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  1. The nintendo wii with Super Mario Galaxy 2, a great classic that i love when I was a kid. As all gamers say, "Classics are always the best."
  2. So I will admit that I am a stone cold person and nothing out there will make me laugh. But if you think you have what it takes to make me laugh, send me anything video game related that is funny. The winner will get a post of me reacting to the video.
  3. Name me your favorite game on the Nintendo console. I notice that most of the forums on this website focus on Playstation, Xbox and Steam. Not that I don't like that because I love the platform and consoles, but show Nintendo some love. It can be games not made from Nintendo that are on a specific console. Like Rabbids Go Home for the Nintendo Wii youtube.com/watch?v=8Jv3hyPYMbI
  4. This is for customizing a character in any video game. Like a celebrity, fictional Character, a person in real life or your own Original Characters. All responses are welcome, keep foul and rude comments to yourself.
  5. If it was the series that everyone is desperate to see, then I would be furious.
  6. The person that inspired me to get into the gaming community and he is great.
  7. If I would choose one game it would be Rabbids Go Home or Persona 5. Rabbids Go Home is funny and creative, you can play around with just about everything in the area, while Persona 5 has a great story about the protagonist as well as a heart warming experience to all new gamers.
  8. Since I have not said anything on my favorite old games, it would be Crash Twinsanity of PS2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, and Super Mario 64 DS for the DS.
  9. The last game that I played in a while is Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Rabbids Go Home both on the Nintendo Wii
  10. What I miss in the older games are Iconic Characters that never come back, like Toadsworth in the Mario series and Whacka from Paper Mario, the funny glitch breaking that you can pull of on certain games, not naming a certain Sonic. And story, Plot, and the unique mechanics to a specific game that never come back.
  11. Ahh Minecraft, love this game when I first saw it on Youtube by DanTDM and CaptainSparkles. Played Minecraft for the xbox 360 and now on the Nintendo Switch and Mobile Phone and still love the things they still add to the game to this day.
  12. I have tons of games, but I'll name the big ones. Persona 5 Royal, because the new content, the FNAF series when they have DLC that are good deals yet before it was hard for me to get at the time, and Smash Bros Ultimate. Ultimate is hard to argue about, but I have friends that had trouble getting the fighters pass while the price decreased to a great deal plus costumes for Mii Characters.
  13. This is a random topis that everyone want to share their own opinion on their favorite game. We are talking like the recent old consoles like wii u to oldies like NES, xbox, and PS1. All opinion are welcome, keep your judgement to yourself.
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