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  1. I love playing board games. I generally love playing Monopoly, The Game of Life, Settlers of Catan, Sorry! and a few other games. Though, I admit, a few of those games take awhile to get back into the game, if you haven't played it in awhile.
  2. The last game I have played recently, due to time constraints from working, has been StarCraft Remastered. Been enjoying some competitive playing online with the game recently.
  3. If it is a game where you can do both at the same time, I will generally try to attempt to do both, in conjunction with following the story line.
  4. I honestly never got into the game, as I never could figure out why it was so popular. I mean, I liked the movie and all, but I thought it was childish. If I were to play it, I would need to get over the fact that the game sounds like a major time waster.
  5. I tend to keep the consoles I play consistently at the TV, so that I can get back to playing my favorite games I play all the time, whenever I feel like playing. For the consoles that I don't use all the time, I keep on a shelf near by, and move it over when I feel like I want to play something that I can't play otherwise.
  6. I know that they have been fixing compatibility issues over the past couple of years. Games I used to be able to use on Windows 7, are finally compatible with Windows 10. I always hated the fact that if the game was originally able to run on basic hardware and software rendering, that a basic Win 10 with updated hardware and software didn't let them run.
  7. Yeah, there are pretty old games that are listed in the mix. Wish they would update the service faster, and not after they get a higher number of people going after the ultimate game pass. I guess it might partly be regarding money, as some of those games still earn them some money through the digital purchases.
  8. I think they just want to differentiate from the other console makers. I find their console naming weird too. With like the xbox 360, I figured the reason for the name was that you had far better abilities than the original xbox, and could use features you could never use before without tons and tons of adapters. Then they went with the Xbox 1, which added to the confusion of the x-box numbering, because it is technically #3 on the list of consoles.
  9. I have seen a few car simulators before. The ones I have seen are weird setups, since the goal wasn't to use it in a standard simulator experience, but for gaming. I mean, what else is a Aircraft simulator, other than basically a game that is setup to help you learn? The basic idea of the ones I have seen, is that you have the basic build of a car, with a projector for the game ahead of you, and a couple smaller screens custom built for the side view and rear view mirrors.
  10. I just hope that the game comes out without too much delay. Covid caused the delay, and I hope that it doesn't further cause any other issues with getting the game ready for release. I guess that this is part of the reason why these companies hire out game testers for them, so they know if there are any issues in game, that they didn't expect to be there.
  11. Most of my games I had previously bought, were new. Most of the games I got second hand, was from my brother upgrading his own consoles, and didn't want to consider backwards compatibility.
  12. Joshua Farrell

    GTA 4

    I have always wanted to give #4 a try, but had never bought it. I have always heard that people have been having tons of fun on this version of GTA. The only issue that I might have with getting it, is the fact that I need to update some of my hardware to run things more smoothly.
  13. I know I haven't been worried about this, since I prefer to buy my consoles several months after the initial releases of them. I prefer to know which varieties of the consoles end up having issues after the initial heavy use from the people who bought them, so I know what would be a better bang for my dollar. It is good though, that they are trying to get this setup.
  14. It really depends on what I feel like playing. There are some short adventure games that I love playing, and some long adventure games that I also love playing. If I were ever to repurchase the Monkey Island series, I would be playing that from the first game, to the last released adventure.
  15. There are some games where I just love the music to. The Terran Soundtrack to StarCraft II, for example, is my favorite work listening music, while I am on the computer, or doing things around the house.
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