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  1. Raptor claw, during my childhood I was a big fan of Dinosaurs and obviously because of Jurassic Park the Velociraptors where always the most badass predators.
  2. Apex Legends, new changes on the gameplay and new skins are good but the currency system is still shit.
  3. Same thing I have them in a DVD cabinet, I enjoy looking at my collection I even have an empty box for Spiderman ps4 because I have the game digital
  4. This is awesome, I'm already subscribed to the youtube channel.
  5. Update: Im getting my ass kicked, its cool though
  6. Playing the COD modern warfare beta
  7. My favorite comment on the video on Youtube: "Yeah, see, I see that you chainsawed that man in half, but it didn’t feel like you MEANT it" They really missed a lot of small details that made the early games great, Gears 5 looks beautiful, but its the small details that make a game the best.
  8. The other day I was looking at an article about the whole Konami/Kojima split and how Silent Hill P.T. never came to be. Has anyone here on the forum has ever played Silent Hill P.T. ?
  9. Yeah I agree with @skyfire its to expensive for a streaming device, and it doesnt have like exclusive games, the games that it has are just the normal games that you can find on any other console like with PS4, Xbox One and even PC at a much better price without the need to stream them.
  10. oh well I guess any atmosphere should be good for the game
  11. Thats a hard one, well I will say maybe Dr jekyll and Mr hyde thanks to the review of AVGN Yeah the quests are good and the story as always is on point, but aside from a few difficult areas I always preferred to go alone, even on Skyrim I always preferred being by myself. I guess I didnt venture enough with my followers to have a proper opinion about them.
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