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  1. no matter what the head of Google says, you just can't have the slightest bit of lag in any game when it comes to playing them competitively.
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    Future of gaming

    As much as people love to say it is, it really hasn't become any more accessible than it was before. You still have to pay a large sum of money to enjoy that experience to begin with.
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    Hard disagreement on that one. Many amazing games which have stood out both from indie and AAA developers alike are, indeed, 2D. Not only that, but many 3D games have been victims of gamebreaking bugs and glitches. Many of them had to expeirment with technology that wasn't as accessible (IE. Mass Effect Andromeda + Frostbite). So yeah, that's a thing you gotta consider.
  4. I won't pretend to know the answer because I am just focusing on the writing aspect of journalism. I just am here to do writing and get it done quick enough to get a good paycheck. Like I saidbefore, this sadly comes from the whole "What do people really want to see?" side of the argument. People LOVE inflammatory posts and content and they usually want to see something that cuases it. Therefore, those outlets tend to provide all sorts of outrage.
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    Ask Ule

    I didn't buy it, I didn't havbe the money to pay for it.
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    Official Prize Recommendation Thread

    Probably Cuphead.
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    Game Streaming

    During GDC; Google decided to announce Stavia, which is going to be a new Game Streaming platform. With that said, what do you think about Game Streaming in general? I'm talking things like the aforementioned Stavia or Project xCloud. Personally, there are a lot of concerning factors that need to be taken into account before this sort of thing is considered viable. But with enough patience, we can get through those hurdles.
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    Gaming in prisions

