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  1. Around where I live it's not uncommon. For example, the bus station in my local town charges people to use the toilet.
  2. Public toilets. There is never a good enough excuse to charge anyone to answer nature's call.
  3. If it's like a "Groundhog Day" situation where it doesn't end until you convince a beautiful woman to sleep with you, then it wouldn't be that terrible.
  4. Just start telling a story about when you swam in a septic tank for fun that morning and they'll go away.
  5. What I love about Atari is how ambitious they were, but usually more so than they really were capable. When you actually look into it, it's amazing things they did before anyone else but so often ended up a failed and or flawed experiment. Here are just some of the things Atari did first, often years before anyone else. The pause button Analogue stick control 4 controller ports on a console An integrated colour display on a handheld Wireless controllers 64 bit Backwards compatibility Interchangeable games (OK, they were not the first to do this, but they made idea popular and made it stick.) 3rd party and open source game development Like I said, a lot of their experiments failed, but you have got to love them for trying. So thank you, Atari. It's impossible to imagine what our world would be like without you.
  6. Good eye contact is one thing, staring at someone intently like your trying to "Shang Tsung" thier soul is another.
  7. Mine is actually gaming related. When I play Tales of Berseria, it drives me nuts when all the characters total earned XP isn't as close together as possible. I maybe should explain a little for those that don't know. In ToB the characters all earn XP from the battles in the game and they all earn the same XP whether they are in the active battle part of not, expect for one thing. The character who scores the final hit on the last enemy standing earns bonus XP. The size of the bonus is parentage of the standard XP calculated by (I think) by the sized of thier best combo chain or something like that. So that means that every time somebody earn a bit more XP than the others. When characters first join the party, they're usually a bit behind, so you can use this system to help them catch up. This is some you want to do in order to see that all the party member are at equal strength and all level up at the same time, so the system does serve a purpose of some kind. My issue is end up obsessed with this. I even re-arrange my party order after each battle to make sure those with the highest XP are not part of the active party and thus can't get the bonus. It get really me riles up when somebody starts to pull ahead of the others or if I get a chain of the same characters getting or not the bonus repeatedly throwing everything out of balance. If a really need a certain character to get the bonus to square everything up, I'll disable the combat actions of the others to make sure that only the character I want gets that bonus. I even find myself stopping playing the game to just flip around the character status screens figuring out where the biggest gaps are. And I get genuinely angry when it goes wrong. I do a similar thing when I play FFX, but in that game obsessing over the character levelling is justified as you have to make sure all the characters are involved in the battle, otherwise you can loose progress, so you have to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Here, it's obsessive and unnecessary. I need help...
  8. What once were cheat codes are usually microtransactions now, and it sucks. These were fun things to play around with and game developers could really have fun with them as well. I remember in these hospital this was the noise you heard when you put in a cheat code.
  9. They say all press is good press, but that just isn't true. Sure, companied want to make an example out of cheaters and hackers, but they don't wasn't the bad press either. If they did there wold be new stories about this coming up literally every day, but the fact you are all talking about a case that settled well over a year ago is proof to me that this this is not what Epic and other companies want to do. Do we think Bungie wanted someone to file numerous false copyright strikes on Destiny 2 content just so Bungie could sue them? No, obviously not. I hate to side with cooperate here, but let's be honest, most of these are justified. Harsh and extreme in thier measure, but justified none the less.
  10. To be fair @Crazycrab, it's a worthy image. It means somebody living at 214 "Somewhare" Street once had somebody leave what I can only assume to be 2 alien turds under thier post box. We can also assume this person was a witch as there is literally no other reason to leave a broomstick outside your house. I didn't actually make a post for 215, but since you've posted 216, I suppose I'll keep it going. 217
  11. Couldn't agree more. Goldeneye is without doubt a beloved classic, but it's probably aged about as badly as any game I know with the single analogue stick control and enemy AI that's as dumb as a felled tree. You needed look as far forward as a modern day Battlefield of Call of Duty to see how far the FPS has come since then even Perfect Dark on the same console feels way further ahead. Still, nostalgia is what it is and it hasn't stopped this from happening. This is a game showcased at the PC Gaming Show this year. I mean, I loved Goldeneye as a kid, but come on, guys! You didn't have copy everything right up to it's outdated looks, the AI and give all the guns the same beyond basic reload animation like Goldeneye had. I will admit I like the idea of the function that I assume you use to create your own multiplayer maps, that is cool.
