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  1. It will be a welcomed one, to see moribus joining the illustrious number of Fortnite skins, just as A.C collaborated recently with Epic to produce one of the glaring skins ever.
  2. It's been a while with the original RE-4 game, what Capcom wants to do, is roll back the memories of the game back to this present day. I'll watch out what they'll be making as a remastered version of the game anytime.
  3. Practically impossible, I can't imagine myself anymore playing video games about 10-12 hours of my time within 24 hours period. I did that consecutive days playing video games.
  4. No matter how much I've spent buying video games/consoles I wouldn't still grow rich with it. Because, I would've used the money for other things in form of entertainment.
  5. GTA 5 is the last game I played.
  6. Oh, their is nothing bad, their are times you'll be on pressure, you wouldn't know when you'll just stand to ease the pressure and play better by looking closely to the monitor or TV screen.
  7. It's been a while I played it, not on console, but I did it back then on a mobile phone. I enjoyed the game back then, just that it was on 2D viewer's mode.
  8. That's generous of you to help your cousin out, that's how it should be, we help each other to feel good. Mine is a rough one, I have to work and save up in order to buy whatever I need not just video games.
  9. Did you stand long hours playing those COD games @Aniekwe? I can only stand while playing with a fellow gamer who is very much strong, and posing a serious challenge.
  10. Yeah mate, so frustrating. And again they tried to stop me during my childhood gaming days, because they felt that I'm going addicted with video games.
  11. Not at this time that I have two dual shock 4 controllers that are just new. I am not bored around this controllers, I'm enjoying myself playing video games since they aren't faulty.
  12. My dad isn't a gamer, I wish I had a father who enjoyed gaming, maybe I could've afforded me with a PS5 console now. He doesn't like video games including my mom, that's why they don't invest in my gaming life.
  13. Sure, they're all quality gaming consoles, I prefer the one I currently have. I don't want to put myself on a tug of war trying to get one which I never planned for.
  14. That's unrealistic, the highest I've seen woth console is; 2 TB, which is around Xbox one, or series S, not too sure, but I know 2 TB is the max I've seen. Anyone with above isn't realistic, unless their is newly launched console.
  15. Since series x runs both digital and disc version of games, I love it. But this time, I'm not going for it, my PS4 is serving me well, I can only consider buying video game next year (2023). By then, my PS4 must have served me, st least we have more of the games on PS4. I know Xbox series x/s are similar to PS5, but I wouldn't rush any of them for now, unless I have extra funds to spend for numerous consoles xD.
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