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Why Accessibility SUCKS

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It really depends on the franchise. Like the video says different people have a different idea of what elements are a must for a franchise. I think that in general, it is a better approach giving options and separating both crowds rather than trying to close the gap into one field. You can have the classic styles that actually rewards skills and make sure not to pair them with people looking for a lesser curve, while also have options like a simple mode for that inclusive gameplay that anyone can enjoy. Changing a game radically rather than expand on it can really screw things over.

With Smash, there's a reason why people enjoy Melee so much even with all the newer games that have been out. In Brawl they snubbed the competitive scene, and with the latest entries they are trying to make it more fast paced and attract them back. I don't know if they have gotten the balance they were hoping for but at least seems like a good sign they are actually taking more input on what many competitive players were saying have been detrimental for the franchise. There is still a lot to do, but hopefully with the way games like Street Fighter V are flopping in their bellies they can see that not finishing your games and watering down the gameplay is not keeping the loyal nor the new fans happy.

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