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  1. Hollow Knight, I have been getting good at it 😁
  2. Yes its actually real xD, you can play it on Alexa echo, but its more like dungeons and dragons version, dont expect the actual game on it
  3. I have been playing Skyrim Dawnguard. Serana is really OP she can take on a blood dragon all by herself
  4. Doesnt sound bad, but I guess I will still wait for a sale.
  5. I heard about this one before, I think I will try it if a sale comes out. Are the controls difficult ?
  6. Never have I ever played Tekken , I think... I mean I know the series, the characters and the whole demon blood thing but I have never played one. What makes Tekken's game play different from Mortal Kombat or Street fighter ? Ah yes Soul calibur 2 is a great game, I played the ps2 version, it has the old guy from Tekken as guest and I believe the Xbox version had Ryu from Ninja Gaiden. I've been thinking of getting Soul Calibur 6 the most recent game, this one has Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 3 as a guest character, but the main reason why I want is because of the character creation system, its hilarious xD just google created characters on Soul Calibur 6 and you will find some crazy shit, from Sonic to Thanos.
  7. Due to security reasons on any Animal Crossing Game xD and really far way from any Dark Souls location.
  8. I kinda want to get a new Fighting game, I already own Injustice 2 but wanted something different from the Mortal Kombat formula. Can someone recommend a Fighting game and tell us why is good ? mostly I want to hear why the gameplay mechanics of such game are good
  9. As much as I love Supernatural I feel like the show should have ended at the end of Season 5, I did watched the show until season 9 but to me seasons 6-9 felt too unnecessary. Season 5 had the perfect finale.
  10. Many times but havent done since highschool
  11. This is a great video from the Nerd 😆, hopefully someday better a power ranger game will be made.
  12. From the prequels Revenge of the Sith is my favorite, if it wasnt for Hayden Christensen it would have been a legendary movie.
  13. Its already a little old but back in the day this game remained the best open world game for many years, you should try it, but if you want to play a better game try GTA V, San Andreas is not a bad game, is actually pretty epic but it came out more than 15 years ago and open world games have advanced so much since then.
  14. Shovel Knight , defeated polar knight, his snow level was more difficult than the actual boss fight , still it was a fun fight, the bastard is really fast and its really hard to avoid damage.
  15. I like the idea but yeah every game that has released with this premise hasn't worked
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