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  1. We have more news of the next Playstation 5, it will still have a disc drive and it will retro compatible with PS4 games, this might sound like old news but the surprise is that Sony announced that the PS4 will still be a main source of income for the company for the next 4 years , as well they confirmed that games like The Last of US 2, ghost of tsushima and death stranding will still appear on the PS4. Its reasonable since the PS4 sold very well. What do you guys think of the next PS5 and these news?
  2. Yeah but they had to start somewhere 😆
  3. May Payne 3, my standards where very low but the game turned out to be very good. I only purchased it because it was for 2 dlls at Gamestop.
  4. Its been confirmed that Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware are in the works of a new RPG game called Great Rune. Rumors say that it will be based on Norse Mythology and it will also be based on the Dark Souls formula but with other big changes, most likely even more RPG elements. The rumors of the game are a bit old, I was actually expecting an actual game based on Game of Thrones but I guess thats not going to happen in this case. What do you guys think about this game ?
  5. Oh yeah House of Dead 2 was definitely bad
  6. Most likely we will see more on E3
  7. Cutscenes dont bother me, some are very boring but I will not skip them unless I already played the game before and only then is when I skip those boring cutscenes.
  8. Yep Cityville in Facebook (dont judge me I was young 😆)
  9. I have been thinking of getting a copy of Rage 2, they say that the story and world is mostly average but the gameplay is awesome.
  10. I will agree with many here, Gameplay comes first , I will always prefer a game with a great story but only if the gameplay is of the same great quality.
  11. If the Gods can hear us I would like to see a continuation of this timeline in Elder Scrolls 6, but the Elder scrolls series tend to be centuries apart.
  12. I lot of them came to mind but my top 3 : GTA V Skyrim God of War PS4 Perfectly balanced games
  13. Here is my list of favorite moments. I apologize for the huge list. I might be missing a few but these are the ones that first came to my mind. The fight against Ganondorf and Skull Kid- Zelda Ocarina & Majora mask The Battle against Stallord and Zant- Zelda Twilight princess The last 3 bosses Bad Girl, Jeane & Henry- No More Heroes Killing the all of the Colossus , each one was epic an epic boss battle , and the finale was epic I dont want to spoil for anyone who hasnt played it yet - Shadow of the Colossus The battle of Grovee street 😆 not the actual name of the mission but thats how I call it - GTA San Andreas Boss fight against Mendez - RE4 Last mission- GTA Vice City Hydra boss and Ares boss battle and also the scenes where Ares destroys the city, when you find Kronos and when Ares Stabs you with a boulder- God of War 1 Beating Vergil - DMC 3 Beating the Devil - Guitar Hero 3 Last scenes of Max Payne 2 When Zeus kills you (sort of) the fight against the huge Statue, the fight against the sisters of time, and the last scene where all the Titans climb Olympus -God of War 2 The final scene of John Marston -Read Dead Redemption Meeting Trevor - GTA V Most bosses and the fight against the Black Baron - Mad World Going to Valhalla - Skyrim (there is a lot of other cool quests but I dont want to make the list longer for Skyrim) When the Arbiter kills the Prophet of Truth -Halo 3 The Fall of Reach - Halo Reach Killing the huge Worm and Riding the Brumak - Gears of War 2 The Death of Dom - Gears of War 3 The Chernobyl mission -COD4 The last Scene of Joker - Batman Arkaham city All the fights against Jack Baker and Marguerite Baker (chills) - Resident Evil 7 The Last fight against Baldur and the ending and the secret ending - God of War PS4
  14. Thats correct with Disneyland 😆 I remembered Pirates of the Caribbean being cool and creepy and the last time I went it was just creepy.
  15. Which sequels are we referring to? I will say that House of Dead 3 and Overkill are way better than the first one.
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