Into the Jungle: Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 6 is Now Live

Into the Jungle, the sixth chapter of Battlefield 5’s Tides of War, and the second to be set in the Pacific Theatre, is now live in-game. At least initially, Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 brings a new map, Solomon Islands, three new weapons, and two new gadgets. Plus, of course, it includes a new 40 Chapter Ranks with a wide range of Chapter Rank Rewards. It’s also the first Chapter to offer an Elite as a Chapter Rank Reward.

What’s New in Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 – Into the Jungle

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 – Into the Jungle – is the first Chapter to launch in 2020 as part of the game’s second year of post-launch content. It is also the second to feature the Pacific Theatre, following on from Chapter 5. At least for now, Chapter 6 is only bringing one new map to the game; Solomon Islands. (Chapter 5 featured three maps; Pacific Storm, Iwo Jima, and Wake Island.) It’s unknown whether DICE has any more content planned to launch later in the season.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Into the Jungle Now Available 2

Weapon-wise, Chapter 6 was meant to feature three new weapons as Chapter Rank Rewards. However, only the Type 11 LMG will now be a Chapter Rank Reward. The other two weapons, the Model 37 Shotgun and M2 Carbine, were accidentally released early to some players with the launch of Update 6.0. Following that mistake, DICE chose to instead make both weapons immediately available to all players instead of taking them away. Two additional gadgets are also available as Rewards; the Lunge Mine and M1A1 Bazooka.

The last notable inclusion in Chapter 6 is the new chapter’s approach to Battlefield 5 Elites. Typically, DICE releases two new Elites with each new Chapter. However, with Chapter 6, DICE will instead be releasing three. Two will be releasing in the normal fashion later in the Season, while Misaki Yamashiro is available as the Chapter Rank Reward at Rank 40. She is the first Elite to be made available without players having to buy them in the Armoury.