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  1. Use Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp for my personal stuff. Don't use Facebook as much anymore (like once or twice a month tbh). I have an Instagram page towards my website too which I maintain.
  2. _B_

    Best french fries

    Nando's (but only peri-peri ones... salted ones are just dead) McDonald's (Really good chips and cheap if you use vouchers to get them) Five Guys (Decent chips and they give you loads more too) KFC Chips (Not bad but not as good as the ones before the change) Taco Bell (Meh... not as good as the other 4)
  3. Today is the start of the new season in the Premier League. At the time of writing this, Arsenal and Crystal Palace have won their games. What do you reckon the top 4 will be? I would like to think it will be Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal (no particular order). However, I do get it's way too early for such solid predictions.
  4. I have used this for quite a while now to play some games that were released for the Nintendo Wii on my computer. I really loved playing some games on my Wii ages ago such as Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros and I sold my Wii a while back too. I downloaded and setup this emulator to play some of these games offline on my PC and I love it. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to play Wii games on their PC to download this emulator as I think it's the best around. There are plenty of easy to follow tutorials on setting it up.
  5. Set to come out on the 6th October, I want to hear whether any of you are thinking of getting it. Personally, I've not been bothered since Fifa 15 as it is just a waste of money with EA just finding every opportunity to make some money. FUT is P2W and to actually get somewhere with it, you need to spend a lot of money. It's just boring now and imo, declining for a while.
  6. Used to spend around 6-8 hours a day playing League of Legends a few years ago. Sort of less now though but I don't think 6-8 hours is even anywhere near extreme (although it is for me).
  7. _B_


    Fair enough. I had a similar mindset back when I was first told about the show but watching a few episodes got me hooked. It does require commitment though.
  8. _B_

    Clash Royale

    Used to play this game a lot. I still have it on my phone but don't play it as much (like I come on sometimes when I just have nothing else to do lol). It's fairly boring not going to lie so that's why I don't really play it.
  9. _B_

    Angry Birds

    This was also my first game I played like 8 years ago. Loved it back then and it was really good for time passing. However, I haven't played it for ages because I just don't play mobile games anymore.
  10. Honestly, It's not that hard to wear a mask. Unless there is a valid reason (health etc.) then I don't see why not. It's mandatory in shops, public transports and some other places here.
  11. FIFA is so dead lol. It's just repetitive and extremely expensive. Not worth buying for a while now so I don't know why people still like playing the game. But EA are still taking people's money...
  12. Honestly, I left it quite open because I just wanted to look at some games within the vast ranges (any to be honest). However, I play FPS games, MOBA strategy games (like League of Legends) and some action-adventure (GTA 5). I also used to play racing games quite a bit (would like to hear some of these actually).
  13. Next week Sunday will be the Champions League Final. But first, the Semi Finals need to take place. 1) PSG vs Leipzig and 2) Lyon Vs Bayern I think the finals will be PSG vs Bayern with Bayern winning the champions league overall. What do you guys think?
  14. So, Valorant is the new take on FPS by Riot Games. It's been around for just over 2 months publicly now and it's extremely popular (I believe). Do any of you think that this game will be as popular (maybe even more) than CSGO? CSGO already has a solid reputation and I was thinking that do you think Valorant will only be this popular for a bit before dying off slowly after reaching that peak? What do you think?
  15. Since I have a gaming laptop now and I'm going to be getting an external hard drive which should heavily boost my space up. Anyone got some games that they would recommend for me? Steam, Epic Games, stand alone etc.
  16. Thanks for the share. While this is not really my type of game, it does seem quite interesting. However, it's probably not for me cause it just isn't really my type of game.
  17. _B_

    Hi. I'm _B_

    Will do. I'll actually go ahead and pin the tab on my browser to make sure 🙂
  18. Currently have a PS4 and a Lenovo Gaming Laptop. Use the PS4 for the more storage dependent games such as GTA 5 and R6 but play on the PC much more with games such as LoL, Valorant and Minecraft as those are my main games.
  19. 1) Great setup of the forums and very easy to navigate around. 2) Made a thread on postbit awards which would be great to see. 3) Yea that would be a great feature to add. 4) Great and simple theme. 5) Definitely easy to create content on here. 6) A nice community that I hope to be apart of.
  20. I really enjoyed League of Legends and Valorant. I've mentioned this before but I didn't really play FPS games properly until Valorant so that really changed my view on them. Those are the two games I play the most when I can and sometimes I play Minecraft (not as much though and mostly multiplayer servers and minigames).
  21. I quit Clash of Clans cause it was getting boring and it was one of those games that I played with my friends and enjoyed the active aspects of it. We've mostly all quit and along with it getting tiresome, I just don't play it anymore and uninstalled it.
  22. _B_


    I have known about this show for around a year but never actually watched it due to many reasons, one being that I couldn't really be bothered. However, because of my free time, I got so much free time and decided to watch it and oh my... I'm hooked to the show. I try and get through around 3-4 episodes a day when I can and I only started just under 2 weeks ago and I'm on Season 4. I just want to give my opinion so far on some characters. The relationship between Harvey and Mike is just amazing. I love how lowkey they are like brothers to each other and also in some scenarios (won't reveal them cause of spoilers). Louis is just amazing. Can be the nicest and the worst but his build up is just great. Donna is wise and I can argue sometimes omniscient. What do others think about Suits? No spoilers though 😛
  23. So, these games are obviously well-known to everyone and I assume most of you have heard of them at least. I don't play Clash of Clans a lot but started the game many years ago (Really can't remember when though, maybe like late 2013) and have got to an alright level of 110 and Town Hall 9 (like nearly maxed out apart from the walls). However, I've taken huge gaps in playing the game and currently don't play it anymore. I stopped it in like April this year because I got a bit bored of it. However, I do occasionally play Clash Royale. I've got 2249 trophies on it and I find it a little better to be honest. Anyone else play these games?
  24. _B_


    Anyone here plays this game? I think it's a really good game due to the fact that each agent's unique play style which players can choose. It's essentially a CSGO and Overwatch fusion and I think its pretty good. I really just play it for fun and haven't really considered playing ranked. However, I might once I learn the game a bit better. I'm not such a fan of FPS games but Valorant has really changed my mind on them. Anyone that wants to add me: BDON33#33333
  25. So, I don't know how many of you have heard or used this site but personally, I think this site is amazing for some games. I've used it once to get City Skylines for steam which is normally around £25 in the steam store itself. I got it for £3 and it's such a simple process. You get your code immediately after payment and you can go ahead and enjoy your game. They even have discounts on some other games and on other consoles too. I think I saw GTA 5 premium edition for £8. It also sells other stuff like software. Their range is wide 🙂 Anyone else got experience with this site?
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