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  1. Many are saying same thing, they are repeating themselves. Most of it's FIFA series are similar to each other, no major improvement.
  2. Yes, they'll never. They simply wants to get better off with what they've soaked themselves into. Just to make sure the game goes to the finishing point.
  3. When I go to watch a video review of a particular video game that I never played, I simply expect it to be insightful for me or else I'll leave it halfway.
  4. I know the man that died between the specified date is simply renowned. I don't know him what you just explained, made me feel emotional, let him rest perfectly in peace.
  5. Lots of games should be made to cover the current world scene that has been marred with the covid19 pandemic. It's cool coming across a game named after the global pandemic, I'll definitely go watch it's trailer to see if it's meant for me to play.
  6. When I got to watch GTA trilogy, battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk 2077. I thought I've seen world class game, but when I eventually played them it wasn't what I expected.
  7. I really can't remember the game where I played and got lots of resources to enjoy and wipe out the enemies easily but at the end couldn't use them. I got lots of resources playing GTA S.A back then, because I know how to collect them, but as the game proceeds the police don't allow me enjoy my armour as I really want.
  8. When I was using a PS2 console, I learned how to route the console in such a way that, it runs both on memory card and also in CD player. I never learned anything about my PS4 apart from downloading games online and playing them lol.
  9. During my time with Grand theft San Andreas, I always stay clear the government residence when it comes to attacking pedestrians and the police. Because it wouldn't take up to five minutes for my character to be bursted.
  10. FIFA 22 is an improvement in graphics, and modern day play and other add-ons like the stadia, and more items in the store to beautify the players appearance scene. Apart from that, their is no big difference with other previous edition.
  11. Some games on Android devices run on a 3D background. Dead target, FIFA, some racing games like asphalt, motor GP etc. Run in a 3D image resolution.
  12. I know it isn't just an online game. Some gamers simply prefer playing it offline, in order to reserve the money for upgrade.
  13. Not what I meant dearie, I am talking about those who use it to do malicious things online. They simply change their voice to feminine in order to receive men believing they are feminine.
  14. Awful indeed, that you can sink while sitting on it. It's simply due to its nature being too foamy and loose, which wouldn't make gaming exciting.
  15. I wouldn't force myself hard to complete anything. I am the kind of gamer who jumps from one video game to another in order to have fun and not stuck on a drastic challenging one.
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