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  1. I think an award system to display on postbits and profiles would be a neat cosmetic feature. Would also give some more exclusiveness with a credits system in place too not just for awards but other perks (customising usernames, certain forum access etc.)
  2. _B_

    Hi. I'm _B_

    Hello all. I'm _B_ and this is a little introduction about me. I have technically finished school and hope to go to university in September to study Economics. Final exams got cancelled so I'm waiting for the "calculated results" to see what happens next. Since I've had so much time to myself, I've really just been killing the time through learning new skills by creating my own website, helping other ones, doing some graphics here and there and playing a lot of Valorant on PC (not really good at it but I play for fun). Also been binge-watching a lot of Suits on Netflix and other random stuff on YouTube cause why not 😛 There's really not so much to say. So, hopefully I will see some of you around on here 🙂
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