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    Ion Fury Giveaway Competition

    So it's time for a competition. This time I'm giving away a copy of Ion Fury for PC (Steam). https://store.steampowered.com/app/562860/Ion_Fury/ The only thing you need to do is answer correctly and a winner will be randomly chosen from those who have answered correctly. So here we go!
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    VGR is Launching Our First Podcast!

    I second this! The gaming world needs more professionalism, and you're off to an awesome start here!
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    Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 is hilarius, his comments between fights and after some missions are normally jokes so bad that they are good.
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    As a kid, this one always creeped me out.
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    VGR Member of the Month - June 2019

    Voting for Stacey
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    i always think its funny fallout is my escape. the apocalypse is better than real life, lol.
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    Space games

    I think multiplayer tests your capacity towards the competition. Single player is good enough to test yourself against AI but with real human, you have to compete at some point makes it fun.
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    Yep, that was me and the game was indeed Silent Hill back on the PS1. The iconic fog effect was used to mask the fact the PS1 found it difficult to render 3D. The decision turned out to be a hit, as obviously the fog went on to become a staple in the Konami horror franchise.
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    Being given the power to be able to do things you can’t do in RL. And also I love the communityand social aspect of gaming, too.
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    Hey all. New here. Been lurking for a while and decided to finally join. My favorite game is Fallout 3. Any Fallout fans here?
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    The Blackangel

    Ask The Blackangel

    A dozen biscuits & gravy. 2 pounds if crispy fried bacon 6 scrambled eggs, 6 eggs over easy, and a halloween a loaf of white bread toast. To wash it all down would be a full gallon of milk.
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    I always listen to Eminem till' I collapse to pick myself up when I am having a bad day.
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    No. What happens if my Internet crashed for more than 12 hours or let's say I have a slow connection due to my Broadband package? A digital console wouldn't work out so well as there would be no ability to play offline. My personal preference is Physical Copies of computer games anyway, so I'd rather have a normal console as then I can have the best of both.
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    Best couch co-op games?

    Mostly some old classical one's. Same like Borderlands
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    Favorite Skyrim Followers?

    I found J'Zargo pretty fun since I was playing a Khajiit mage and it was very fitting. His comments can be amusing. 🙂
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    The Blackangel

    Best and worst Zelda game ?

    I hated Wind Waker. It was just way too cartooney for me. I wasn't a big fan of Twilight Princess, and never even counted Skyward Sword as an actual Zelda game. I haven't played BOTW yet either so I can't consider it on this list. Majoras Mask was good. A pain in the ass, but still good. Ocarina was a really well designed game, and loads of fun. Link To The Past is high on my list as one of the best. Zelda 2 is probably the most difficult in the entire series, and doesn't really keep to the story. But my all time favorite is the one that got the series started. The original Legend Of Zelda on the NES. It was the best they have made. There are other titles in the series that are great, but they just can't match the original. In my opinion no Zelda title ever has or will match or even rival the original.
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    I'm a Catholic, and this being the first Friday of Lent, he's just going to have to wait until tomorrow to get his meat.
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    I played it at a friend's house a couple of months back and I've been too scared to try it again lol.
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    Hi everyone! I just joined. I'm a huge gamer. I've been gaming since I was a little girl. I play mostly RPG-type games with lots of action, but I love a good FPS or racing game too! Nice to meet you all!
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    Mass Effect

    Yeah, the starting of Mass Effect one nearly put me to sleep but it was a great series. It's a pity that EA got their grubby little paws on it because they have managed to kill what was a once amazing experience.
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    VGR Member of the Month - December 2018

    Congrats @killamch89 on winning VGR's December 2018 Member of the Month! I've awarded 500 Points to your account!
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    Your thoughts on The Witcher 3

    My desktop that has a 7th generation I7 processor and a GTX 1080 TI drops to 35 - 40 frames per second in some locations of the game. That's the major flaw the Witcher 3 has...You need a pretty powerful machine to run it on ultra.
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    Good shoutout! Just played a bit of 2 player Golden Axe with my daughter before bed (she's never played it before). She really enjoyed it!
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    Barricading myself in somewhere like a huge shopping store would definitely be an idea I would have, especially if it was a store that cooks their own foods like chicken and such because then you would have the ability to cook food as well as also have access to as much food, toiletries and such as possible. I guess if I could get in a shopping store near numerous other stores within short walking distance that would be amazing as well as I would have access to a lot more than just what is in a store, my only worry would be how I would get to and from safely. I guess if the store I barricaded myself into had DIY products I would be able to grab things to use against the zombies and be safe going from one place to another.
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again and @Alyxx will agree. The Curse of Monkey Island.
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    Been enjoying the hell out of it! My initial thoughts: MP is a blast Zombies is hella fun Specialist HQ is interesting My only complaints: No crossbow... 😞 No Dead Ops Arcade... 😞 God damn, team killing ruins the fun of playing Blackout. Will only do Solo from now on until that shit is fixed.
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    I don't see a $20 jump happening since that would be an awfully dramatic increase, but I could definitely see a $10 jump. I would be totally okay with this if they in turn reduce the amount of "season pass" type content and release fuller games from the start. But I don't trust the industry to be honest enough to make that change. Publishers are greedy and will want to milk each release for everything they're worth. So if they're not going to change, I see no reason to pay more for the same stuff. Especially as graphics are plateauing and the differences in generations are becoming more and more marginal.
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    Rage 2

