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What new guilds would you like to see in ES VI?

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So, in Oblivion and Skyrim, we had the same basic guilds: Fighters (Companions in Skyrim), Dark Brotherhood, Thieves, and Mages. In Elder Scrolls VI, I would expect to see all or most of these same basic guilds, but maybe we’ll get some new guilds too?

If there were going to be some new guilds, what are some ideas you would like to see?

A merchant’s guild seems like an obvious choice, though it might be hard to build a story around it.

A crafter’s guild seems like another obvious choice. Likewise, a quest line would be hard to manage, but it could just be there to build an RP framework around some kind of advanced crafting system, which IMO Elder Scrolls could really use.

Since the mage’s guild has split with necromancers, a necromancer’s guild could be interesting, particularly as one could pit them against the mage’s guild.

Another thought since there are so many books in ES would be a librarian’s guild. Yes, it sounds weird, but it would generate plenty of guests, particularly if we take it further and say, perhaps, that our librarians are in search of some deep esoteric knowledge or such. There are a million places to run with that.

The ES universe has pirates. A pirate’s guild would be interesting, or even the ability to build ships and gather crews and just go pirating on one’s own.

In Skyrim, we do have the Bards, but somehow I always forget to think of them as a guild, as they gave fairly miscellaneous quests, and didn’t have a protracted storyline. But maybe they could in the next game.

Some kind of archaeology/explorer guild could be interesting, especially if like our librarians they have an agenda.

I also like the idea of some manner of engineering guild working toward rebuilding technologies from the Dwemer and putting them to modern use.

Slightly off topic, I also think factions representing divines or daedra might be an interesting idea to play with. I have a particular dislike of the Vigilants of Stendarr, and am constantly killing them wherever I see them. I can’t help but want a quest line where I can hunt down those Vigilants of Stendarr and oppose them in some sort of storyline.

What new guilds would you like to see in the next Elder Scrolls game? And what other new factions or types of factions would you like to be able to interact with?

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