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Does anyone here remember this game? It came out on the PS1, Sega Saturn, PC and arcades back in 1993 and again around 1995/1997 (Saturn,PC/PS1). I had the PS1 version in the big case as a kid. I remember having a blast playing this game. It got really tough though and I never finished it. I still have it in my collection too. Maybe one of these days I'll finally complete it. Anyway, from what I remember, you play as a submarine that can shoot projectiles such as missiles. You can shoot up, down, backwards (i think a powerup) and forward. There can be a lot going on at once in this game, but it's such a blast to play. 




On a whim, I decided to look into what this game was worth, and it's going for like $200-$400 used, but complete. My goodness, I found the rare game I own. 😄 

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