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  1. I think for me hate is a strong word, there were consoles I liked more than others and quite a few I skipped either willingly, for lack of money or for ignorance of their existence. From the consoles I ever owned, I think the Nintendo DSi would be the one I really didn't see the appeal of it at all. The Nintendo DS already had a "Lite" version, and then a year after Nintendo reveal DSi, that had a better camera and few whistles. Not long after that, the next portable came out to be the 3DS which added more to that feeling of unfinished that the DSi had for me. I think it was just the prototype for the 3DS and that for people that just spent on it it probably felt bad seeing a new console being released and realizing the shed money on upgrading a console that was for a generation on its way out. If we include everything, including what I haven't played in that list of what I dislike, I think the PS1 Mini could be a good example of recent time console that doesn't get what worked for the trend emerging and instead gives the impression that it tries to make quick buck by thinking on their base as chumps that will pay anything for the nostalgia and still miss bring the catalogue of games that actually would wake up said nostalgia.
  2. It is kind of silly to expect people to get from the beginning the rules that will work on everything. There will always be new situations that were not placed into consideration before and being able to recognize them and adapt is very important to keep the scene fresh and fair. People pre[pare really hard for these competitions and you don't want as a viewer nor them as the participants to feel cheated out of their places. For people like me, not too much into competitive fighting like that, many of those rules might seem a bit too strict but most of the times are because I ignore what type of unexpected play brought them into action. Even when a rule is brought up to prevent a past controversy, the new rule might need to go through a few matches of trial and error to ensure it is not restricting more than what it is trying to preserve. Patches and new techniques make it a necessity to keep reevaluating rules and making sure they still apply.
  3. We tended to play games recommended for our age for the most part so I didn't have to deal with that worry directly. There was a time where Anime was sweeping Mexico and rumours about being it and other cartoons being satanic shook up many homes. However I did have fear of losing my games back in the Nintendo 64 days. One day coming from school I found my anime stuff gone, including some Dragon Ball Z and Ranma 1/2 posters I really cherished. Since my mother threw everything by proxy, with pokemon being one of the targetted franchises as satanic in a time where the Internet wasn't as widespread so people believed the most outlandish claims like Pikachu meaning 1000 times better than God (when it is more play on the onomatopoeia of the noise of the thunder (Pika) and the squeal of a mouse (chu). I thought because of it My Smash brothers would be in danger and if that was the game by proxy any character including Link, so I was terrified for a while she'd get rid of my Zelda games. It never came to the case and once I explained to her whatever little I know on how a lot of the claims were all made up, she really didn't mind me watching anime or playing games and she even saw the appeal of the cartoon.
  4. I hadn't even considered the game but I seriously enjoyed seeing how they introduced him in that trailer, as I did enjoy that he did the presentation, he seemed nervous but he handled it really nicely, even catching that compliment and giving it right back, haha. Pretty neat. And the second trailer with the release date was what seemed to be closer to actual gameplay.
  5. I don't know any, so I was coming hoping to find some information on some games and how they were inspired by a true story. I am sure there must be some games that have an origin by inspiration like that. That Jonestown Massacre is a sad story. When it seems that even babies and kids were part of the mass suicide. A lot of abuse was going on too.
  6. Kaynil

    Share Play

    Do you guys actually do parties and use functions like Share Play? I tried it a little with a friend and it has come in handy. the only downside, although I figure is by design, is that it creates copies in the menu to start the games you see someone else share with you, regardless if you own them already or not. if you don't own them they'd have a lock. If you guys use share play, what kind of games do you usually use it with? In share, it is also possible to pass the controller, as a host , have you let a guest get the controller?
  7. So, apparently, Shenmue 3 is releasing in November of this year. Which is pretty exciting for fans that enjoyed the original two games in the Dreamcast, or enjoyed the recent posts. I know there's a collection of the two past games on the PS4, so it is pretty neat the third game will also be available in the PS4. On the PC version, it seems things are not going so smoothly. The game has come to fruition in part because of a Kickstarter in which there was a survey asking where they would rather their copy to release on the PS4 or steam with a confirmation on their emails. Apparently on the emails where they detailed the requirements to run the game the included the Steam launcher. So the recent announcement where it has been confirmed that for the PC Shenmue 3 will be exclusive at launch for Epic game store did not sit well for many backers. Some of them are asking for either Steam Key on day 1 or their money back. This is their kickstarter statement: Anyway, what do you guys think of the game and the whole Epic Games Store situation?
  8. Kaynil

    Pokemon Direct

    There will be a Pokemon Direct very shortly by Nintendo. It will last 15 minutes and will be about information concerning their newest Pokemon games for the switch: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. I'll leave the link to event in the Nintendo Youtube Channel. I am too tired, so I don't think I will watch it live, still, it will be interesting to hear your thoughts on whatever they reveal here. Did you end up watching it live? Did it change your perception of these games?
  9. I hadn't even thought about that. The controllers are a bit heavy and chunky but if they make the controller lighter or smaller then it won't feel like the original console. Not sure how would they proceed. The thing is that not including CBF while other rare games make it would also lead to drama, hahaha. As for me, I don't think it is coming at all, and I pretty much think without Rareware I probably won't be that interested. I rather just get the real console and play that instead.
  10. The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and I guess my smartphones are the ones I have spent the most time on lately. On the switch, I like playing Salmon Run, Smash and Mario Kart 8 with friends online. On the 3DS I have some games I enjoy and I am currently playing Bravely Default. And on my smartphone I like playing some of the Nintendo games as well as a few that are just newspaper kind of activities like solitaire, flow free, unblock me and word stacks. That said I also like the PS3 and I would mind playing a bit more on the PC. The only game I seem to go back to over and over is the Sims 3.
  11. Ocarina of Time for sure and then Majora's Mask. Those are the two I can say for sure I've done that. I think I also managed it with Twilight Princess but I am not as certain as I am with the Nintendo 64 ones. Not sure if this counts but I also 100% Life is Strange. Got all the trophies, pictures and stuff.
  12. I don't think the intense workout is for everyone or that needed as much as just cultivating good habits that allow us to stay healthy, and health starts with what we eat and how do we portion it. Some people have jobs where they are on their feet all day or have to walk quite a bit. We do have to take responsibilities for our choices and to make the best within our circumstances. Like @Folk Artist mention rather than going all the way from begining, it might be better to start with something easy like walking. I think it is important to find activities we're comfortable with so they don't become something to dread, so definitely you want the person to start within their limits and explore. Some might rather swim, some might rather dance some might like the adrenaline of kickboxing to each their own.
  13. Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Gamecube. I think we have a Lynx and an XBox but they don't work. And if you count them as retro: we still got our Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS. We got a good amount of games for most of the consoles. I don't know about their worth exactly but we're probably going to keep using them as we feel the crave for them.
  14. Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Gamecube. I think we have a Lynx and an XBox but they don't work. And if you count them as retro: we still got our Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS. We got a good amount of games for most of the consoles. I don't know about their worth exactly but we're probably going to keep using them as we feel the crave for them.
  15. So this is a topic that has been brought up when talking about new releases for the switch, being Wii U versions ported into the Switch or games that had already been out in other consoles for years that only now they are coming to the switch. I am sure it is not just with the switch but that is the one I have been noticing. It seems more like the mentality of charging full price for being a new release even if the product itself doesn't offer anything to compensate the price difference other than being ins aid console, heck, some of them you could argue actually take from it like the FIFA '18 version in the switch being almost a different game compared to the other versions according to some people. How do you guys feel about ports being sold full price while you can get them for a fraction in a different console? Do you think it is fair play?
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