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  1. Which PS Vita Modoel do you think is better? the 1000 series OLED or the 2000 series LCD? The OLED Is less reliable but sharper and nicer looking, it's the model I have, and I hope it lasts me awhile because I don't have a replacement Vita. I would love to get my hands on another Vita, the 2000 model as a backup but we'll see how that goes. Howabout the PSV TV? Which PS Vita Model do you own? Which do you prefer?
  2. Yesterday I found my old vita collection in a bag full of old games. I believe I grabbed them all. I have I believe 15 games for the Vita. I'll have to take inventory but noteworthy ones include: Uncharted Golden Abyss Mortal Kombat Shinobido 2 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Soul Sacrifice I'll be buying the SD2Vita card adapter and loading up an SD card with all my vita games and PS1 titles as well.
  3. I do yes. I have at least one iteration of each console Sony has ever produced. All still in working order too as far as I'm aware. Except maybe the original Playstation.
  4. Were you a fan of Devil May Cry on the PS2? It started development as a new Resident Evil title then pivoted into it's own separate series of games I liked the original Devil May Cry from back in the day. I Had a demo disc of it from buying RE: Code Veronica X on the PS2. I enjoyed what I played of DMC and eventually bought the game when it released later that year. It was a fun change from the regular Resident Evil formula. Did you like the Devil May Cry series?
  5. It's often debated that Sonic Adventure on the sega Dreamcast is where the 3D sonic games peaked. Is it the best 3D sonic game series? I personally think so. I couldn't get into any newer 3D sonics and i've tried most of them. I still think SA and SA2 were probably my favorites out of the 3D sonic era. What do you think? I still play these two titles on my Dreamcast to this day. I remember Sonic Adventure being the first introduction I had to the Dreamcast, in a store in my local mall in 1999, and I was blown away by the graphics as a 9 year old kid.
  6. Who else loves the Streets of Rage games? I grew up playing the original trilogy on my Sega Genesis, and much like the Final Fight games, i sunk hours into these titles. My favorite is easily the 2nd game, which is arguably the best in the series. The 3rd game was kinda weak and it took them almost 30 years to give us a follow up with 2020's Streets of Rage 4. SOR4 was done by a development team with Sega's help/blessing and as dedicated fans of the original series, they did Sega proud. Using cell-shaded graphics for this 4th entry was a bit of a weird change but it grew on me. I love these games and I hope to show my own kids these titles someday when I have them. 🙂
  7. Smokey

    Final Fight

    Who remembers this classic beat-em-up? It was first released in 1989 I believe. A gem of a game in the arcades, unfortunately the home ports on Super Nintendo came gimped and they removed 2 player co-op, and 1 of the 3 characters. However, on later versions of the game they re-added what was removed from the SNES version. It's still a great beat-em-up even with it's flaws. It's what caused Sega to make the Streets of Rage franchise, which is one of my favorites of all time. (SOR2 is easily one of the top 10 best games, period, fight me) What do you think about Final Fight? did you play it back in the day?
  8. Smokey

    Rec Room

    This seems like a kiddie hangout sim. I tried it to get a punch card for an achievement done, got 2 easy achievements just by leaving a room and going into another, but i really feel like it's a simplistic game for younger folks. I would say if you want easy achievements and to fluff your gamerscore, it's worth checking out.
  9. Smokey


    I just found this game on game pass today and it's super fun. You play as a spider as you try to traverse through stages by swinging on your web while avoiding obstacles and other hazards that could kill you. It's fun, but can be very tricky and difficult at times. A good game to keep your mind going and brain thinking on how to progress next! If you have game pass, I would recommend giving it a try if you own an Xbox Series S or X console!
  10. Smokey

    Fall Guys?

    Does anyone play Fall Guys here? I think it's kinda mindless fun to pass the time. It's a fun & passive way to get achievements/trophies too if you're into that sort of thing with a somewhat competitive edge. I wouldn't recommend it for friends & family game night though! Might end some relationships 😛
  11. It's hard to say for sure. The Switch being a hybrid, I think they kinda have both handheld and home console covered with just the Switch, it would be counter-productive to have say another 3DS or gameboy come out to compete with the Switch. Sega did this in the past with the Nomad and Game Gear and it hurt them in the long run. I don't see Nintendo putting out another handheld right now, at least not until the Switch is no longer their focus.
  12. I purchase stuff from the PSN store yes, Not as much today as I did when I owned a PS3. Back then i'd buy a lot of PSone classics among other games, and use them on both PS3 and PSP/Vita when it came out. I really liked that and wish they'd bring back PS1 game support properly on PS5 but so far, no dice.
  13. Are trophies important to you? Do you try to go for platinum trophies? If a game is good and really engaging I always try to go for the platinum. If it's a game that's not the greatest with it's gameplay, I just try to get as many trophies as I can before calling it quits after the game has been completed. Do you trophy hunt?
  14. Do you achievement hunt on Xbox? I try whenever there's incentive, like the weekly sets for points. I try to rack up as many microsoft rewards points as I can and try to get my games for free. Do you achievement hunt on xbox? Do you care about your gamer score at all?
  15. DId you have any consoles growing up that you wanted but never got as a kid? For me, it was the Sega Saturn, my friends had one and i just loved the look and feel of the games on the Saturn, the 2D fighters were top-notch at the time and it was just such a cool looking console, being a Sega fan in the 90s, I naturally wanted one, but my parents never bought one for me. I did however, get a Dreamcast and that became my favorite console of all time, years later as an adult, I did manage to buy a Saturn on my own and I love it, but the Dreamcast is still my favorite Sega console. Did you have any consoles you wanted as a kid but never got?
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