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  1. Well for me this issue applies on a few specific games, for example for games like Assassins creed, GTA, COD or GOW I really like the first games as much as the the newest ones, but for Oblivion yes I totally neglected this game in favor of Skyrim since Skyrim is in all senses a better game, the same thing with the first trilogy of Resident evil I know they are consider classics but I hate the tank movement controls, and because of that I never liked the Resident evil franchise until Resident evil 4 came along. So for me it really depends on how good where the old entries of the franchise.
  2. I think I'm the only one who hasnt played it 😆 Yeah well thats because Super Mario bros is the more popular one, actually I remember that the first time I played Mario bros it wasnt even the original, it was some arcade knock off, it was like an orange and gray mario & luigi without mustaches , the arcade did had the correct print on the outside but the actual game was not correct Well it was resold several times, this game has been on almost every console since the ps2, but yeah its not a game that anyone will recognize, to be more specific I dont think casual gamers will know of it.
  3. once, I was drunk, I pulled a "Hasselhoff" with a bag of chips xD
  4. Blank state always, thats actually one of the reasons why I havent purchased the Witcher 3, everybody tells me its a great game and I might buy it one day, but the one thing that doesnt appeal to me is that this is an already well developed character with a huge background.
  5. silent hill shattered memories on the Wii, its very different from other Silent hill games but still terrifying and its one of those games where you cant fight back so you have to run, not a bad game actually.
  6. Ah yes I also played it on the Wii, I think that was the best version since you use the Wii mote as a brush, although its a very easy game and thats one thing I didnt liked.
  7. You mean the Mario Bros with the stage with pipes on the sides and the pow cube in the middle ?
  8. Ah yes, In Skyrim whenever I encounter a game crashing bug I just tell to myself that my warrior had to go back to deal with a personal issue while I reset my Xbox 😆
  9. Na, already watched Strangers things and there is nothing else I want to watch, also is freaking hot out there so I'm just staying home for the week
  10. Toy Story 4 - 8/10 it feels more like a side story rather than its own movie
  11. Gta V - 9.5 score for me, the only reason why I cant give it a 10 is because of the songs on the radio, GTA san andreas and vice city had great songs, but GTAV lacks that quality in the radio.
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