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  1. I am Kratoxeler, a game player from Poland mainly playing on PC, but I sometimes also use my phone. My favourite types of games are strategy and adventure games. Helping others, having fun, that's what I seek for inside of computer realm.
  2. I may be your Sheppard to guide you to the promised land, but I'm also lazy, so, the promised land is over there, you can figure out the rest for self, I got games to play! The only thing you need to know about is that if you share a different opinion to me on something, you're not stupid, misinformed or outwith your rights to believe what you say, but you're still wrong. 😎 Anyway, I'm a truly an evil Scotsman who's loved video games on multiple platforms for almost 30 years. The evil thing is I do is eat pet cats. I avoid strays because it's just not the same when it's a creature nobody loves. Hey, I said I was a man of the cloth, not that I was righteous. I also love heavy metal, wrestling, the outside when it's dark and doesn't burn and most of all, my son who surely will enslave humanity. Proud of ya, boy! Anyway, here's a Chickenhorse.
  3. Hi new members of the VGR forum! I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we're really happy to see how many of you are joining us here on the forums. That said, why don't you introduce yourself to us so we can get to know our community better? To make it easier, I'll start. I'm Aimee Hart, a writer here on VGR and I mostly write about everything Bandai Namco (who I've already pledged my soul to) and BioWare. As you might be able to guess, I like my RPGs and anime. Sometimes both together. Now tell me about you! What brought you to VGR and are you enjoying your time on the forum?
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