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  1. Anybody know where I can get a Quarian suit, like what the Quarians wear in the Mass Effect video games? I could certainly use one for protection against the Coronavirus.
  2. If you want good straight up combat characters I would recommend Garrus and Wrex. I would have to say they're even better at combat than Ashley although Ashley is good too. Wrex also has some boitics to go along with his combat abilities and Garrus has some technical skills. I like to have a well rounded party and I usually play as a character who is solid on combat so I will sometimes bring another good solid combat character around if I feel I need some extra firepower but I will also often bring along a character with good technical skills such as Talia and a character with good biotics su
  3. Mass Effect 2 which I've been playing quite a bit today on the X-Box 360. Im taking a break right now but I will go back to it soon.
  4. Absolutely. Today I was playing the Afterlife Lower Level music from Mass Effect 2 while working out.
  5. The Vanguard is basically a combination of the Soldier and the Adept, you get good use of biotic powers and you can be skilled with most weapons. I've played through the first game multiple times, first as a Vanguard but also as a Soldier and an Adept. I never did get much into the Engineer class though but I do like Talia, she's an Engineer and a good character. Although I've played through all three games as a Vanguard I am now on game 2 as an Adept. Today I played through this part of the game where you have to recruit a doctor who is developing a cure for a disease and so he is in an
  6. OK so who do you think are the most formidable, the Reapers from Mass Effect, the Borg from Star Trek, or the Galactic Empire with a fully functional Death Star? If you want this can be the second Death Star, the one from ROTJ, although its fully built. Which of those three do you think would be the greatest threat to the universe? Which of those three do you think would win in a fight?
  7. So during this Coronavirus outbreak where I like most people have been spending most of my time at home, I've been playing lots of Mass Effect. I started with some Mass Effect Andromeda but for some reason it made me want to play the first Mass Effect game so I switched to that. I beat the game with both the soldier and the adept. Originally I had beaten the game with my favorite character class, the vanguard, but this time I tried it with different classes. Now I am on to Mass Effect 2 playing with my imported character, my adept from Mass Effect 1. Eventually I will probably go on to play Ma
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