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  1. I sold my Xbox 360 because it was just in storage and I wasn't doing much with it. I need to find a way to sell my PlayStation 4 now as well since that's also just in storage and not being used. I just don't trust the services where you have to post it to them really.
  2. This is my team so far if anyone is interested. Only played squad battle games during the EA Access trial and got very lucky in packing both Haaland and Kounde. Looking forward to playing FUT Champs with this team because there should only be a few people with great teams.
  3. I mean, there's nothing wrong with talking positively about the game. I've pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game @Head_Hunter and I'm looking forward to enjoying the new changes to both Division Rivals and FUT Champs. I played around with the EA Access trial as well where I managed to pack Haaland so looking forward to playing with him. The game seems to have gone away from just pace so players like Haaland will be amazing to play with.
  4. That's what I loved about GTA 4, to be honest. Not all the buildings were open but it was extremely fun to visit Cluckin Bell (I think it was that) and buy food from the counter. It's a shame that Rockstar didn't add any proper buildings and restaurants to enter in GTA V.
  5. I agree with this 100%. Especially since they're just kids, you know. They think being toxic and annoying is funny. You would hope that as they grow, they would learn a bit about being better and less annoying. The adults, are already adults. There's no hope for them!
  6. A truly open world game where you can literally do whatever you want and enter any building in the map. Imagine a game the size of GTA but you can also enter every interior and fill up your car with petrol at the petrol stations. Would be crazy
  7. Just enough for each console. I have two controllers for the PS4 which I can use in an emergency. I have two controllers for the PS5, perfect for co-op games, and when the battery is down on one controller. I have just one controller for the Series X since I'm the only person that uses it.
  8. Never had one unfortunately but I have always kept my eye out for either a PSP or a Vita since I would love to play the old GTA titles again on one. I bought San Andreas on the PS4 but it just feels weird playing it on a big screen.
  9. I think the only game where I actually enjoy the side content/quests is GTA. Grand Theft Auto 5 had some amazing side quests and their random events made the game quite interesting as well. Nothing like picking up a random hitchhiker and being able to decide whether to take her to the cult in the mountains or drop her off at her destination.
  10. Pretty cool idea actually and I'm surprised that no one has thought about it before. Might be a good idea for me to try it out with Valorant since it's like playing the lottery if you go into a public match with random people.
  11. For the Xbox Series X, I would love for them to start sending out the controllers with rechargeable batteries. There's no reason for them to make us buy them separately. With the PS5, the only thing I would change is for it to be slightly smaller. It's not a huge problem but it would be a lot better.
  12. In terms of dialogue, I don't like to skip it because there is a risk that you miss something extremely important that helps you further along in the game. In terms of side quests/missions, I do sometimes skip them especially for games that I'm not addicted to.
  13. Darth

    art of rally

    It's a pretty fun game that looks amazing. I play it through the Game Pass on the Series X because it's a great game to get achievements. And since MS Rewards require an achievement every day for 50 points, it's the perfect game.
  14. NFS, FIFA, and Battlefield. Right now, I would probably go for either FIFA or Battlefield since Need for Speed doesn't seem to be as good anymore. The last NFS game I played was Payback and that was awful, to be honest. Had an extremely stupid upgrade system which was annoying
  15. I think I mentioned it in another thread, Rocket League. I mentioned that the game is quite popular but I could never really get into it. Unfortunately, I purchased it before it became free so ended up buying it and not even playing it that much
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