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    Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 is hilarius, his comments between fights and after some missions are normally jokes so bad that they are good.
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    As a kid, this one always creeped me out.
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    Danielle Bregoli is a disgrace to women. She is the kind of slut that makes us all look bad. Danielle- Ok I assume you want to be taken as a woman. But you're a brainless child. And before you can be taken as any kind of woman, you need to know a few things. 1) Speak English. "Cassh me ousside how bou dah" is not English. Even though the USA doesn't technically have an official language, English is the language the majority of the country has agreed on. Ebonics hasn't been taught since the 1990's. That's more than 20 years. Catch up 2) Unless you're going for a Guinness world record, 4" nails aren't smart. Cut your fucking nails kid. They're not practical, they look stupid, and they're a hinderance. Hinderance means they will make simple things like opening a soda can hard as hell for you. 3) I assume you're trying to come across as a female. You could be a pretty girl if you wanted. But you choose to try to be a rough boy. Unless you're transgender, be a fucking girl. You were born with a vagina (i assume). Be a girl. Being transgender is not a crime, and is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with that. 4) The tit job was not a good move. Your breasts weren't even done growing on their own naturally. What the hell were you thinking? You don't need plastic tits. 5) If you want a musical career, you should first have talent. You have none. You think you're rap, but you've been leaving the first actual letter off the name of your personal style of music. That letter would be a C. Real rap is good music. The C-rap you're spewing out is not music. It's pathetic. 6) As a final note, I assume that your problems are because you're an ignorant child that is actually coming across as completely stupid. Back up. Grow up.
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    It is happening in many context indeed. And the thing is that when the pure massacre will happen things are going to be in the wrong outcome.
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    Earn More Points

    I am already subscribed to the Youtube channel and have watched every video. I'm not on Twitter that much anymore but i can Retweet it as well.
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    Old DOS Games

    Duke Nukem (aka Duke Nukum) Duke Nukem 2 Commander Keen Wolfenstein 3D Doom Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure BlackThorne Command & Conquer Quake Duke Nukem 3D Tomb Raider Eradicator Redneck Rampage Bombs & Bugs Grand Prix Circuit Xenon 2 Terminal Velocity Silpheed
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    I was out before I even saw this thread. Alyxx had already bid 2k and that was about twice what I even have.
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    Earn More Points

    This is awesome, I'm already subscribed to the youtube channel.
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    Earn More Points

    Choo choo goes the retweet train
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    Due to my experience in the military I don't have the mental fortitude to handle those kind of games, so I have to pass.
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    You'll develop withdrawal symptoms if you don't play it for an extended period of time. Ask @StaceyPowers or @kingpotato
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    VGR Member of the Month - August 2019

    Apologies for the delay, congrats to @kingpotato! I've awarded you with 500 Points.
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    I would like to see an 80s type story or city just like in Vice city. The 80s are making a comeback in pop culture so it will be cool to see that in a new GTA, also most of the modern world aspects where already addresed in GTA 4 and 5.
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    My call would be Solid Snake from Metal Gear because even though will take down any threats to his safety and freedom, he tries to see things from their perspective and a lot of times he honors the enemies he has killed. He also has knack of saying the right thing at the right time to defuse a situation or encourage someone (eg: Raiden when he wanted to kill himself in Meta Gear Solid 4, it was Solid's words which gave him the will to live on.)
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    Conker. All you have to do is play Conker's Bad Fur day for all of 5 minutes and his cynicism and sarcastic nature will show in spades.
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    The circle of life

    o man that is me and dark souls. okay mostly just the throwing the box part
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    Executor Akamia

    Last Game Played

    Titanfall 2 A friend of mine wanted to play Frontier Defense with me. I myself was quite rusty at the game, although I was never particularly good at it to begin with. Anyway, we played two rounds and won both. As a Ronin main, I played Ronin in both rounds, while my friend played Tone. Ronin's role in Frontier Defense is "Roamer", so I had to go roam around the field and take care of various enemies, at times even going out of my way to hunt down Mortar Titans, since I was the fastest Titan in the field at that moment.
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    I dont think gaming will help you land a better job unless the job itself is about gaming.
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    Prodigal Gamer


    Greetings, I’m a Christian and a gamer who has started a new gaming community tailored to people of faith, and those just seeking a family friendly environment to play in. We welcome gamers of all ages and ability levels who are just seeking are tired of the profanity, vulgarity, and toxic behavior of online gaming and want to seek out a family friendly place to play. I invite you to check us out Prodigal Gaming FB Group
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    Employers are aware of gaming. But around here, no matter what you pick up from it, gaming is considered a hinderance. It supposedly distracts you from what you're supposed to be concerned with. I know they have no say what you do on your own time, but if you're a gamer, they look down on that hard.
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    Last Game Played

    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
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    This is from the Bleack Anime
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    Thanks. It has always been at the back of my mind because it troubled me that no matter what the weather changed to it was always too "safe". The weather doesn't really impact the player or the characters in-game for that matter.
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    Very cool idea.
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    On some cases it did happen that they had to start from scratch like with Kingdom hearts 1 & 2 remakes, since the developers lost the main codes. But yeah if you already have the codes the full price is to much unless is a complete remake like with Re2
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    Baldur's gate is a pretty good series - what I always remember about this game is the incantations for the spells are absolutely epic. I am also looking forward to the new version to be released early next year as well.
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    The Blackangel

    Social Media

    Is there anyone else here that hates the social media craze? It seems that anyone who doesn't use it is living in the stone age anymore. I'll admit that I used to use it, but it never made any useful contributions to anything, for anyone in my eyes. It seems to be just a place for people to bitch about anything and everything. And if someone hurts your precious little feelings you can just block them. Wah wah wah. I deleted my Facebook and Twitter long ago. I still have an Instagram up, but I rarely use it. It's all just pictures of my pets anyway. Either way it still doesn't make any sense to me. It's useless when there's forums and message boards that a person can sign up for that cater to their specific needs/interests so they can chat with like minded people. I'm signed up on a forum that's all about hedgehogs. Another one that's all about pitbulls. I'm also on one that's all about astronomy. I just' don't get the social media thing. I never did to begin with, but had decided to check it out due to sheer curiosity. Now I'm sorry I did.
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    Last movie watched?

