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    Has anyone else done this? I bought Festers Quest (NES) a few years ago, and never had any real intention of playing it. The reason I bought it was because I remember seeing the commercials for it when I was a kid, and I remember desperately wanting it. Now that I'm an adult, I was finally able to get it. I've seen the gameplay, and know the mechanics of the game are pure shit. So if I was to play it, for me it would require a Game Genie. So it may have been a bit of nostalgia that led me to buy it. I'm not sure. But I was just curious if anyone else has ever done this.
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    That's true, Kojima definitely takes things deeper. And in fact the thing about the game is it can be possibly a new franchise with multiple sequels if they decides to extend the universe with various stories. I guess some people just dont' appreciate such depth.
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    Not so fast @DylanC I activate my trap card. I bid 3250 points
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    Favorite TV series Theme Song?

    My top three are Scooby Doo, Seinfeld, and Prince of Bel Air
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    WRC 8 for Nintendo Switch

    WRC 8, the official game of the FIA World Rally Championship arrives on Nintendo Switch today. Trailer - I have codes for XB1 and NIntendo Swich. To claim your code, simply reply and I will deduct 25 Points from your account. @The Blackangel, @Alyxx, @Aerielle del Rosario, @kingpotato, @killamch89, @StaceyPowers, @DylanC
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    Sniping tactics in FPS games

    A great and highly specific example! :)
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    I tend to hate the people who initiate the surrender in the middle of game and other people have to suffer for it.
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    Anyone played The Outer Worlds yet?

    I adore New Vegas. This is exactly what I was wanting to hear. New Vegas + BioShock aesthetic = Take my money.
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    Another game that could arguably be called one of the worst is Battletoads. The spin off from TMNT is obvious even to the blind. But that’s not the problem. The concept of the game was a good idea. The difficulty issue is where the problem lies. It’s hard enough in single player, but in co-op mode the difficulty is amplified 100 fold. Because now you have to worry about the other player. Their attacks against enemies see no difference between them and you. And if one on you screws up, both of you suffer the consequences. Take the jet bike level. One player misses a jump, you both die. The difficulty of the game was just way too much for the era. Even now it’s still a little much.
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    Video Editor for Android

    I have tried both Adobe Premiere Clip and Filmora Go and have found those 2 to be the best in terms of offering a great video editing experience on a mobile device. My pick would go slightly in the favor of Filmora as it is the more affordable option.
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    Mass Effect Andromeda - PC Game Review

    And that's perfectly understandable. It is honestly and objectively the worst game in the franchise and not really worth playing unless you're into the stuff I mentioned.
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    I do tweak my customizations every time I start up the game as well as through the entire playing time so 2+ hours.
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    Look at the pretty yellow button - take my money! 🤣 Almost sounds like a DeeDee(Dexter's sister) moment.
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    dude wtf thats a 5.99 dollar game, it definitively doesnt have a better budget, so its pretty understandable that it looks like crap.
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    Can we talk about WWE2K 20's

    That's definitely not The Rock - that's his Samoan cousin Jamal who just got out of prison...just saying.
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    I have you beat by 2 years. I'm 37. I'll check out your channel, but I don't use social media with the exception of an Instagram. But I haven't been to that in forever. Unless YouTube counts as social media. I spend several hours on there every day. 🙂 Ave
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    The Xbox scarlet on the thumbnail looks beautiful.
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    The Blackangel

    Oh Konami...

    I'm sorry to say that I have to agree with you. Which is sad, because they were all great amazing franchises at one time.
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    Vote for Potato!
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    Dying on purpose in video games

    Oh yeah I've been there, suicide is always the option to go. Unless the glitch also messes up your controllers so in that case I just unplug the console.
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    Favorite Netflix Series

    Thanks for the recommendation.
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    lolz one of my fav lines in the whole game i always piss off the guards just to hear it
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    Favourite movie music?

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    Not in games I have played no. At least not that have affected others. But in MUDs and MMORPG's it can be a pretty big deal to find an exploit.
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    I definitely prefer as much detail as possible and as many options as possible.
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    I bought the pre order and ive done all main missions except killing walker. Its definatly different from wildlands. Some things i like some i dont but im having fun playing it. Even though it seems to be a big open world like wildlands it seems it took way less time to do all missions before walker mission. I liked having a 4 man team on single player so its a bit different being a one man army...lol plus im not the greatest at face to face battle. I pretty much play sniper all the way and Ghost Recon is bout only fighting/battle game i can actually play. I tried others like COD and similar but just totally suck at it. With that said for me i give it a 4 outta 5 star.
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    Minecraft - Ever since it came out I never understood the appeal, its not the graphics but the gameplay it feels boring, without emotion.
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    The damage and the attention is the fun part 🙂
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    I'd rather they don't go down this road although they seem to be already but I love being able to customize the hell out of my character.
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    Being able to customize your character and most importantly their gender. And yeah I agree on offline play especially in a single player game.
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    Decisions that affect the outcome of the game. I understand that most games implement this in someway or another but the fact that your decisions have real consequences with in the game is something that I would like to see in most games, instead of the generic/neutral good guy we tend to encounter.
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    Hahah, yeah. Mostly entertaining to me though, because it seems clear that GTA is a tongue-in-cheek satire, and thus a criticism on such real-life things, in an ironic way.
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    Your Favorite Nintendo Retro Games?

    And there were a fair amount of them too...
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    What’s your most hated song?

    lmfao On topic though, I kinda hate most mainstream rap music these days.
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    Your Favorite Nintendo Retro Games?

    Yeah they're pretty cool. Personally I really dig the Lotus racers from that era.
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    'ello, 'ello.

    Welcome @Carlos X. Thanks for joining. I look forward to posting with you around the forums!
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    I've barely spent money on mobile games at all...
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    Dying on purpose in video games

    I do hate losing if I don't give it my best shot at things in real life but I never take games that seriously because they were made for entertainment.
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    In one of the PS5 patents leaked earlier this year if I am not mistaken they had some kind of emulation software capable of theoretically playing games as far back as the original PS.so they could have easily done if they wanted. What I suspect is what I mentioned before about profit margins in addition to some brand new accessories coming out for the PS5 that may not be compatible with most previous generation games.
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    They have never made any attempts at working with the community and would rather treat us like cheaters and criminals.
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    The Blackangel

    Synagogue Attack on Twitch

    If that's the way to go about it, then they will start disabling things that they don't personally like. Prejudice would interfere way too much. If they could develop an automated system that would block things such as this then that would be great.
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    Favorite game for Switch?

    Hard to pick given I haven't owned the system for long, but I really love Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Just amazed at how good it is.
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    What do you think of Reggie resigning?

    Gonna miss him but I feel the company is in good hands with Doug Bowser. The guy seems likeable.
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    Worst Abomination In Nintendo History?

    The NES sure had a lot of bad games to be fair. Action 52 might be the worst I've seen associated with Nintendo though. 52 games on one cartridge and all of them are horrible.
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    Doom 2016 was kinda a waste of time compared to the single player portion. Just didn't feel like it was proper Doom. On the other hand I feel the Call of Duty games have always had great multiplayer. There's a reason it became a saying that nobody bought CoD games for the single player.
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    Custom Built or Pre-Built

    All of my PC's have been custom built. I just prefer picking components myself.
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    It's funny that i brought up this very same point to @Alyxx the other day and here it is!
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