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    I've never really had the intentions to pre-order a game. Might end up doing it soon but I doubt it.
  2. Depends. Like with GTA 5, the storyline on singleplayer was really good and so I did invest quite a lot of time on it. But, because you can free-roam, do side-missions and online (which has a lot of stuff), I can play on it for ages because of how much there is to do.
  3. KSI, W2S, CSG (although this was the older version, not now) are some of my favourite ones that I watch today. I'll be honest, they were really good a few years ago, but I do still watch them now.
  4. I used to play on a 32 inch TV on my PS4. But like @ARx182 , I prefer my laptop screen or monitor.
  5. League of Legends, Among us, CSGO. These are just a few but it really depends on what you would enjoy playing to create good content.
  6. I used to play it on PS4 quite a lot but as soon as I got a better computer, I moved to that instead (it was a blessing that GTA 5 was free as well for PC). I do still use my PS4 controller for PC though as I am used to it (and it's easier :P). Which console do you guys who play GTA 5 use?
  7. I play Among Us on mobile when I do get the chance to. But, I am definitely considering buying the PC version in the future as it would just be easier and is just generally better. Which one do you guys play on?
  8. So my one is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 (4GB). I think it's pretty good and handles all the games I play as expected. What about you?
  9. I had a lot of free time so was playing video games a lot more but not too much as I did focus on some other stuff like learning to code, playing some instruments etc.
  10. That's actually awesome and I'll definitely be claiming that :).
  11. _B_

    Dolphin Emulator

    If I understood your problem, you are having issues with your keyboard being used as a wiimote? That can be solved by mapping and there are some videos on YouTube showing how to do that.
  12. That was my old setup though. I moved to uni now and just use a single laptop.
  13. Yea I am going to steer clear from FIFA cause it's no fun anymore. It hasn't been for a while tbh and it's just the same overpriced game every year.
  14. Did any of you guys get this if you had a Nintendo DS. I think it was pretty cool (like ages ago) when I got one from a friend. Pretty much endless fun on the DS as the games library was massive and all stored in 1 cartridge.
  15. For anyone that did pre-order, which one did you pre-order? Why did you choose the one you did? PS5 is the more flexible one, allowing greater selections as well as the PS4 transfer. But it is an extra £100.
  16. Just wondered if anyone here who is in uni has joined an esports society or for those who haven't started yet, would you join it? It does seem pretty cool and is a great way to bond with those who have similar interests.
  17. I liked GTA 5 (the online version for PS4) as it was the one I played the most. But, I also rate Rainbow Six Siege for PS4.
  18. I have one large monitor that is hooked up to my laptop hence creating a dual monitor type setup with my large monitor being the main.
  19. _B_

    GTA San Andreas

    This really was one of the greatest GTAs. I would consider GTA SA and GTA IV to being the best out of them
  20. I share your frustration with Fifa and EA in general. The fact that people still get this game really does bewilder me as it pretty much has remained the same since FIFA 15. The only real changes are EA looking for more ways to get your money...
  21. _B_

    Among us

    I have tried this game out a few weeks ago due to friends saying that I should try it. Also it's free (as opposed to the PC version). It definitely is a game of betrayal and testing your friendship in some cases when playing with people you know. Anyone else a fan of among us?
  22. Thanks for the replies. I don't exactly have a niche and am open to trying new stuff out. I usually claim the Epic Games free releases they do every week which should give me a wide enough range to explore.
  23. _B_


    Yes I absolutely agree with you. I finished watching it some time back and especially S8 and S9, it did start to fall through and wasn't as good anymore. It really is a shame it ended like that
  24. I am with Voxi now after I switched from Tesco as I heard a lot about Voxi's unlimited social media incentive and 12GB data with unlimited texts and calls. This was at the same price as my old contract which had considerably less (2GB data, 500 min, 500 texts). I am enjoying Voxi and will be great for university too.
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