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  1. The first season pass of Apex Legends is coming up tomorrow along with a new character Octane a speed junkie, I'm very excited for the new character and for the first time I'm thinking of investing money on this game, But the Season 1 content while still mostly unknown it doesnt seem to be worth it , the legends skins look very simple, only 3 skins revealed . For those of you who also play Apex what do you think of this new Season ? Or for those who play Fornite , do you think Apex is giving the same value as Fortnite when it comes to Season passes ? https://www.vgr.com/apex-legends-battle-pass-season-on-tomorrow/
  2. If there is one thing that I'm not particularly fond of is timed missions or quests, I am a very slow gamer and if I see a timer on the screen I will somehow loose my ability to play well. As well as escort missions, I will always end up accidentally killing or having killed the NPC I have to protect. What type of Quest/Missions annoy you the most ?
  3. kingpotato

    Age Of Empires

    Yeah I also spent many days and hours on AOE2 back in the day, AOE3 was unnecessarily complicated and boring.
  4. These news surprised me and upset me, then again I only have a 720p 24inch TV and I dont even own the game so I dont know why was I bothered in the first place xD
  5. kingpotato

    Best Alien movie?

    Alien 2 or Aliens with James Cameron, for me this was the first Alien movie I saw as a kid and it has been the best. I saw the first Alien movie until a few years ago actually, also very good but I prefer the second one.
  6. kingpotato

    What game is the oldest one in your backlog?

    Mario Galaxy 2, I got my modded Wii about 4 years ago and this was one game that originally came with it, I completed Mario Galaxy 1 around 90% but never even tried Mario Galaxy 2, I know the game works because my nephews tried it once.
  7. kingpotato

    What is the one feature you want the next from PS5?

    The retro-compatibility is a must, I just got my PS4 not to long ago so I'm not planning on getting the PS5 anytime soon, but I'm sure as hell not going to repurchase the games that I already own.
  8. kingpotato

    "What was the name of that game?" thread

    I have one, original xbox game GTA mexican style, I guy with 2 saw-off shotguns. ? Anyone know it ? I searched for it a couple of times online but I've never found it
  9. kingpotato

    Improvements you want to see in the next Elder Scrolls game

    Yeah it is very ridiculous for such a very awesome game, It would be awesome to be able to slash enemies while going full speed on a horse like jousting.
  10. kingpotato

    How long does it take you

    If its a relatively long game like an openworld type I will try to focus at least a month on that game alone trying to do every side quest. Short games like shooter campaigns will take me about 1-2 weeks at the most. I'm an adult now so I cant play as mush as I'd like 😞
  11. kingpotato

    Favourite Assassin's Creed?

    Assassins creed 2 since its the only one that I actually felt like an assassin and Black Flag for the Naval battles.
  12. kingpotato

    Gaming in prisions

    Guys with all do respect you dont know nothing about prison, its a whole different world. As well anything can be obtained inside Prison, you dont need to be "allowed", cellphones, drugs, money, Alcohol, hell I dont think that having a gameboy inside there will be an issue.
  13. kingpotato

    Old consoles

    On facebook I'm in a lot of buying and purchase groups for videogames and yeah they tend to overprice old games and consoles, to be honest they are not worth it , they are old on the verge of falling apart but since they are classics or retro they put a high price.
  14. kingpotato

    La Llorona

    Ask any Mexican, they will tell you a story about La Llorona. Personal story : I was 14 went to my grandparents house, they live in a small rural town in South Mexico, its one of those small towns that still have old buildings from the Pancho Villa and the Christian war era. Backyard is like a farm and one bedroom all the way to the back, main house faces the main street. At night already half asleep I heard a lament coming from Main street, it made its way to the front of the main house, then slowly through the backyard until it reached the bedroom , it walked around the backyard several times until it entered the bedroom by then I had "sleep paralysis", Couldnt move or scream and the thing walked to my side of the bed and then it stopped suddenly, after it stopped I was able to move and quickly I jumped out of bed using my ninja kicks xD, I walked around the room checking the windows but I didnt saw or heard anything after that. Later that morning my little sister told me she heard it as well from the Main house , told my grandparents about it they said its pretty common and they advise to not try to actually see the thing since its consider a "bad omen".
  15. kingpotato

    Most disappointing sequel?

    Yeah for me it was a Link between worlds, it was very acclaimed but I finished the game in a week and it was very average for a Zelda game