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  1. DMarket is giving away an AWP | Dragon Lore for CS:GO fans - https://dmarket.com/blog/summer-event/. I know that there are many CS:GO skin giveaways, but this one is special. First of all, it is because of the skin price; but most importantly, you need to answer at least 10 questions in a quest that tests your knowledge of the game in order to take part. Therefore, the odds of winning are very high since there will be not so many participants.
  2. Agree, I think that it was conceived to make us stay at home
  3. So, as the title says, I want to ask if you purchase video games or in-game items on third-party websites outside of Steam and other original platforms in order to save money. I know it's only about a couple of bucks but it seems to be profitable in the long-term, especially for me buying 1-2 titles a month. Is using such platforms dangerous? If so, how do you identify the safe ones? Obviously, reading reddit reviews is a must, but what else do you do?
  4. Nope, but I would if I had a better PC😃
  5. It is not a thing right now, but I believe that in the distant future eSports will be a lot about this technology
  6. No, this won't happen. This is one of the most acknowledged gaming conferences. It could be possible only if people lose interest in gaming overall.
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