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  1. Is that the one with the earth? Where you can crush in someones house?
  2. Well most people didn't read the instructions or the instructions were in chinese when using older consoles, so I dunno, I never knew about many other features of consoles.
  3. I can't play anything, musically I am far away from being good at anything...
  4. Well they will try to expend in any business they can, but will they be able to make a lot of good games? Maybe if they buy out indi devs companies.
  5. I played Dungeon Keeper last, it was pretty fun after I figured out how to do things 😄
  6. You living under a rock lol I prefer Rolandinho to both of them to be honest.
  7. I agree and with the Chinese products available you can get a lot of things for the old consoles.
  8. Now you have to repalce it? Or can you fix it?
  9. So far smite and rust are my most played on steam and world of warcraft in general.
  10. Warcraft III, The Frozen Throne, NBA2k14-20, Generals and Generals Zero hour. Other than that I think Hercules lol
  11. It's good for feedback, and as long as they don't go overboard with the data collection it should be fine.
  12. Survival is a great with mix but I think the best horror games are psychological. You just can't beat that, you get used to survival.
  13. I love mods for some games, it makes for example Banished more playable, gives an easy mode somewhat. Also skyrim is so fun with mods.
  14. I have a few ones there. Most of them are the ones I got from g2a where I bought 5 premium cd keys. So I think I will never play them.
  15. Oh right Sleeping Dogs are good and close to GTA. Love how they did Hong Kong so detailed, but let's be honest that's I think as close as it gets.
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