    Excuse me for asking but how do you know? :v
  9. They probably won't. The reason behind the downgrade (Which nobody at Rockstar will say) is because they need to optimize the Online component of the game. In other words, if it doesn't optimize the game, they're screwed.
  10. GAME: Resident Evil 2 RELEASED: 01/25/2019 DEVELOPER: Kazunori Kadoi, Yazuhiro Anpo PUBLISHER: Capcom AVAILABLE ON: PC (Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Resident Evil 2 has already been released for PC and consoles and has become quite the successful game. To be honest, I still can’t believe that we’ve gotten such a game in the current climate in the industry as a whole. In a world where open-world games are extremely rampant, I didn’t really think we’d see a game with this style. However, I am definitely writing a Resident Evil 2 review, so... That means I'm not dreaming, right? I was hooked on the game ever since it was announced back at E3 2018. However, a lot of people didn’t hesitate to show their skepticism toward it. I definitely can’t blame them for wondering if the game would be butchered by today’s unethical business practices. Who wouldn’t be scared of a game where you’d have to buy your way to win? This Resident Evil 2 remake is definitely a great example of a game that defies all conventions. In fact, the reason why it’s popular may be because of how much of a breath of fresh air it is. However, that definitely would also be doing the game a huge disservice. Especially because Resident Evil 2 can also stand on its own quite nicely. Where’s Everyone Going? Bingo? The game’s story sets us in the middle of a zombie outbreak crisis in Raccoon City. We see the events of the game’s story unfold from the perspective of two characters. First, we have the rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy. Secondly, we have Claire Redfield, a college student who is looking for her brother, Chris. As the story unfolds, we learn the reason why the outbreak started. Of course, anyone familiar with the original plot knows about the involvement of the infamous Umbrella Corporation. Resident Evil 2 isn’t even subtle about this, especially since that company is plastered all over Raccoon City. If we have learned anything from Resident Evil Zero it's that a game like this doesn’t work with two protagonists. As such, I’m glad that we are able to experience different stories and perspectives from two different characters who do their own thing. It should also be mentioned that the game’s story overall is pretty engaging. While I want to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t played the game; I must say that the way Capcom stuck to the original story while adding modern touches to it is remarkable. Complementing the story is the lore that’s written in several notes the player will find throughout their playthrough. In them, we learn more about the Raccoon City Police Department, Umbrella Corporation, and some insight from important characters in the story. However, what’s a story about uncovering a huge conspiracy without characters, music, and visual design? You Can Hear the Evil, You Can See the Evil Let’s start by saying that Resident Evil 2 looks fantastic. In fact, the RE Engine seems to be pushed to its limits in this remake. You can see the attention to detail put into every single bit of the scenery. Not only that, but the game also runs quite smoothly at a constant 60 FPS. You can practically feel the amount of detail put into every asset in this game. Furthermore, the music of the remake has also been made to complement the attention to detail. Players who purchased the Deluxe edition of the game are able to swap between the remake compositions and the original soundtrack of Resident Evil 2. While I prefer to listen to the original soundtrack because of nostalgia; The remake’s soundtrack definitely emphasizes the Horror aspect of this game. My favorite songs from the remake soundtrack include Save Room, The Book of Truth, Looming Dread, and Last Judgement. The sound design of the game makes sure that you feel as tense as possible. No place is safe from the horror that befell Raccoon City. Therefore, whenever you’re faced with the monsters of Resident Evil 2, you’ll always feel tense and make hasty decisions. As for the visual design, the game often has dark and bleak environments around every corner. The desolate environments and corridors of the police station which used to be a museum will definitely make players feel claustrophobic; you will almost always be unsure about whether or not a monster will be lurking around every corner. Characters that Make a Story Live The characters of the game definitely make a good job bringing the story to life. Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello definitely performed their roles to an amazing degree as the main protagonists. However, other voice actors like Karen Strassman (Annette Birkin) also gave some heart-wrenching performances that felt natural and relatable. I believe that Horror cannot function without drama or loss. There are some scenes that show the aftermath of the outbreak. I did shed a tear while watching some of the game’s cutscenes because I was so involved in the tragedy. Of course, this couldn’t be done if the actors didn’t express the right emotions at the right times. As for the characters themselves, Leon is a policeman with a righteous sense of justice. Right from the word “go”, you will see him looking out for others. In fact, he often expresses his frustration when he feels something isn’t fair. Claire is a college student who can stand her own ground if need be. She’s also incredibly perceptive of her surroundings. You can see this character trait showing up in various moments throughout the game. Especially with how she notes that her brother didn’t write a letter he supposedly left at the police station after “going on vacation”. Both of these characters definitely serve as a great duo of protagonists. While they barely interact with each other, they will show that they care for each other the few times they get the chance to talk. In summation, I believe the protagonists help the plot quite well. Side characters definitely fill their roles appropriately, and I don’t have that many complaints about them. You Can Even Feel the Evil The gameplay in Resident Evil 2 is an evolution from Resident Evil 7. Instead of using a first-person perspective; this game uses a third person “over the shoulder” perspective. While some players might groan or have Resident Evil 6 PTSD flashbacks. I must say that this game does strike a great balance between horror and action. The reason why I say this is because the game is designed to make any monster you encounter scary. In fact, players won’t be able to know whether or not a threat is around the corner, much