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  1. Little nightmares, the moment you realize whats actually going on, it becomes super creepy
  2. They are fun, I used to play them a lot, as a kid I owned both starwars lego games plus the lego batman game on the ps2
  3. Wtf is latinx? XD hahaha Just call us whatever, We mexicans are not snowflakes, we dont care about inclusive language, well at least most of us dont.
  4. So now CODMW2 will ask for your phone number to play online, whats up with that? Why? I now overwatch was doing something like that and now they stopped doing it because it was a bad idea, so why is COD doing this?
  5. Idk I played the beta and I liked it but Im not sure if its worth 70 dlls It was good, in my opinion the third person view was kinda dissapointing, specially since people tend to camp more in that mode
  6. Anybody playing Call of duty WW2 recently? I was itching to play some COD this week and found out that Blackops4 is basically empty, it took me full 10 min just to get on a match on domination and full 5 for team deathmatch, idk if it was just the servers that day or what and lets not talk about black out. WW2 on the other hand is very active but only on the main modes like team death match, domination, kill confirmed and war
  7. He says: bring me some cocaine and hookers!! XD hahaha just kidding The Dragon says: "Gratias ago amice. Ave gaudeo te incolumem videre. Sed hostes puellam rapuerunt. Vade post eam"
  8. Never actually had thay problem except with Skyrim when choosing a very bad race at the start of the game, sadly the only solution for that is to reset the game
  9. Back in the days when the internet was still not as common as it is today, we used to sell and buy porn dvds at school hidden in ps1 or ps2 cases xD But Ive never messed with an actual cartridge though, I never attempted opening one but I guess thats the reason why its a good place to hide things
  10. Shrek 1 & 2, I love those movies. If they are on TV I leave them on for sure
  11. I dont know why but I feel that this game is probably going to be 90% same as BTOW I like BTOW the only thing I dont like about it is the lack of unique bosses. Thats what makes a Zelda game special in my opinion.
  12. Unpopular opinion: Overlord is very overrated.
  13. It looks okay I guess, I mean Im more interested in the story rather than gameplay. I wouldnt say Im dissapointed, Im not suprised either, rather I would say thats how I expected a new gta game to look like.
  14. I dont see the point of taking a videogame to my grave. For obvious reasons you wont be able to play it and if they dug up your body years later the physical game will be unplayable
  15. Idk, Theathers are still a great part of the movie business , something that streaming will not be able to kill and that is the experience of actually going to the movies, of creating a memory and enjoying the night out, Im quoting Quentin tarantino on that, he said something like that on an interview once I cant remember which but I will try to find later to further explain my point
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