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  1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 was the best for me, I remember playing this game a lot in my ps2 back in the day but I dont think I will purchase this remake anytime soon.
  2. I was never a fan of paper mario I did played it on n64 and on the wii but they always felt boring
  3. Lately I have been playing Cod ww2 since it was free through ps plus and I have to say the hit detection is very bad for example there is a semi automatic rifle that can kill the enemy with two shots, on paper is the best gun since its fast and accurate but almost 50% of the time the game is not registering one of the shots so it takes me more than two shots to take down the enemy and also there are times when I shoot first but the enemy kills me and when I look at their kill cam its shows that I didnt even shoot the enemy in the first place or if I did he didnt receive any damage
  4. Thats the weird part about the gaming industry, if the console or game is popular enough they will try to port it on almost anything, hell even the wii had a port of COD black ops
  5. Yep I will say at least 499, this might be one of the most expensive launch, the biggest was obviusly the ps3 with their 599 price tag. Also lets take in consideration that the launch price for the ps4 was 399.99 and that probably helped the sales.
  6. I think my preferences have remain the same over the years, yeah I was also really into multiplayer games in highschool but my first choice has always been single player games
  7. Some changes are good, some are bad. Pathfinder's main ability has a bigger 35 sec cooldown now, which is bad because you where previusly able to spiderman your way out gunfights with his zipline ability but now its imposible. On the other hand Loba's ability is excelent for early game with her looting and market ability.
  8. It was to be expected, the game is still going strong.
  9. It really depends on the game, for example I also tend to avoid bows or crossbows but in games like Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and RDR2 bows really come in handy. So there is no specific weapon for me that I would like to use on all games. My weapon of choice depends on the actual game.
  10. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ couldnt explain it better myself. 👍🏻
  11. For me its MK, the gore its the best and Im fan of the series. Street Fighter is good but I didnt grew up playing this game so there is no nostalgia.
  12. It is huge, Its probably one of the biggest games out there. Also Im pretty bas it xD this new modern wardare is so different from the other COD games, its slow paced and its more about strategy rather than reflexes.
  13. The design doesnt really matter to me, what matters its the games, thats the one reason why the Xbox One lost to the PS4.
  14. John Wick Hex, Apex Legends and COD BO3
  15. Yep but I had to delete the game because its too big, I might make some space later on and install it again
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