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  1. My main thing, is that I want to be able to run graphics smoothly and have the ram and space needed for speed and being able to have digital copies of games.While I got a couple of items upgraded for my current computer, I just would rather buy a brand new one, instead of finding compatible upgrades to replace as I need. Plus I am willing to buy network attached storage, so that I can access the games from any device or location within the house. Extra stuff like controllers isn't an issue, as those things can be bought if I decide to purchase a game that needs something that needs something other than a mouse and keyboard.
  2. Anyone watch any of the comedy routines, hosted by Dry Bar Comedy? I have recently found this channel on Youtube, and have been loving the comedy on it! Nearly all of it is pretty clean. Even though they don't have comedy top 10 people on it, a number of the people that they have recorded on their channel are pretty funny.
  3. Joshua Farrell


    Any of you play Sonic on mobile? I occasionally do. Always fun to play a game where I don't have to worry about the game glitching on me when using my phone to play.
  4. Any of you own this game? I love most things Dragon Ball Related, and games are no exception. The game is a bit difficult in my opinion playing on the phone, but fun nevertheless.
  5. Any of you saw this when it came out back in January? I was planning on seeing this, but avoided going to see it when it came out, due to avoiding crowds at the time, because I had broken my wrist a couple weeks before that. I am planning on renting it when I get the chance though, as I do want to see if it was a good version of Dr. Dolittle.
  6. Do you have any recommendations for gaming PC's? I am considering getting a seperate build for gaming on my computer, as the desktop computer I have at, works on laptop parts and doesn't have the standard expansion slots that normally come inside the tower (it is one of those Slim Towers. Can only upgrade it so much, without replacing the power supply.).
  7. Oh how I miss this show being aired on tv. Luckily enough, I have most of SG1 on DVD, and I have a subscription to the provider that has Atlantis. I remember when they were given the news that they needed to wrap things up, that the directors were trying to get approval to make a movie or two to wrap up Atlantis, but wasn't given the go ahead in time. Anyone rewatch these shows recently?
  8. With all of these sports being delayed due to the Covid-19 virus, which do you think they could theoretically still do, even if there are no physical crowd? Honestly, for events like racing, that is definetly something that can be done, since the teams involved normally isn't something that has large groups in each team.
  9. Anyone sad at the news that Supernatural will end at the end of the current season? I am. Wishing that they didn't have to end it, even if they had to change up the main charactor list to allow the show to continue on. They don't exactly need Sam and Dean as the leading cast, and could always let Cass and Jack take the lead for a season or two, with the minor charactor list helping them.
  10. So, I know a couple of the ones that have been in production been delayed due to people dropping out of production. Out of the storeis that are movies, which Star Wars Story Movie do you like? Which do you hate? Out of the current recent selections, I like Solo: A Star Wars Story. Though nothing can compete with the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars, that kickstarted the TV show.
  11. Out of this movie collection, do you have a favorite? I know people give these a bad rep, especially the Phantom Menace, but excluding the bad parts of each movie, which one do you like the most? For me, The Clone Wars I like the most. The Phantom Menace would be my first pick, but I dislike the fact that Jar Jar is specifically put into the movie, to make it not so serious.
  12. Remember the good old classic, Stic RPG? Ever hear about Stick RPG 2? The online edition is pretty expansive, much more than what would be expected of a game like it; but nothing like it's full edition that can be bought, that includes all areas that aren't included in the online edition. It is always refreshing playing this game, when I do play it.
  13. Anyone play these games sold by X-gen Studios? I love the idea behind the game, mining on Mars. Love the fact that you can accidentally destroy your pod while mining, if you don't pay attention. Any of you play this game previously?
  14. Stick Arena, featured at XGen Studios, is apparently still pretty popular for browser based battle games. I remember playing it back several years ago, and found it fun trying to beat other players. Any of you still visit XGen Studios, to play the game?
  15. Apparently this game is playable on the x-box and PC. Card games seems to be more popular amoung some of the people I know that stream online their game playing. Seems more like a time waste to me, but this looks like fun if you don't take playing games too seriously.
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