    Alyxx has written an excellent review. And though it's a good gameplay that I have checked on youtube. I can'g get myself to play the game. I think any game similar to mad max is kind of turn off for me these days.
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    Ask Stacey

    Either you or @LadyDay (who I haven't seen in some time), because I always feel like I'm on a wavelength with both of you and like we'd have a great time. I also relate to you because of matters of disability. Gaming gives both of us a breathing space, and it'd be fun to share it.
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    That depends. Are we talking next gen consoles strictly, or are we talking any console from any generation? If it's next gen, then it depends on all its capabilities. Is it reverse compatible? How far? Is it DVD/Blu-ray/4K DVD? What are the specs? Will a rerelease have more capabilities (think Xbox One X)? Are there any add-ons that I would have to buy? Previous generations, it depends on what comes with it. How many games, controllers, cables, memory, etc. If it's a cartridge system, say SNES, is it the first series or second series? Is it complete in box, or just a loose console? It really varies on SO much.
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    Executor Akamia

    Last movie watched?

    Avengers: Endgame – 10/10
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    Favorite Jazz song?

    I like James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight". Also, I like Glenn Miller, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Snoopy stuff, lol. Anyhow, I cannot name a song I like the most, though. O.K. here is more that stands out to me: String of Pearls by Glenn Miller, Snoopy Theme Song, the skating song on one of the Snoopy movies.
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    It is still a brilliant game especially for the price.
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    "A cornered fox is more dangerous than a Jackal!" Grey fox(Cyborg Ninja) - Metal Gear Solid.
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    Do you play an instrument?

    Here’s a thing I did on guitar recently.
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    Worst Value on a DLC?

    Black Ops 3's DLC was really expensive to be fair. I think the DLCs were 40 dollars each or something like that? You have to buy the game first Mont or else you won't have any access to the DLCs.
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    Rocket League

    xP I would play it 24/7 when I sold my graphics card and waited for over a month to get my new one... I mean, it was the only actual game I could play without getting five fps. I love it for the sole fact that it is fast paced, teamwork-based has a great community and it is overall a fascinating experience.
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    I used to say what you said about Rockstar about Bethesda lol. Not that I ever expected quality, but I always expected I would like it. Now I won't buy anything from anyone without a review. Even new Sims 4 expansions I watch/read a review on them first. I have just been burned too many times I suppose. I've found I like to watch/read a variety of reviews from different reviewers too. Just because not everyone looks for the same things out of games, and I've found that my interests are pretty particular lol. So I like to get the full story on something before I'm gonna spend my money on it.
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    Favorite type of pizza

    See! I told people that those of us who like Pineapple on pizzas are not aliens or are from Area 51. Excellent choice by the way...dammit I'm hungry! -_-.
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    That One Game...

    EA is miles ahead of everyone though. They are one of the few companies trying to fight against Belgium's decision regarding loot boxes is disgusting - I really hope they tank extremely hard.
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    Your Top 10 Games of all time

    I didn't take you for a Fallout fan, lady. respects
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    Best online multiplayer experiences?

    Modern Warfare 3’s MP is a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure it’s the first title in the series to feature Infected mode which was really addictive. Nice choice! I spent a ton of hours playing the Firefight horde mode with friends. Great times!
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    Ask Alyxx

    Drawing. I've always wanted to be better at it. There is a local fast food place in town that makes their own potato mash and their food is amazing. Working in a record shop or game store. When I was on my blood pressure meds I had a blood pressure drop right before a concert with Front Line Assembly. After a while I did feel better and ended up getting all my CD's signed by the band. It was great.
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    Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    Yes! I do sometimes get burned out on gaming and have to move my interests over to something else for a while until my interest in gaming comes back and I actually feel like gaming again. This has not happened for a while for me however I remember earlier this year I got so burned out when gaming that I ended up going off and watching movies and TV shows just to take a break away from games for a while. I think now because I look back and remember how burned out I got with gaming, I pace myself more and spend less time gaming and more time doing other things so that I avoid being burned out again, so far it seems to be working so I am hoping that I have a balance.
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    What concerts have you been to?

    Apoptygma Berzerk Front Line Assembly DIVE Skinny Puppy Covenant Icon of Coil Syrian The Human League Laibach Beranek Alison Moyet Madrugada Combichrist VNV Nation Rotersand Kite Those are probably the highlights for me
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    Favourite Street Fighter characters?

    One of my favourite games ever. My go-to was always Ryu or Ken. I liked all of them but those two were my tops because of the shoryuken and hadoken and what not. ❤️
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    I'm curious what part of Tamriel we'll see next, maybe revisit some ideas from the first couple of games like randomly generated dungeons and such.
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    Rumors of N64 classic

    Any pokemon game would actually be nice that and mario kart. 😛
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    Hello everybody!

    Haha, everything is alright. I was just a little bit too slow seeing the e-mail. But well, a lot of stuff happened in the meantime anyway, so I wouldn't have had time to be on here anyway!
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