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  1. Joshua Farrell

    Xbox One X

    I honestly haven't yet upgraded to the X-Box 1, which I am planning on doing soon. Just on space alone, i would get the X-Box 1X. BUt if it came down to money for games at the same time, I just would go after whatever is the cheapest that can run what I want to play decently.
  2. Joshua Farrell

    Crushes on video game characters

    I can honestly say I don't, but have known a few people too, that has a crush on different game characters. I don't know, it just seems a little pathetic to me to have a crush on a character in a game.
  3. Joshua Farrell

    Best Arcade Game You've Ever Played?

    When I used to go and play them actively, I loved playing games like Space Invaders, Pac Man, and several different pinball games. I remember I liked Pinball so much, that I specifically got games of Pinball to be played on the playstation, xbox and my computer.
  4. I probably played with a number of famous YouTubers back in the day before they started out on YouTube. It is always fun to play with people that are more dedicated to playing a game, as they actually do give input on how to play better, more often then you would think.
  5. Joshua Farrell

    What game would you have paid more for?

    Personally, I would have paid more for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy games, than what I paid for, as they were fun to play and level each character up to the point of literally winning each fight.
  6. Joshua Farrell

    Do you think Mobile gaming will die?

    AH nah. Mobile gaming will not die out any time soon, so long as the way that mobile devices are not changed too far from what they look like now. If they were to change, then I can see them dying off pretty drastically.
  7. Joshua Farrell

    Tablet or phone for mobile gaming?

    Well, at the moment I prefer my phone for mobile gaming. If I ever needed to run my tablet for mobile gaming, wish luck with me, as I will get sucked into draining it's battery like crazy.
  8. Joshua Farrell

    Has anyone actually been paid out for playing?

    Well, there are actual jobs where you can earn money to play games, but it usually involves working for the company producing the game, so it is an actual job that you go in and test out games while they update coding, before they release a demo to be tested by the public. I've even heard some companies paying out to third party companies to do a general play base test. The third party ones usually involve you getting everything you need before hand, to actually participate in the third party testing. Never heard of anyone paying out in cryptocurrencies, just to play stuff.
  9. Joshua Farrell

    Text-Based Gaming

    I haven't played this type of game in ages! I would love to get back into a few different games like this if I knew where to get the games.
  10. Joshua Farrell

    Have you ever worked on a video game?

    I haven't worked on creating video games, but I have helped edit text based MMORPGs. Was fun creating and editing things in it. Spent 7 years helping out modify the game to work and update based on current standards at the time.
  11. Joshua Farrell

    The OLDEST video games you remember playing on a PC?

    That is a fun game to play. I remember I spent a half a year playing that game against other people.
  12. Joshua Farrell

    How many consoles do you own?

    I have three at the moment. The Playstation, the X-Box and the X-Box 360. I no longer use the playstation, due to missing my controller for awhile now, and the games I have with it are a bit damaged.
  13. Joshua Farrell

    Video Games and Pain Relief

    This gets brought up in the news every now and then. They have a point. If you are distracted, pain tends to lower or disappear during the distraction and for a little time after.
  14. Joshua Farrell

    The Windows 10 night mode?

    I've tried it a few times. I haven't yet adjusted to using it during the night time. I would rather just use the preset settings I have it setup to run on. Probably should try it out more often.
  15. Joshua Farrell

    One-handed or two-handed weapons?

    It depends on what I am doing that requires the option. If I am playing and want to mow my way through enemies, I prefer two weapons over a single weapon in game.