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  1. Unfortunately I dont have an Xbox One or a pc powerful enough to run this, Actually I dont anything about rugby xD
  2. I saw post on a different website stating that it is possible that Cyberpunk was delayed because it wasnt running well on the base Xbox One, apparently the game demands a lot of power from the consoles and the original Xbox One couldnt handle it, so thats why the game was delayed.
  3. Its just bad xD, I mean it works and it does what it suppose to do, but it lags a lot and it needs a lot of data.
  4. I have the same opinion on some games, for example I was a huge fan of Halo back in the 360 era, but after bungie left Halo 4 wasnt as good as H3 and Reach, and Halo 5 as well didnt hit the mark, so for me the original games made by bungie where better. With Assassins creed I havent the most recent ones so I cant speak for all of them, but for me the best one was AC2, but my favorite is AC4 although this one is more like a pirate simulator rather than an assassins game. Same goes for the COD games, the first two Modern warfare games where my favorites but I cant argue that the most recent COD games are better and more polished.
  5. So Resident Evil 8 will not be coming any time soon nor are we going to see any other remake after RE3, but there will be another RE game on 2021 but it will not be a remake nor a core numbered game. https://wccftech.com/resident-evil-8-rebooted-years-away-no-remakes/
  6. There is a rumor that two new Silent Hill games are being made, one is a reboot and the other an episodic adventure game. https://wccftech.com/silent-hill-series-reboot-rumor/
  7. Uncharted 3, I'm not sure why but this version has a lot of glitches compared to the previous game
  8. or you can emulate it on your phone for free, I'm not a fan of the atari btw
  9. Its been confirmed, the collection will be free to play on steam until April 1st. https://www.ign.com/articles/every-half-life-game-is-free-to-play-until-april-1st
  10. Well not much of a recommendation but actually a question, What happened to the online store on VGR ? I remember when I first got into the forum there used to be a store option ? Although I think it was a third party vendor, not actually VGR, I cant remember exactly. But thank you for the goodies, we truly appreciate it. 😁
  11. I was watching Iron Man 2 the other day, Its not as bad as many people claim but still its has a pretty weak plot, the final armor for whiplash is basically a knock off from Iron Monger from the first movie. So I was thinking that it could have been better if they had created a Titanium man armor for Whiplash instead. The same for the plot, the whole thing could have been about Whiplash becoming Titanium man. It was just a random though but what do you guys think, or do you have a different alternate plot for Iron Man 2 or for the whole Iron Man trilogy in general ?
  12. There are rumors that a Half Life Collection will be free to play on Steam , some people on steam got a notification about the deal but it was later deleted. Hopefully this is true, I never finished the first game and I have never played Half Life 2. https://www.gamesradar.com/it-seems-a-new-half-life-collection-will-be-free-on-steam-in-the-lead-up-to-half-life-alyx/
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