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  1. I like Vauxhalls as they're portrayed in GT games. I'm in the U.S. market and will probably never own a real one though.
  2. Are you happy that the Citroen 2CV has been included in some of the last few GT games? I don't know about Sport though as I've never played it.
  3. I like Tesla because I'm tired of seeing import cars own the American East Coast. so I'll cheer for almost any import fighter including Tesla.
  4. It's one of my all-time favorite courses. My only issue is that the back stretch narrows up about halfway through and that can cause wrecks if you're not careful.
  5. I should, but I don't know how to use Ebay yet. Maybe when I learn that I'll sell one.
  6. All of these events were years ago, but thanks. I completed GT6 not long after getting my second PS3 in about 2015 or so. Last year I got my first PS3 working again and now I have two functional ones.
  7. Rome is beautiful in GT6. You really ought to try it.
  8. GT6. I know I've completed it years ago, but it's still fun to play.
  9. I hope GT6 will never be remade. I like it too much as is. I guess the emulators can have at it though.
  10. Just a couple of days ago, I hit 50,000 miles raced just at Rome in GT6. I would have reached the mark sooner, but my first PS3 lost the file after 99% game completion.
  11. I feel like racing games have desensitized me to high speeds.
  12. Thanks for the offer, but my newest consoles are PS3s and my friends live far away from me.
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