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  1. So far the reviews are confirming that the game is actually good, a combination of Dark Souls (but not as difficult) and Uncharted. This is the Star Wars game we deserved a good simple single player game.
  2. This was me tonight with Fallout NewVegas I always remember how I love the lore and the RPG elements but I tend to forget how much I hate the combat.
  3. I dont have an Xbox 1 nor Switch 😞 But game looks graphically good.
  4. Yeah I mean Fighting games are a big part of the gaming world , its one of the most popular genres I will say, yet they are not my first choice, but that doesnt mean I dont like them.
  5. Well actually isnt 2d side scrolling a genre ? According to all mighty google : Genre a category of artistic composition, (in this case videogames), characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. So for example if we are calling First person shooters a genre because all FPS game are the same we can also call 2d side scrolling a genre because as mentioned almost every game on NESM SNES and Genesis are the same thing.
  6. Well I will say a Boy and his blob can be categorized as platform-puzzle. I only played the Wii version but as to what I understand is basically the same. I dont know what the fuck Q*Bert's genre is but I'm guessing puzzle ?. Earth worm Jim and Boogerman are definitely 2d side-scrolling games. Conker is one of those early 3D action/adventure games.
  7. Anybody planning on getting any of the games that are being released this month ? Such as a Death Stranding , Pokemon Sword and Shield, Star Wars : Jedi Fallen order, Read Dead Redemption PC , Need for Speed: Heat or Shenmue 3 ?
  8. This is something that I would like to see in TES6, as mentioned in Skyrim the world revolves around the Dragon born and right from the start you are "special" and important to the narrative, but I would like to see a TES game where you start as a nobody , no special powers or legends behind you, and to be able to make a name of your own with your achievements.
  9. I will say fighting games, I enjoy fighting games and I own and have owned many fighting games, but whenever Im looking to purchase a game the fighting genre is the last one on my list.
  10. I'm not a good sniper, the only game where I invested somewhat on snipping was on Halo 3 but I was more like support for the team, in Halo 3 you could take a sniper shot to the chest and survive due to the shield but obviously that would eliminate your whole shield bar, so I used to hunt those players that where in a gunfight with one of my teammates to get rid of the shield so that way my teammate could finish them. Of course I always tried to go for a head shot but that didnt always worked 😆
  11. Yeah I saw that too but honestly I dont remember Meridia's voice being so loud , but yeah I see this meme everywhere in Skyrim fan pages on facebook
  12. More rumors : Rockstar North Is Hiring For Development Of A Next Gen Open-World Game
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