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  1. They should pay for their licensing to keep their image rights and name intact which has made them famous today.
  2. Yeah, I saw it, that it was made last year. And now gamers have made their choice which one to go for between FIFA 21 or 22.
  3. You're there. It's quite a long time you've been with FIFA game series. It's sad they've chosen to ruin their game simply seeking for money in a faster way, repeating same features.
  4. That's cool, they did just that. It shows they are apologetic when they go wrong, knowing too well the customers are still their priority.
  5. No problem if that's the case with the Chinese government. I believe they are simply doing all this things protecting their own children from the dangers associated with video games addiction.
  6. I am an old buddy in the internet. Google is protecting us and still using our information to make money for themselves, that's business for you.
  7. Lol, that's why I don't look up to any other apart from Google as my main email service providers, because they are serious with their job.
  8. Head_Hunter

    Hollow Knight

    I know it is compatible with PS4 console, I am just got to know this game here, it's okay through the trailer.
  9. Here in my country, the default Android device browser or iOS phones, windows, PC's is simply set as Google.
  10. Windows eleven is superb when it comes to playing games with it, surfing the internet and doing other multipurpose tasks. I am using it at the moment, the quality of gaming it offers is exceptional.
  11. I do the both, I back up my data especially essential files like documents and also duplicate then in case their is any lingering when I forget the back up password.
  12. Now plenty browsers are simply popping up which is a means of income generation to users especially cryptotab, brave browser that rewards each user with cryptocurrency for using their browser to browse the internet.
  13. Head_Hunter


    I don't use VPN at the moment because, I have nothing I am accessing it with. I just prefer prefer staying off from what I isn't important.
  14. Android is more user-friendly to me than iOS phones. I just find it so easy to use than iOS features. When it comes to adjusting to brightness I reduce it, so it wouldn't hurt my sight.
  15. That's ridiculous if they execute what they've put in consideration by removing users negative responses. Provided it is guided with the right words that doesn't attach to insult it altercations they shouldn't by no means remove it.
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