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  1. UleTheVee

    The Mystery Brand Scam

    LOL, do you know which YouTubers we're talking about? RiceGum and Logan Paul certainly didn't give a damn. KEEMSTAR was the only person who had enough integrity to not do this shit.
  2. UleTheVee

    Worst experience with microtransactions?

    Here's the tl;dr you need Killa.
  3. https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/307780/?snr=1_4_4__139
  4. UleTheVee

    The Mystery Brand Scam

    I doubt it. From what I've read on the interviews, they seem like they don't have a firm grasp on English, so the perpretrators are from a country that definitely isn't under US jurisidiction
  5. UleTheVee

    Martial Arts

    I don't drink alcohol either.. But a fat guy doing tae kwon do is pretty much drunken fist.
  6. UleTheVee

    Hello there everyone!

    Really now? I really think that forums are more popular than ever. Heck, most information journalists gather info from forums.
  7. UleTheVee

    The Mystery Brand Scam

    Not only that but it's been proven that these people don't own most of the rewards they supposedly have. So that's false advertising.
  8. UleTheVee

    Hello there everyone!

    Har, you can backhand compliments at me but this is a proven fact by scientific research
  9. UleTheVee

    Slightly mad Announced new game console. WHAT?!

    I mean, I'm as skeptical as everyone else. I even wrote coverage for VGR myself. But see, the people who aremaking this console are people known for doing technical achievements with their games. They also have a heavy background on the tech and gaming industries. SO I really wouldn't put it past them if they went ahead for the console market.
  10. UleTheVee

    The Resident Evil 1-Shot Demo is AWESOME

    So, you like the reimagining?
  11. UleTheVee

    Multi-Player or Single Player?

    Well, if you need to know. I just think Single Player experiences are better since multgiplayer can only be fun depending on the people you're matched with. Otherwise you will usually roll them or you will be rolled. Anyways, my favorite Single Player games are Dead Space, Epic Battle Fantasy, Mega Man 11, Resident Evil 2, etc.
  12. UleTheVee

    Hello there everyone!

    What are you talking about? Gamer girls don't exist!!!!! Welcome to VGR btw.
  13. UleTheVee

    So, is RDR2 really that good or overrated?

    Oof, at the very least we have differing opinions. Where have you been? XD
  14. UleTheVee

    Favorite RPG Class

    Ew.. Why the hell would you guys say those awful things? "Cleric"? "Tank"? I only know Warriors, White Mages and my favorite RPG Class. The Red Mage.
  15. UleTheVee

    Slightly mad Announced new game console. WHAT?!

    They are looking to become a main player. That's the reason why they are going to pose a challenge