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    Has anyone else done this? I bought Festers Quest (NES) a few years ago, and never had any real intention of playing it. The reason I bought it was because I remember seeing the commercials for it when I was a kid, and I remember desperately wanting it. Now that I'm an adult, I was finally able to get it. I've seen the gameplay, and know the mechanics of the game are pure shit. So if I was to play it, for me it would require a Game Genie. So it may have been a bit of nostalgia that led me to buy it. I'm not sure. But I was just curious if anyone else has ever done this.
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    That's true, Kojima definitely takes things deeper. And in fact the thing about the game is it can be possibly a new franchise with multiple sequels if they decides to extend the universe with various stories. I guess some people just dont' appreciate such depth.
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    I tend to hate the people who initiate the surrender in the middle of game and other people have to suffer for it.
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    Last Game Played

    Killzone Mercenery on PS Vita
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    Favorite weapon or setup in FPS ?

    I typically go with a sub-machine gun or small rifle with a scope and on some occasions, a suppressor.
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    Favorite weapon or setup in FPS ?

    I am more of sniper guy myself. I make sure to get my hands on it. I do like some burst every now and then so I also find the gun that matches for the burst placement.
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    Black Friday Shopping Plans ?

    I am looking forward to some horror games. If I see any good horror game in the store then I am definitely going to get my hands on it. Who knows might as well wait till christmas sale for this.
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    Executor Akamia

    Last Game Played

    Team Fortress 2
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    I'm not gonna give up yet
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    The Blackangel

    Milestone Thread

    One year anniversary as a member of the forum today!
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    Cheap Difficulty

    There are some games that have the reputation to have artificial or fake difficulty. For many people real difficulty is challenging and rewarding, because it feels you are in control, many times you understand the theory but the practice requires you to build skill and you know that when you fail it is because a mistake you did. When you die and feel the game is being unfair to you, it might be a fluke of bad programming in a part, but if you often feel like the game wasn't being fair then it could be relying a bit too much into artificial difficulty. Some examples of cheap difficulty: - A game deliberately spaces more than expected save points in order to force you go through a hard portion of it again. - Missions that depend on luck. - An article that you can only get the first time and otherwise is missable. - Being forced to beat a level with an specific character for not other reason than increase the difficulty. - The boss has a wipe-everyone movement activated by luck. - Changing genres in the middle of the game. - False edges to jump onto, depth perception tricks. - Only being able to pass a zone by trial an error (in essence you'll have to die to uncover the right answer little by little) - Extreme Rubber-band where the AI has to do things that are not possible in order to catch up with you. - Different physics for you and AI characters (for example your attacks won't pass through an asset but theirs will) Do you guys can think of any games with artificial difficulty? Maybe there's a moment that has stuck with you. Or maybe tehre is a game that you know is pretty much known to be difficult through cheap difficulty.
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    Favorite Mortal Kombat character

    For me it has to be scorpion and I forgot the name of that swordsman who was there before the MK10 happened. Also I loved the addition of Alien creature and predator too.
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    Can we talk about WWE2K 20's

    That definitely looks like Rock when he goes Homeless after getting the alimony checks out of his bank.
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    Anyone played The Outer Worlds yet?

    So far sounds like a very solid game
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    Anyone played The Outer Worlds yet?

    I adore New Vegas. This is exactly what I was wanting to hear. New Vegas + BioShock aesthetic = Take my money.
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    Anyone played The Outer Worlds yet?

    Thank you! Awesome review, and now I'm more stoked than ever! I can't wait (of course, I have to, lol).
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    VGR Member of the Month - October 2019

    Congrats @Alyxx, 500 points awarded!
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    Another game that could arguably be called one of the worst is Battletoads. The spin off from TMNT is obvious even to the blind. But that’s not the problem. The concept of the game was a good idea. The difficulty issue is where the problem lies. It’s hard enough in single player, but in co-op mode the difficulty is amplified 100 fold. Because now you have to worry about the other player. Their attacks against enemies see no difference between them and you. And if one on you screws up, both of you suffer the consequences. Take the jet bike level. One player misses a jump, you both die. The difficulty of the game was just way too much for the era. Even now it’s still a little much.
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    Quite the contrary, if you read the comics you'd know that Superman is incredibly overpowered to the point he can phase through objects. The game is just replicating that...🤣
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    Crazy things game companies say

    Why is it that every time that most gaming companies come up with a product, they always use the word "innovative"? Bringing back things that were industry standard a few years ago is not innovative at all and it is misleading (talking about EA in particular).
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    I would definitely be one of those alienated gamers. Aside from the allure of classic systems, another reason I stick to the old stuff, is because it is mostly single player. I think the only multiplayer games I have are early Mario games, and fighting games (MK, SF2, etc.). Other than that, virtually everything I own is single player.
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    Pros and cons of camping

    Planetside 2 is actually a very underrated MMO - It had the largest and most epic battles I've ever witnessed in an MMO. We are talking about 500+ players with different roles in the team. Some players just logged in to be the transporter - transporting troops to different bases, every battle wasn't just about numbers, it was also about tactics and wars for control of different segments of the map raged on for weeks/ months. My tactic was always relatively simple - get an aircraft, fly right into the center of the area with the most enemies, jump out of the plane right as it crash into them and take down the rest while jumping from cover to cover so that my team can flank them from another direction. The funny thing is it worked about 80% of the time with the other times being of course not jumping out of the plane at the right time (really embarrassing) or the plane gets shot down before I could execute the tactic.
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    Cheap Difficulty

    In Skyrim for instance, the Npcs Magicka Regeneration is far higher than your character which essentially means they can spam spells while your run out of Magicka after casting 5 or 6 spells.
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    Kojima's stories tend to be very deep with a lot of physiological and mythological meaning integrated into the plot so it doesn't surprise me that some people wouldn't like the story because it'll take a lot of thinking to decipher. Nowadays, gamers are used to mainly dumbed-down games so when something like this comes along, they'll tend to dislike it because it forces them to actually think...
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    How tedious is too tedious?

    It also reaches a point where it cures your insomnia and you don't really want games to reach that stage...
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    Game looks cute. Especially with all the chiby stuff in it. I think it'd be fun to try it out. I may consider playing and reviewing if my backlog is finished by month end.
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    The Blackangel

    Ask The Blackangel

    I would say it would either be Bon Jovi or NKOTB. I listened to both almost non stop when I was a kid. Granted there were other legendary bands, but those two topped the list for me.
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    Ask The Blackangel

    Which 80's artist is your favourite? Mine's probably Billy Idol.
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