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    Mass Effect 2 which I've been playing quite a bit today on the X-Box 360. Im taking a break right now but I will go back to it soon.
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    So during this Coronavirus outbreak where I like most people have been spending most of my time at home, I've been playing lots of Mass Effect. I started with some Mass Effect Andromeda but for some reason it made me want to play the first Mass Effect game so I switched to that. I beat the game with both the soldier and the adept. Originally I had beaten the game with my favorite character class, the vanguard, but this time I tried it with different classes. Now I am on to Mass Effect 2 playing with my imported character, my adept from Mass Effect 1. Eventually I will probably go on to play Mass Effect 3. 
    From what I heard lots of people prefer the original three Mass Effect games over Mass Effect Andromeda. Even though Andromeda is the latest release and is a more advanced game people like the first three better. 
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