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  1. THawk

    PS5 info

    Seeing as the PS5 pre-orders are arriving this week I have a favor to ask. Once you get your new PS5 I'd like to know what you think of it. I didn't get in on the pre-order so I'm waiting for a while before I get one. Just would like to know how everyone likes it.
  2. Just like me. Older than dirt....lol
  3. I'm using a CyberPower PC and it works good for me.
  4. Thanks for the update Shagger. I'm glad I don't have/play any of those games.
  5. I game on my old 37" Sharp Aquos. My grandson and I love it.
  6. Don't worry, I know you will come through for me.
  7. Thanks Shagger. I was not sure how XB1 did that. I guess I will wait a while and ask that question again after people has some time on the PS5. Maybe you HINT HINT
  8. I've heard that the PS5 will be able to be backward compatible to the PS4 games. Does this mean that you will be able to insert your PS4 game disk into the PS5 or will you have to wait till Sony makes the PS4 game compatible? I know, silly question but one I'd like the answer to and I have a headache from searching. TIA
  9. Not doing any of that. It just seems to be how I have Firefox set up. So I'll just use Edge and enjoy this site. Thank to everyone for the ideas.
  10. I logged in with edge instead of Firefox and all seemed to work. While I like Firefox it can be a PITA!
  11. So far I like this site but sometimes I have to login 3 or 4 times. I'll click a button and it kicks me off. Today I got that when I tried to read unread content. Any idea what might be happening??
  12. THawk

    Hi all

    I hear you. Big thing with me is will I be able to play my PS4 games on the PS5. If I can't then it is a deal breaker (I want to trade in my PS4 at GameStop if I get a PS5).
  13. THawk

    Hi all

    Google search
  14. THawk

    PlayStation 5

    I'm looking forward as is my grandson. But if I can not play my PS4 games on it then we will have to pass on it. Time will tell.
  15. I'll be getting the PS5 with the drive in it. Lots of old PS4 games to play on it plus a Blu-Ray movie or two.
  16. THawk

    Hi all

    Hello everyone. I'm Tom from Vermont. I'm retired and like to play games (if I can get my grandson away from the PS4 that is). Looking forward to meeting everyone and finding out about the PS5 (might have to upgrade).
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