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  1. Sometimes if it's like Hammerhead versus Grasshopper in Twisted 2, I'll risk it and just try to run over Grasshopper.
  2. Or be exposed to something I may never have even heard of if I don't get out much.
  3. 1. Gran Turismo 2. NBA Live 3. Twisted Metal 4. Tony Hawk
  4. I can learn about games that I may never play, but at least I know about them.
  5. Twisted Metal would be an awful choice to make into a movie. Too many characters would have to come back to life two battles later and how could Calypso grant anyone their wish?
  6. I'll sometimes get the Rob Zombie song from Twisted 4 stuck in my head. Especially the part where he sings "Down in the cool air."
  7. In Twisted Metal games I'll just drive around in circles waiting for health to reappear.
  8. Hopefully he only destroys Fords and Toyotas. No but seriously, I've calmed down a lot since then. The weird thing is as I've calmed down more Virginia has only gotten worse, but I'm more able to deal with it now.
  9. I was angrier after I first moved to Virginia in '04. I have Asperger's. All of this is a reason, not an excuse.
  10. I feel like I've mostly gotten control of my temper. I do give evil stares to drivers who nearly hit me with their car though.
  11. We're sorry about the thread derailment, but it's easier to talk racing here than to deal with this jerk I don't like somewhere else.
  12. I only have it so easy for myself right now because I live with my parents.
  13. Since 1987 when I was three. I still remember seeing Buddy Baker's Crisco Olds at age three.
  14. I forget which Forza my best friend back up in Boston plays, but he was really into it at one point.
  15. No I mean the psycho co-worker almost ruined Christmas 2015.
  16. In Virginia, so many people work two or more jobs, I don't see how anyone has time for much gaming.
  17. How long have you been a NASCAR fan for?
  18. I do remember it seemed pretty hot on my summer London trip of 1999.
  19. PlayStation Monopoly can be really relaxing too.
  20. Plus you should have seen how dominant he was in the first couple years of the Truck Series. That had to have been why he returned to it.
  21. Well they kept threatening to toss the woman, I forget if it happened though. I think this was way back in 2008.
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