  12. Just because you haven't played the game, that is not proof it doesn't exist. This story reminds me of Polybius, a really mysterious game shrouded in modern myth and even controversy. I do think that @Withywarlock is in the right here, but this is interesting none the less.
  13. Welcome the the forum.
  14. No question that is a stunning looking image. If the expansion actually looks like this, it'll have to go down as one of the best looking games I ever seen.
  15. If you two want to talk about your personal cleaning schedules (As to why you would want to do that, I don't know.), do so via pm. EDIT: Having received a complaint about this thread on the allegation it's long since run it's course, I've agreed that is the case so will will now lock this.
  16. I don't drive at the moment, so I rely on public transport and it's terrible.
  17. No. A few injuries here and there like anybody else, but I've never had anything like that.
  18. Whilst what @The Blackangel said is true, that discussions on cryptocurrency is technically allowed here, may I still suggest that you bring this conversation to the Official Cryptocurrency Thread anyway? There's no need to shove this in front of the rest of forum who are really not interested in hearing about it. Just because bringing up crypto here is not against the rules, that doesn't make it a good or worthwhile motivation to do so. The aforementioned official crypto thread is there for a reason, so please use it.
  19. That's right. TESII: Daggerfall re-imagined in Unity engine is now available completely free on PC from GOG. To get the game on GOG, click here. GOG link It is possible to claim the game on Steam as well, but is a bit more of a hassle. You need to claim the original game on Steam (Find it here. It is also free.) then download the updated version from the Daggerfall Workshop Website then install it like it were a mod. Check the site for full details.
  20. I for one cannot see the point in spending $1200 on an iPad or other top of the range tablet when the software is made to be playable on a $200-$300 smartphone. I know that these is a big discrepancy between the cost of PC's as well, but here me out. This is different on PC as people going into it know what hardware to have in place to run games and accept that hey need to spend what the need to spend to be able to run the games the want and with the kind of performance the want. It's something that PC gamers have been doing for decades. Game development on PC is tied into the advance of the platform and players accept fact that if a thier hardware isn't up to snuff, that's on them, so it's OK to alienate lower speck hardware. They will still have thier target audience with the correct hardware and that's who they make games for. On the mobile market where the vast majority of games are FTP and, let's be honest, is more casual, no game developer is gonna "push the boundaries" at the cost of shrinking thier market share, it just isn't handled regarded the same way.
  21. Somebody has actually created a Diablo Immortal Look Box Simulator using the actual odds programmed into the game so people can see how much they would need to spend to actually get all the 5/5 Legendary Gems they would need to maximise thier gear in the end game. Here is YongYea's video on it: And the link to the application itself on Github. Give it a try and post your results below. I'll edit this post with my results soon. Remember, you need 6 5/5 gems as there a six slots to put them in EDIT: I got very lucky it seams at first and bagged my first 5/5 gem after just 5 spins spending what would have been $125 ($25 a spin). Even that is still extortionate for a single gem, but moving on. My luck still seems to be holding out somewhat as gen two game at 38 spins and $950. This is actually a hell of a lot more fortunate than most people as far as I can tell. Gem 3 at 186 spins and $4650 Gem 4 at 260 spins and $6500. I feel like I'm getting lucky, here. Gem 5 at 474 spins. $11850. Then my last and 6th gem at just 130 additional spins. Money spent at a grand total of $12175. This has got to go down as one of the luckiest runs. People have spend more that that in real life to get just one 5/5 gem. but, the results are what the are.
  22. I love you @DC, but I could not agree with you less. I may even agree with that less than anything I've ever seen posted on VGR. Not only is it very possible to have healthy, fulfilling plutonic relationships with the opposite sex, I'd go so far to say it's important to do so. It can't be a good thing to look at the opposite sex and only see someone to potentially have a romantic or sexual relationship with. I actually shudder to think how somebody would turn out without it. At the very least it offers an insight and opportunity to learn things about the opposite sex that you can't get any other way, even from a romantic relationship. Not to mention how many happy couples exist out there that start of as friends, so I cannot see the drawback here, like at all.
  23. Congratulations to one and all here at VGR.
  24. And now that @Withywarlock has confirmed that he doesn't want to be nominated (although I'm sure he still apricates it), please select somebody else who hasn't been nominated if you wish, but honestly I I'd consider not bothering as your first two choices for one reason or another aren't valid. You've made you praises clear enough, so if I were you I'd just let it be then just cast a vote when the time comes.
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