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The Latest Game Overthinker is a bit Shortsighted

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Putting a rough translation of a twitter thread I made on the issue with a few more additions and revisions

I think the latest Game Overthinker is a bit shortsighted. "Loss of Connection/Community/Access" Is not an issue as games are encouraged to be played in a local setting almost all the time. Heck, that's what Competitive Gaming centers around. Yes, I agree that this sort of community is not as big as the general gaming space or being in line for the latest release of a game. However, eSports is basically becoming mainstream as we speak,. with people training to become better at competing and learning, that tells me the community there is growing and attracting more people.

As for Physical Vs. Digital? I agree, we're literally seeing the worst Digital Stores have to offer with Steam Vs. Epic Games Store majorly making the PC platform uncomfortable to game into. Nobody can tell me otherwise, especially not after the Metro Exodus controversy. Hey guys, did you love the Wii Store and how it's basically GONE now and now you can't get jackshit in terms of the games you had to begin with? Boy, wouldn't it be fun when we get the WiiU shop closing or god forbid any platform we currently use like STEAM?

Something that the Overthinker may have not considered is the fact that Mexico basically is unaffected by this. There are plenty of especialized game stores down here and NONE of them are called Gamestop. Not only that, but they are indie and often have games as far as the NES. This is often seen in places like Veracruz, Mexico CIty, Jalisco, Guerrero, and so on. The reason for  this is because game stores love preserving gaming history. (Yes, as much as people like to see Mexico as the piracy place, it's not.)

However, I still don't think that Physical media has to go. Yes, that's rich coming from a guy who literally buys everything in Digital form now; However, I am aware that I am essentially renting games at full price like bob said. Again, if you really think otherwise, you should go and check the blatant misuse of the term "Individual Game License" to make it seem like you're being sold an item when in reality they can take it off your hands if they feel like it.

On Gaming Merch. You're fucking serious right now gaming community? I remember people condemning Jason Schrier to hell and back for the fact that he "Didn't have any sort of gaming apparel/merch." back when he was debating with Yongyea.  So that means people KNOW that gaming merch is important and apparently it's part of our identity. So why would people be against it? Or is it because Gamestop did it? I mean, the person who was mostly adamant against Gamestop was Cleanprincegaming. And he basically spends time ripping people off like The Quartering.

So yeah, Physical Media leaving the gaming space is definitely the worst thing that could happen to us. Even if Gamestop is as hellish as you want it to be or whatever; I think people should be concerned.

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