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  1. I own a few games that I don't want to play, because I rather spending my time on games with less bugs, better graphics and more things to do. I have got a small box for old DVDs which I may use in future. Some of them I play after time, and the rest I store, and eventually borrow them to others.
  2. I am Kratoxeler, a game player from Poland mainly playing on PC, but I sometimes also use my phone. My favourite types of games are strategy and adventure games. Helping others, having fun, that's what I seek for inside of computer realm.
  3. The last game I played was "Total War: Shogun 2" on my PC. It was free on steam, so I tried it.
  4. Hi!
    At 06.05.2020 year (if you are from America it is 05.06.2020 year) I joined VGR forum, and writed first message, which you actually read.
    I am there to share my experience with others, help them, but also sometimes I may need it from you!
    You can be sure I'll be active, helpful, nice.

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      Welcome to VGR! 🙂

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