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  1. There are some games where I just love the music to. The Terran Soundtrack to StarCraft II, for example, is my favorite work listening music, while I am on the computer, or doing things around the house.
  2. There are a number of games that have been made over the years, that will automatically end the game if you cheat (use a glitch, type in cheats, or input a button combo on your controller). Have you played any games that have done this to you before? I have done this a few times over the years, to just see what would happen if I used them. Always liked how various games would tackle people trying to cheat in a game, if the cheat wasn't programmed into it.
  3. How long do you think it will take us to get out of our home planet, and actually establish some permanent or temporary settlement off of our planet? I think that if all these companies that state that the goal of their companies, is to go out and plant a pod or permanent settlement on something; and actually did it; I would say it would be feasible in the next 10 years. Though some of the ones that state that their goal was to try to leave by now, has royally screwed up big time in actually getting things built and funded.
  4. I personally haven't been to tons, as money was a hard thing to come by when growing up in my family, especially after my dad was forced into retirement from the air force, after a few different medical issues that appeared suddenly at around the same time. But, out of the theme parks I have been to, I like the Lagoon the most. It isn't too big, but not too small. And they have been working on getting bigger and bigger thrill rides there.
  5. Back in the day when this originally came out, I played this game like crazy. The only thing I never got around to trying out was playing against others. Biggest issue I think, is that not as many people purchased this and other games from Westwood, as the company eventually folded. Anyone remember ever playing or seeing this game being played?
  6. What is your favorite all-time game? Well, for me my favorite all time game was Sim City 4 for some strange reason. The whole idea of building a city, and trying to manage finances at the same time made me try to figure out how to work things out properly.
  7. What arcade games do you remember playing when younger? If you had the chance, would you go back and play those games again? I remember playing Space Invaders, and would love to play this arcade game again if I could find a more current version that doesn't come with the pressure of having money at an arcade to play it.
  8. Lets say you are deciding to do or start something important, when will be the right time to start a new goal? With me, it really depends on how much work I need to do to achieve a goal that I want to go after. If it is something that requires planning, I probably would delay going after a goal till I have how I am going to do it planned out. Otherwise, I probably would start a new goal, within a week of getting the idea for it.
  9. I have noticed a number of games I played over the years has been switching to the Nintendo Switch. Any of you made the switch with some of the games coming over yet?
  10. For those games that have locations in the real world (or even locations that are fictional), what place in the game would you like to be able to visit, if you could (and if the location was real)? I would love to visit the planet Naboo, if it was real. Played plenty of Star Wars games, and watched the movies, and based on the beauty of the planet via portrayal of it in the games and movies, it would be a nice place to visit.
  11. Been watching "The Core". If you haven't seen it before, or not in awhile, it is about the core of the Earth no longer creating an electromagnetic field. And because of that, a team of scientists, NASA engineers and pilots work together to get to the core, to reboot the core of the planet, before the planet no longer has an atmosphere. I give the movie a 8 out of 10.
  12. I've had my fill previously enjoying playing Super Mario Bros in the past, and only recently came across this game. Apparently this game allows you to custom create levels to play on, and play with other people online at the same time. Has anyone played it? Interested in seeing what people think of it before getting myself a copy of the game.
  13. What game do you wish was updated to current gaming engine standards, making it more playable now, compared to when it first came out? For me, I wish one of my favorite old games Dune 2000 was rebuilt with a current gaming engine. I feel that the series in general would be more playable if it were updated to work with better systems and graphics.
  14. Yeah. that is the game. Fun for the most part, yet a little tricky to play initially. Been meaning to get back into it to see if they changed anything since the last time I played the game.
  15. My main thing, is that I want to be able to run graphics smoothly and have the ram and space needed for speed and being able to have digital copies of games.While I got a couple of items upgraded for my current computer, I just would rather buy a brand new one, instead of finding compatible upgrades to replace as I need. Plus I am willing to buy network attached storage, so that I can access the games from any device or location within the house. Extra stuff like controllers isn't an issue, as those things can be bought if I decide to purchase a game that needs something that needs something o
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