like in the original game with the shifting camera angles and tank controls. The players will have to deal with monsters on a one-by-one basis with a variety of weapons. These range from knives, grenades, guns, shotguns, to grenade launchers. However, using them effectively requires some good wits and precision. This task can become daunting to a player who is easily frightened and makes hasty decisions. Zombies can be temporarily taken out when shot on the head. However, that doesn’t mean they are going to be down for good. Unless you literally blow the head off with a Critical Shot – which occurs at random or when you shoot the shotgun at point-blank range directly to the head – you won’t be safe from attack. In this game, players will be rewarded for being precise and quick. You can even read our guide on the subject. Players who cannot withstand the pressure will often meet their end at the hands of a monster. Can You Survive the Evil? This game is a shooter with an emphasis on inventory management. Everything from ammo, health pickups, and key items requires space in your inventory. In addition, characters have limited inventory slots. While characters can expand it with Hip Pouches that can be found throughout the game; players will always find themselves without enough slots to fit all their items in. This is where Safe Rooms come into play. There are multiple locations where players will be safe from all danger and be able to save their game through a typewriter. Not only that, but players can also store some items in the Box, which has unlimited storage space. It’s a great way to clear out space for future pickups. Overall, this sort of mechanic rewards exploration and strategic inventory management. Of course, this comes as a double-edged sword for some players. Would you use the Green Herb to restore a little health or wait to get a Red one to make a full heal? Would you make ammunition for your pistol and risk having fewer shots for your shotgun? Decisions like this are made constantly throughout the playthrough. In other words, you have to think strategically if you want to make it out of Raccoon City. A Story Told from Two Sides The game’s story is told through two different scenarios. Players who take Leon first will have to play Claire in the second part and vice versa. This is also known as A and B scenarios (Referred to as Second Runs in-game). The perspective of the scenario also changes according to the character you picked first. For example, players who picked Leon Scenario A will be inside the RPD station. Meanwhile, once Claire Scenario B comes into play, Claire will be mostly exploring outside the RPD station. As such, it will take 4 different playthroughs to see the game in its entirety from both perspectives. The main characters have their own major plotlines with different side characters. In Leon’s case, he’s accompanied by Ada Wong. Meanwhile, Claire will have to aid and rescue a girl called Sherry Birkin. During both campaigns, players will have short sections where they’ll play as the side characters. Ada Wong’s gameplay focuses on hacking devices to clear off blocks. On the other hand, Sherry’s gameplay focuses heavily on stealth and avoiding an enemy’s line of sight. While I certainly wished we could use side-characters in more than one occasion per-scenario. This story has to focus on the main protagonists and their predicament. It’s also incredible how Capcom managed to create two separate perspectives for what essentially is the same story. Players will definitely get mileage out of playing all four scenarios and comparing differences between them. Puzzles, Extras and Replayability Another great defining aspect of Resident Evil games is the puzzles. However, I certainly find this area to be quite lacking in terms of complexity. The major problem with the puzzles in Resident Evil 2 is the fact that they’re quite easy to solve. For example, there’s a safe which the player doesn’t know the combination of. While this might be challenging to find, the answer is written right beside the door of the safe without much fanfare going into it. In fact, the hardest puzzle I found was the very first puzzle players can run into. It’s a challenge where you’re tasked of finding the initials of every officer in the RPD station. This basically involves paying a lot of attention to detail and to check the notes you find throughout the station thoroughly. This is definitely a bit of a step back because I could see the potential of some puzzles. The game also offers a few extras for players who manage to complete the game. Clearing the game in any difficulty will earn players the 4th Survivor mode. This mode basically puts your knowledge about sub-weapons to the test. With just a few healing items and some powerful guns; you have to guide an enigmatic character called Hunk through a path filled with powerful enemies. Clearing this mode will also earn you the Tofu Survivor mode. Basically, this is the same challenge offered by 4th Survivor. However, it’s made harder because you only have knives and very few healing items to go by. Resident Evil 2 rewards players who constantly come back to play multiple times. From weekly challenges to incredible weapons, players may well love coming back to experience the horror again, and again. Conclusion: Just Another Day in Raccoon City Resident Evil 2 for PC is an incredible game and it definitely is an amazing remake. Capcom went out of their way to bring an amazing experience to players and the game certainly delivers. The game’s offerings will accommodate fans of the old and new entries of the series. The game is definitely far from perfect. The puzzles could use some work; Some assets are reused from Resident Evil 7; It’s unclear which A and B Scenario is canon, among other things. However, these nitpicks are minute compared to the features this game offers to players who wish for a AAA gaming experience. This game finds a perfect mixture of horror and action and can make even the least threatening zombies a scary sight to behold. Resident Evil 2 is a landmark for the positive evolution gaming has had in recent years. It’s certainly a game that should be part of anyone’s collection. With the upcoming Ghost Survivor DLC – which will be free – the weekly challenges, multiple replayability options, and more. This game is an extremely invogorating breath of fresh air. RESIDENT EVIL 2 REVIEW SCORE STORY: 9/10 GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10 GRAPHICS: 9.5/10 SOUND: 9/10 FINAL SCORE: 9.25/10
  11. I want to die.
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    Your favorite Indie Game?

    Here's mine
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    Mad Max for PC only £1.99 (digital)

    I mistakenly read "Mad Box" and I was like "Whaaaa"