Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer Unveiled Ahead of Game Release

Ahead of the Borderlands 3 release on the 13th of September, Gearbox has unveiled the game’s cinematic launch trailer. Delving more into the Calypso Twins, the new villains, as well as both other characters and Sanctuary III; the Borderlands 3 launch trailer still follows a trend that is now long-established for Borderlands 3 trailers; putting the action front and centre.

The Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer and Upcoming Release

The Borderlands 3 launch trailer is not dissimilar to several other trailers released by Gearbox for the upcoming game. Specifically, it features fast-paced action which cuts rapidly from character to character and scene to scene, focusing on spectacle and over-the-top action. However, unlike most previous trailers, it also gives fans more insight into the villains; the Calypso Twins. These villainous live-streamers and leaders of the Children of the Vault are mostly enigmas at present. While they have appeared in promotional content before, actual voice lines have been a rarity. Interestingly, fans also got to see a few glimpses of Tyreen Calypso using her Siren powers…

The trailer also gives fans a look at many more familiar faces, as well as the new base of operations; Sanctuary III. Taking over the role of headquarters from the town of Sanctuary in Borderlands 2, Sanctuary III is a spaceship capable of travelling between the four planets in the game; Pandora, Eden-6, Athenas, and Promethea. The ship is crewed by a variety of returning characters, including Marcus, Sir Hammerlock, Lillith, and many others.

Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer Released 2

Borderlands 3 is now available for pre-load, so if you’ve already pre-ordered, you can get started on the 75 GB download before launch. Otherwise, the game will be available from the 13th of September. Specific global release times were also recently revealed by Gearbox, for both PC and consoles. Less than two days now remain before the game’s release, which will be the first truly major release of the Autumn release window. Certainly, Borderlands 3 has the potential to be one of the largest game releases of 2019.