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  1. I am a backer in this, and it is the first game I backed ever on kickstarter, and honestly I can't wait for October. To me Book of Travelers seems like something new and relaxing to play and the graphics are just gorgeous. I hope it turns into a good multiplayer game, but who knows. Anyone else seen it? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1152340/Book_of_Travels/ so basically I am all for this unique graphics and just a chill role playing game, in the end I hope I can play it and find a lot of good people on it and just enjoy myself.
  2. The first ever game was some Boat Speed Racing, followed by Fifa 98, Nightmare Creatures and NBA 98 with the best menu music ever, at least as far as I recall it 😄
  3. Shole

    GTA 6

    GTA SJW? Seems a bit strange with what the game has in it, but than again it's the current year lol. Can't deny that I have fears of that happening.
  4. That could work really good actually. Yeah I got it confused a lil bit, as I automatically think of CGI when it comes to animation (dunno why even tho am a huge animu fan). The Last of Us hopefully will prevail to make anything too boring, as long as they work with the writers that helped the game and maybe some devs, it might end up being great.
  5. Aren't they coming out with the new version? I think I saw something like that on steam or something, that they published or are in the works of publishing the remade or remaster version whatever it's called.
  6. Shole

    Dark Eclipse MOBA

    Wow it is VR. I thought at first it was that god simulator game turned moba, but it's a VR game and I think that is amazing. I hope there are more strategy games in VR, I shall google the options as me not having money for a VR made me not interested in those games.
  7. I think I played this one when I was in China, I am actually 100% sure I did like two years ago or so. It is great but i was only able to play one on one due to China having restrictions on google play store and I had to dl the Chinese version (So yeah it was just boring) I might redownload it, thanks!
  8. I could see DMC getting a good movie out...but the cost would probably beat every movie out right now, heavy CGI needs to happen for it to be good, and yet even after that no one will make it as it might be considered a small niche market. Like WOW did good cuz they had a lot of fans DMC isn't that big.
  9. Not a fan of Zelda or Assassins Creed or Dark Souls. I just don't find them attractive, like single player games are not that interesting for me anymore. I feel better playing multiplayer games rather than those. Zelda for one, I am just like not into the main character being a dingy character who destroys pots (i know there is more to it, but I just cant get into it). I guess I am just not into that whole genre of games, even tho I do enjoy Skyrim a lot and Oblivion, I can't seem to get into Zelda (to the disappointment of my girlfriend).
  10. So I got a new Asus Rog Strix III, worked for about 3 weeks before I had to take him to repairs. The motherboard was damaged(or that's what they told me in the repairs), the lights on the keyboard didn't work, and I had to get it repaired, only to notice that the lights under the laptop now stopped working(after being fixed). Due to me moving like almost ever year for work, I need a laptop, but it's kinda driving me crazy that I think I chose the wrong one for gaming. It heats up really quick even with a cooling pad and now it seems slower a bit after the repairs for some reason. A
  11. I didn't play Wow and Crusader Kings 2 for like 9 months, that was the longest I ever remember not playing my favorite games. Other than that usually it takes me max a week to get back to a favorite, and there are many now.
  12. My girlfriend told me about it, and honestly I think this thing is doable as it doesn't involve too much crazy stuff. Like the more complicated a game is the worse it translates to the movies. Warcraft was good cuz they were able to keep all the dragon battles and big bosses away from the movie, so they didn't have to us CGI a lot and make it look like complete garbage (lookin' at you Live Action Movie of Full Metal Alchemist).
  13. Game style changed and the story didn't have that transition from the second to the third part as it had from the first to the second. It's I think something common with Bethesda, I felt the same way about Oblivion to Skyrim, don't get me wrong both great games, but I guess the change was like somehow a lot form graphics to the general feeling of the game-play and world.
  14. I'd do it for a million for sure, I mean it is a million USD and I could buy houses n stuff and rent them out while I am chilling in some exotic place.
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