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  1. My vote goes to Car and Driver Grand Tour Racing '98 for the Playstation. If you can get past the stereotypical things written in the info packet, it is a fun game imo.
  2. I game on an okay old Dynex about 27." It will handle video games and DVDs, but not T.V. anymore for some reason.
  3. I really don't like the Driver games. Its because they try to make you a stunt driver, but I'm more of a race car driver.
  4. I could play NBA Live '03 for the rest of my life. You don't even need to make that many trades to get Boston to win a title.
  5. I love Tony Hawk games, but I'm not that good at them, so I probably won't discuss them that often.
  6. Do Carmen San Diego games count?
  7. The spotter from NASCAR '11 The Game. He's supposed to help you not crash, but he uses such an accusatory tone and plays the blame game with you. That and some game glitches caused me to trade the game in.
  8. I'm usually pretty bad at my jobs, so I would have to take the deal.
  9. Yeah, God Mode in Twisted Metal 2 is nearly impossible to activate. I don't get how my brother did it back in the day.
  10. NASCAR '99 is awesome. You can hear Bob Jenkins give out cool facts about NASCAR's history, plus its comforting to hear from the late Benny Parsons again. The graphics and gameplay maybe aren't perfect, but I love this game.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I have a PS3 and play GT6. I've completed the game and now mainly just race comfort food races in Rome.
  12. I've been wrapped up lately watching Boston playoff games, but I'll research all of this soon.
  13. I liked Twisted Metal 4 and hated Crash Bandicoot.
  14. I'm thinking about skipping the PS5 and getting a used PS4. I really want to try Gran Turismo Sport.
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