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  1. Anyone here use a VPN for gaming now? Has it helped? This looks like it might be worth it.
  2. More so people who want private servers free of trolls... You know, you could just stop playing and do something else or play another game which offers that service for free but hey..
  3. It's called Pay To Win nowadays... or TIME SAVERS!!!!
  4. There's this dumb misconception that pixel art automatically says that it's "Retro Style" when in reality it's a choice that was made because it's a rather easy way to develop your game compared to HD sprites and 3D graphics. A lot of developers tend to be more expressive with Pixel art too, something that wasn't achieved during the NES days. Pixel art is wonderful but it has been a very prominent focus as of late according to @StaceyPowers... But again, it's not really inspired by anything retro, it just can be its own form of art that isn't necessarily associated with the con
  5. I dunno why the thing unfollowed you all of the sudden, sorry bud!

  6. Because the game is gonna get censored worldwide lol.
  7. Bring your best game highlights and good moments or shenanigans. I saw @DC answered a question related to this and here's my proposal for what we can do to address this and let the community post their highlights as they please! Here's mine: Untitled.mp4
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