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  1. What accessories did you get for your xbox? I have a small controller, a couple of headsets, and a motion sensor for the dance games. Gotta admit, I wish I was more physically fit for the sensor games. Gotta get around to getting a flight controller. I love an actual joystick to play certain fight related games.
  2. How many controllers do you have for your xbox? I have 6 of them. I use one for my computer, and the rest are for the xbox, when I have group parties playing the occasional game with the fam.
  3. I loved playing exploration games and city building games when I was younger. Wouldn't believe how many types of pirate games and city adventure based games I played as a kid. What about you?
  4. If you could bring back one game that used to be popular when you were younger, what would it be? For the xbox, I would have to go with Brute Force. I loooooved that game! I think I played it just as much as Halo: Combat Evolved. Loved the fact that you could interchange between 1st and 3rd person view, depending on which seemed easier to do, based on the weapon you wanted to use with the character. I also loved MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat and it's expansions, and MechWarrior 3. MechAssault was a let down, compared to MechWarrior. But the graphics did get better with them.
  5. I remember hearing about him awhile back. Always figured that scammers like him, love the public attention, and will do anything to try to get money out of gullible people. I hope that eventually everything he does, comes to kick him in the butt and gets a little bit of time in jail for it.
  6. I always figured that there would be eventual push back from people within that company. There are always going to be those who believe that girls and women shouldn't be in gaming fields, even if they are decent or great in what they do. Everyone needs a job, and everyone needs entertainment when they are doing nothing. I just didn't realize how silent everyone was regarding the in-house abuse, until this hit the news. Would have thought that more people would have done something, considering the state the company is in.
  7. Not really. I have everything I need right here, and have curtains that darken out the light coming into the room when I want to play in darkness. I have mainly a controller for gaming on the desktop, a couple of speakers, a clock on the wall, and a headset when I don't want to disturb the house at night.
  8. At this point, more compatibility with extra sets of controllers that do not have to be custom ordered to work with various consoles. I am not in the habit of spending thousands, just to get use of a set of controllers that would make doing things in certain games easier to do.
  9. The last thing I remember doing to people, was ganging up on the new people in the game with a group. The group of us would do this to people we wanted to leave, even if we weren't in each other's guilds and clans. Half the time we would get the rage quit reaction, which made it that much funnier.
  10. I enjoy autosave in most of the games I have played. The ones that tend to work out the best for me, is ones that have checkpoints as the main autosave, and then autosaves that you can go back to, when in the middle of doing something. If all else fails, I go back to the checkpoint save, and redo my work.
  11. They have updated the entire set to work on the computer. The last thing they officially worked on and implemented for it, was cross system play for the multiplayer settings. Now you can play on the computer with friends on console, whether it be campaign missions, or general multiplayer. It has some getting used to using a keyboard and mouse, if you don't have a controller attached to your computer for gaming.
  12. Which games do you have, that you own one or more expansions to? I have expansions to Sim CIty 4, a couple of The Sims 2 and 3 Expansions, and an expansion to a theme park game that I recently purchased.
  13. Do any of you run your own personal house cloud or server, that you can store things off of your computer, and still can access at any time? If so, what do you have running it? I have a couple of hard drives attached to my network hub, for network attached storage, but it doesn't hold more than 2 terabytes of space. Have some basic things on it that I want to keep, just incase my desktop attached hardrives go bad on me.
  14. I hear that this game is on more than just the Microsoft Store for Windows and X-Box. I have a copy that I own that I love playing. Though I haven't bought any of the store purchases, I still enjoy building credits up for the stuff I can get ingame for the game. Anyone else has the game?
  15. There are a number of games out there, where they were updated to be cross compatible with different game consoles and computers in general. Which games do you have, that you can play on one or more system? I personally have a Jurassic World theme park game, the Master Chief Collection, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, and a few other theme park simulators I can't think of the names off the top of my head, that shares play settings between the computer and X-Box.
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