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  1. I like Vauxhalls as they're portrayed in GT games. I'm in the U.S. market and will probably never own a real one though.
  2. Are you happy that the Citroen 2CV has been included in some of the last few GT games? I don't know about Sport though as I've never played it.
  3. I like Tesla because I'm tired of seeing import cars own the American East Coast. so I'll cheer for almost any import fighter including Tesla.
  4. It's one of my all-time favorite courses. My only issue is that the back stretch narrows up about halfway through and that can cause wrecks if you're not careful.
  5. I should, but I don't know how to use Ebay yet. Maybe when I learn that I'll sell one.
  6. All of these events were years ago, but thanks. I completed GT6 not long after getting my second PS3 in about 2015 or so. Last year I got my first PS3 working again and now I have two functional ones.
  7. Rome is beautiful in GT6. You really ought to try it.
  8. GT6. I know I've completed it years ago, but it's still fun to play.
  9. I hope GT6 will never be remade. I like it too much as is. I guess the emulators can have at it though.
  10. Just a couple of days ago, I hit 50,000 miles raced just at Rome in GT6. I would have reached the mark sooner, but my first PS3 lost the file after 99% game completion.
  11. I feel like racing games have desensitized me to high speeds.
  12. Thanks for the offer, but my newest consoles are PS3s and my friends live far away from me.
  13. I didn't know the price before I spoke, sorry.
  14. Luckily in GT games auto saves don't happen during a race.
  15. I don't like that at the end of NASCAR Dirt to Daytona career mode, all that you get is a still shot of two Ford Tauruses crashing into each other. I won 1,084 races for that? Seriously, I expect more. Give me a music video like at the end of Test Drive 5. Give me a congratulatory message from two racing commentators. Or even give me a race or two in a special mode like at the end of GT1, just give me more than an illustration of two Tauruses crashing.
  16. What I'll do is if I've been playing for a while, maybe I'll pause the game and go look at some model cars, or grab a soda or something.
  17. If you have enough passion for these systems, then I think it could be worth it.
  18. My thumbs would hurt back when Gran Turismo games had more Test Course races in them. You don't have to brake for the corners at Test Course and you don't even have to lift off of the throttle, so your thumb doesn't get a rest. It's like the Talladega 500 in real life, but with thumbs instead of a right foot on the gas.
  19. First I'm saving up to fix the chassis on my Chaparral 2J. That will take 500,000 credits.
  20. I believe that I've played everything at least once before trading it in.
  21. Not so much, because whatever vehicles I get in GT games I usually use them at some point.
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