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    Best Batman Arkham Game

    As a massive fan of the Batman Arkham series, this has to be one of the few superhero games that I can say is comparable to some of the best games ever released. The story is amazing (no surprise there, I mean it's about Batman), The gameplay is very fluid and is challenging ( A lot of superhero games usually mess up in the gameplay department but the Arkham series does a very good job of letting you feel like Batman) and the mini-games are pretty interesting and unique. My favorite pick for the best of the entire series has to go to Arkham city, just because of the gameplay features (driving the Batmobile and swinging and gliding throughout the city gives the purest form of the Batman experience and the story was very gripping from start to finish. Which Arkham game is your favorite and why?
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    Community Chat #1

    Mexican to the core! 🤣 Most of the Mexicans that I know get wasted at every opportunity possible. I have a Mexican friend living in my country that has wracked up 3 DUIs. He's lucky that the justice system here is so bloody incompetent because he'd be in jail for a couple of years.
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    I'm saying that they may have different multiplayer game modes - Co-op falls under multiplayer but isn't the only multiplayer game mode and with a game like this, there could be multiple other ones apart from Co-op.
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    Community Chat #1

    For me this past weekend was Independence day for us in Mexico, so as a good patriot I got wasted with my friends. 😆
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