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The "More Terrifying" Thread

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The way this thread works is you start off by posting what would terrify you more between 2 subjects, the person after you would reply and they would name off 2 more subjects etc. I'll start off by giving an example:

What would be more terrifying to you....

A Jurassic Park movie that went straight to DVD or a Jurassic Park movie that was made exclusively for the Syfy channel.

The person that replies would answer and then post their own etc.

By the way, the one I gave as an example is the first one to reply to lol.

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Can I just say another JP movie at all? If not I would probably say the one for the sci-fi channel, because they’re damn near the straight-to-dvd era as it is.


What would scare you more....
coming face to face with the most evil daemon imaginable or being condemned to become that daemon?

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