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  1. Like a Dragon: Ishin. I've been so busy i haven't had much time to game the past week or so. 😞
  2. I can't confirm or deny it but I think so. I don't see many gaming magazines out on store shelves anymore, only place I know where to get a GI mag is from Gamestop nowadays too.......it's a shame. I used to love getting the likes of playstation, Dreamcast & Next Generation magazine growing up. I got 3 mags a month, two of which came with demo discs.....
  3. I think so. Gaming has helped me through some serious rough times in my life. A pretty bad time in my life growing up is what sparked my true love for gaming and actually what led me to building my own gaming website at the time.
  4. That was a great game! 🙂 Yeah i'm sure AEW will be out by the Holidays. Sure hope it's better than the WWE game 😄 would be nice to see a good Yukes game again like Here comes the Pain! 🙂
  5. Sometimes, unless they offer any value for trading them in when I get a new one. I found my old iPhone 3GS and the box for it from like 2008/2009. So that was pretty cool I guess. 😛
  6. It kept me from purchasing one until 2013. I bought their "Slim E" model on sale. The Xbox One was about to release or just released and I bought my 360 then. By then the RRoD was a thing of the past and I figured for $200 for a 250GB console + 3 games, i'd take the risk. I bought it mostly to play games with my girlfriend @Shortie, even though we weren't dating at the time 😛
  7. I always buy my PC's at best buy, usually with protection plans. They cost a bit more but they are well worth it. I've never had an issue with them, personally. Any issues, they tend to take it back and replace it for you or send it in to get professionally fixed and if they can't fix it, they'll replace it or refund you the price so you can get a new PC of equal or better value.
  8. jewel cases for sure were the better option of the two. Sony learned that pretty early on. The longbox/Saturn style cases were terrible. Even for my own collection, I have 2 Saturn games in longbox, I plan on moving over to a standard DVD style case because the longbox cases are just so terrible for the disc. Too flimsy and just a poor idea all around.
  9. I'm not sure. VR isn't as popular as they hoped it would be. I don't see too many interested in it, so I don't think the PSVR2 will be scalped as bad as the PS5 was when it first came out. There were also a lot of scalpers who took losses on their 'investment' because no one would buy their insane prices, so I think the same would happen, but at a much lesser scale because the demand for VR just isn't where they hoped it'd be.
  10. Probably. I'm sure my brother will end up getting both games at some point so I'll be able to compare the two eventually.
  11. This would be one of the few reasons i'd want to hit 1,000 followers on Tiktok, but then I stop and think maybe i'd be better off putting content on youtube in the form of shorts and shorter videos?
  12. I'm more excited to see what Yukes does w/ AEW than what 2K has done with their next WWE2K iteration 😛
  13. Smokey


    Came out at the tail end of the PS1 lifecycle, so it flew under the radar for sure. I remember renting it from Blockbuster when I was a kid and really liked it. Got my own copy for Christmas that year and then immediately realized I needed a gameshark cuz it was super difficult at parts 😛
  14. Last played some Modern Warfare II with friends last night. First time I was able to sit down and game for more than 10 minutes in about a month.
  15. If you can afford one, they're a great tool to have for sure. 🙂 I love my Galaxy watch.
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