, haven't played a FIFA title since I think the PS2, and even then I was hardly an avid fan, just played with friends every now and then. Even so, and with all due respect, I can't wrap my round how anyone can be excited for this. Why look forward to same game as last year? Why look forward to having all the progress you made in FUT being reversed so that they can exploit you all over again? I don't get it.
  21. Toxicity when gaming online is something that we have sadly come to expect, but that doesn't mean we have to put up with it. So glad to see services like Epal, hell, I might even get into this myself and start playing online more often. A brilliant idea.
  22. I'm going to disagree with you slightly. Game dev's and even movie/TV show producers shouldn't be afraid to cast minorities as the villains. So long as the villainy is rooted through the character, like who they are and what they do/don't do rather than what they are, and they're still portrayed in a dignified, non-stereotypical manner, I see no issue with minorities being cast as villains.
  23. Because this promotion has passed, locking this thread.
  24. This behaviour from gamers irritates in a huge way. People like m76 (this time I'm not using the mention function because that triggered him) will always claim they're defending creative liberty by calling out inclusion. The problem with thier argument is that they pick and choose what counts as creative liberty and what doesn't to suit themselves. To these people, a game developer's design can only be a creative liberty when it's something that those people themselves feel comfortable with, anything that deviates from that is "political". They would never accuse a developer of "pandering" or the design being "political" in nature when it's a design they were comfortable with or approve of, even if it didn't make any sense and actually was political or justifiably controversial (like if it were whitewashing, for example). So you see, the "creative liberty" argument is a lie to desguise the person making the argument's own prejudices. In this case with Angrboda, that prejudice is racism. As the article points out, the character is a Jotun, so there are not real limitations or patterns to adhere to when it come to the design, so why can't she be black girl and have that be the very creative liberty these ass-holes claim to be defending? So you're right @Heatman, this is totally about people simply being racist as well as hypocrites.
  25. From the article: "Discourse begins. Many explain how these preconceived notions are easily and simply not true. Sure, Scandinavian people tend to be white, but for 300 years, they traveled as Vikings. And, historically, there is evidence of Black Vikings and Vikings going as south as North Africa, making a distinction even for the Sub-Sahara Africa region. Even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla captures this quite well, with North Africa having lore related to the game, and there is some speculation that a potential Muspelheim DLC will correlate with North Africa in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Some go further to explain that the Jotun could be anything; there is no clear point of reference for how a member of the Jotun race should look, with everything from Marvel to other video games simply putting their interpretation onto it. Blue skin, large stature—that’s the common approach, but it’s not accurate to something that doesn't actually exist either. So, combine the Viking’s travel and the Jotun’s mystery, and Jotuns can be anything devs want them to be."
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