    That bear attack tho🐻
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    Last movie watched?

    Shaun of the Dead 8/10 second time watching the movie after more than a decade. Ed was more annoying that I remember and I totally didn't notice the first time that Martin Freeman was in that movie.
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    Last Game Played

    Black Ops 4
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    I played the original Mortal Kombat in SNES more than any others. And I would have to say that my favorite was always Scorpion.
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    The Blackangel

    Favorite Stand Up Comedians

    Come on Hollywood. Can we just leave movies alone, and leave them as the classics they already are? These remakes, and 30 years later sequels are only ruining what were great movies.
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    Games you'd recommend for Halloween?

    Aye, there're no Silent Hill games on PS4/XB1 except for PT -- and we all know what happened to that. 😞 There are a few options on PS3 and XB360, though. Firstly, there's Silent Hill: Homecoming, which is a very underrated SH title. It's not quite as amazing as the first Japanese-developed games, but it still has a great story, creepy atmosphere, fantastic score, cool monster designs, and a decent combat system. I really liked it a lot. Next, we have Silent Hill: Downpour. It's decent, but not quite as good as Homecoming imho. Still, it's a solid entry with a pretty well-written story. Enemy designs aren't that great, though. Also, Akira Yamaoka - who wrote the iconic soundtracks to the previous SH games - is absent in this game, which is a shame. Then, you have the Silent Hill HD Collection - which bundles together fan favourites 2 and 3 - but it released in a terrible state. It's since been patched, but it's still pretty buggy. They're playable, but aren't the ideal way to play those classics. You can probably pick all of them up for cheap pre-owned. Hope that helps!
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    The good old days

    2009 maybe, the glory times of online gaming, when everyone had an uncle that worked at Microsoft and apparently everyone had a sexual relation with my mom 😆
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    egg cheese and ham.. I have been going to subway and getting a breakfast sub with onions, peppers and pickles .. Pretty good.
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    Games you'd recommend for Halloween?

    For this year I think Blair Witch, Resident Evil 2 Remake are two good options I guess.
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    How much hype is good for a game?

    Well if we think about it the more marketing the better, even if the game fails the initial release of the game will guarantee a lot of sales because of the hype, for example Watchdogs had a lot of hype, it was very average game, but it sold very well that it earned it a sequel and a trilogy coming soon, it was thanks to the initial hype that the game sold very well, after the first week, 4 million copies of the game had been sold. Sure a the end that kinda affects consumers because they are lead to believe that the game is good, and many fools (me included) will purchase the game right away, but at the end of the day thats the whole point of a business, to sale as much as possible.
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    Dead Space 2 small opinion.

    Absolutely love the Dead Space series -- even the often maligned third entry. I think the first one is the best imho but the second and third ones are pretty damn good too. I'd love to see EA return to the franchise with a fourth installment. I'd lose my mind if that happened! Sadly, the studio that developed the game -- Visceral Games -- was shuttered last year. Still, could be picked up by another developer, I guess. Here's hoping!
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    If you are going to shoot somebody I doubt that the motivation will be videogames alone xD
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    Gonna nominate @killamch89 for this month as I’ve noticed that he’s always on here and is always up for a chat about games and all things nerdy.
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    I agree with you as Dark Souls is definitely a tough game to get into. Stick with it though as it’s excellent. If you get stuck just watch a walkthrough (like we talked about in another thread, lol). I also found Risen 3 to be quite tricky at the start, but I think it’s just getting used to the controls and the combat.
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    Looks cool, huh? https://thedeadbeatcritics.com/2019/08/19/first-gameplay-footage-of-predator-hunting-grounds-revealed/
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    me too... because it will take me for several hours if I didn't
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    Rage 2

    Alyxx has written an excellent review. And though it's a good gameplay that I have checked on youtube. I can'g get myself to play the game. I think any game similar to mad max is kind of turn off for me these days.
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    Completely get that yeah. Skyrim has fun combat and it's interesting but it's slot. Fast paced action hack n slash style with a bunch of effects is always a winner to me
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    I know, right? X for attack in an RPG is just... ewww
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    Ask KingPotato

    Broccoli, but strangely only if they are steamed
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    Do tattoos count? I have the exact same tattoo Zell has in FF8. The only difference is that he has it on the left side of his face and I had it tattooed on the right side of my face. I already had a teardrop on the left side, so I didn’t want it to overpower the tear. Hence, opposite side. But no biggie. It still looks great. I’m also looking at several gunblades on eBay. I also have 2 different master swords. Both fully wield able. They’re just not live blades.
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    I’ve got lots of video game merch tbh: - Dark Souls t-shirt - Silent Hill 2 t-shirt - Asteroids t-shirt - Pixel Junk Monsters t-shirt - Black Ops 2 t-shirt - Fallout 76 t-shirt - Also got a load of video game soundtracks like Silent Hill 2, Dark souls, Two Worlds Two, FTL etc
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    Favorite TV series Theme Song?

    The fresh prince of Bel-Air theme song is a classic
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