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  1. It has some nvidia graphic card, 8gb ram , i3 procesor I have not much info on it tbh, didn't check it that much :D budget is aroudn 300-500 USD I will check the specs when I get home :D I want to have a mid-tier gaming pc budget 300-500 usd
  2. I have everything except a screen but I don't want to make it into a phone, is there anything I can do with it, make a tablet maybe or something similar?
  3. Well I just had a random thought, do you think Games history will be thought in general schools (As in not tech related schools), like part of actual history? This is my shower thought of the day lol
  4. I don't want to overspend, and I ma aware of g2a.com , but I heard there are cheaper sites like gog.com and others. Any recommendations for me?
  5. I kinda want to make a tribute to my brother by upgrading his pc and I want some guidance. I have no idea what I am doing, so where should I start?
  6. If the soundtrack is good with the animation that's when you get the goosybumpy :D I think wow, warcraft 3, skyrim, oblivion, nba2k14 are the ones that that still give me them nice goose bumps :D
  7. God knows, played so many games I might've encountered some lol
  8. Nah I didn't like that much of eating as greasy controllers and keyboards are a no no for me. I hate greasy tech equipment lol
  9. Yes a lot of them and it hurts me to this day we can't get them back online. It's weird seeing them lose the passion they once had for games.
  10. I guess it could be possible, but I would consider doing some flight lessons too cuz you can't learn something so dangerous from a pc. If you had a cockpit that would change things.
  11. I only once did that due to me going on a 20h run and I was like ok this isn't healthy at all. But other than that I can control myself pretty good :D
  12. So many, I never got to that level, but I was really close, really really close and it was scary. I don't game that much anymore. The problem is the stress you create for yourself, and it's just not good for your health.
  13. I have a CD called Top Games '98 and for the love of god I can't find it anywhere online to replace it, it had 252 games on it and it was the best thing I ever owned xD But if you are referring to if I had a burnout, then it's World of Warcraft. I played it for years and I still want to but it's just so draining and I have no one to play with anymore :(
  14. Hey it is, but if you can money of of it why not XD it is probably great that we might be able to make money selling silly NFTs XD
  15. Shole

    Among Us VR

    This is going to change stuff, it's crazy that we didn't have it already. But yeah after canceling Among US 2 this was the only logical path they could take :D
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