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  1. Hey chevvy, what GMs have you owned if any? I've owned a '94 Caprice Classic and an '03 Impala.
  2. Yeah, I'll probably wait for PS6 to come out before I get a new console. Why should I get a new console for games that suck anyway?
  3. It could actually backfire and there could be a game series that snobs flock to. Then it's like the lyrics to Subdivisions by Rush, "Be cool, or be cast out."
  4. What are the best NBA games of today, if I ever did get a PS5?
  5. I also respect Thumper from Twisted Metal, because he's trying to bring respect back to his neighborhood.
  6. I can get pretty attached to movie characters, but then again I think Mike and Stu from Twisted 2 rule! They're Metalheads and I like their Blazer like vehicle far more than the Jeep that Hammaerhead becomes in Twisted 3. However, I do usually get more attached to movie characters than video game characters.
  7. And you wonder why I'm afraid to go to a newer console than PS3.
  8. When I rented Twisted Metal Black I was blown away by how creepy and depressing the scenery looked. It wasn't fun carnage like Twisted Metal 2. I honestly don't know if I'd be as shocked today if I got a copy and re played the game.
  9. Joe Fazioli from NASCAR Dirt to Daytona. He always wants the same part of the track you want to run on in dirt races.
  10. Does anyone else sometimes play Tony Hawk games and just create an attractive skater?
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