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  1. It would give a different dynamic to the Olympic games and it would make them popular again.
  2. Need for Speed and Fifa 98 are unbeatable on my list to be honest.
  3. Since my pc doesn't come with a CD Room that means I will have to download things XD
  4. Shole

    Eldest Souls

    I bet this is going to be a fun game on road trips.
  5. Shole

    Haven Park

    Seems like similar to Stardust Valley and Animal Crossing plus some.
  6. It is the first ttime I saw this thing, and from the look of it I am not sure how it will make me play better.
  7. Shole


    All my friends want me to get it but I am too lazy. Is it still worth downloading?
  8. Most of my memories of gaming are fun as most of them involve my brother and first time seeing games. It was so nice, and so fun to have someone to play games with.
  9. I do have some old ones laying around, one with a cd of the game The Strangers or something like that. A horror game where you are in prison and some weird creatures attack you. Never played it, I was too scared.
  10. Well, I got it recently to be honest xD, it's an Alliance World of Warcraft T-shirt I got in Asia from H&M.
  11. Not severely but I did get my wrist hurt a bit from staying in the same position. It hurt like hell for a few days then went away.
  12. Eh what will they do? Take my 0$ or just get my pc infected that holds only games. It is what it is xD
  13. You win some you lose some. Mostly nowadays you lose lol. AS i didn't find any game yet for 1$ that was good except AmongUS
  14. Well it tends to happen also when you pirate games like me XD so save save save, to save yourself from mental break down.
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