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  1. Hate them with a passion for certain games. For example, there is a trucking game on PS4 called Truck Driver. Now, for some reason, the developers decided to add timed missions to the game and some of them are almost impossible unless you drive like you do on GTA. No idea why they did that for a game where most people want to drive calmly whilst following the rules of the road.
  2. The last game that I played was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game has quite a few bugs and the developers haven't been too communicative (even though they said they would be when the game launches), but, it has been a lot of fun. Some of the maps are really fun to mess around in, especially Shipment which is just full of chaos and a great map to play on.
  3. How long before Google decides to scrap the system? I feel sorry for the people that have invested into it from the start. Like some other Google services, I just couldn't see it surviving for long and I would never have bought anything for the platform. The idea is good. It's just the execution is not that great at the moment.
  4. Has to be Skyrim for me. It's not a particular hard game but I just didn't understand what the hell I was doing half the time. It didn't help that I struggled finding the places that I had to go to. Maybe it was because I was young but I honestly can never see myself ever touching another game like it.
  5. Someone mentioned this on a Discord server that I am active on. It was surprising to hear that a game was so cheap especially on the PlayStation Store where most games are overpriced compared to retail and other online stores. Has the offer ended by the way? It's showing up as £1.99 for me.
  6. Darth

    Xbox Series X Shape

    So when the Xbox Series X was announced, one of the most surprising factors was the shape and design of the Xbox Series X. Were you surprised? And do you like the shape? I know that it's just a block, but honestly, I really like the somewhat simplistic design of the console. Hopefully Sony doesn't go for something too outlandish for their design.
  7. Sony seems to have upped their promotion of PS Now on the PlayStation 4 itself and on other platforms (TV etc.). Do you think the PlayStation 5 will have a bigger focus on streaming games? Or do you think this is just some normal promotion to try and get more customers for the service?
  8. Darth

    DualShock 5

    What are you guys expecting to hear about the DualShock 5? Do you think Sony will have added some cool new features for the new controller? Or do you think it will be very similar to the DualShock 4 with some minor battery improvements? Personally, I think they will have some back buttons included but that is just my prediction 😄
  9. The latest Call of Duty title came out a week or two ago and gamers have had a somewhat mixed reaction to the game. The majority of gamers (myself included) have been enjoying the game but some gamers have been unhappy with what has been a bit of an influx of campers in the game. The way the maps have been designed, it encourages camping as running out will most likely result in you dying. Have you been enjoying COD: MW?
  10. Sony has released a bit of information regarding what we can expect from the next generation PlayStation. Named the PlayStation 5, it will feature a new controller with some great new features including haptic feedback. One aspect I am looking forward to trying out is the fact that the bumpers will feel different depending on what you are using. For example, shooting a bow and arrow will feel different to a gun! Are you looking forward to the PS5?
  11. There has been quite a few simulators arriving on consoles recently and one that arrived for the PS4 and Xbox One was Bus Simulator. As you can guess from the name, this game allowed you to create a bus company and drive around the map, stopping at stops and taking passengers everywhere. Is this something that would interest you? Or are you not a simulator person?
  12. I don't like microtransactions. However, I don't mind if developers go down the Battle Pass route or stick to selling skins/characters as long as nothing provided to users that pay for them will give a benefit. So as long as everything is strictly cosmetic and not pay-to-win, I'm fine. Saying that, if I'm paying full price for a game then I expect them to not have any additional costs unless it's DLC. It's annoying when they try to get more money out of you.
  13. Just before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came out actually. I was looking forward to playing it a lot so none of my other games were good enough to keep me interested and for me to enjoy. So I ended up not playing anything on the PlayStation 4 and just watched gameplay videos of people that had managed to get the game early.
  14. I think Grand Theft Auto is a good example of this. Sometimes, I like to just use the game as an open world driving game where I follow all the rules (like the stop signs, traffic lights etc.) and try to be as normal as possible in terms of driving around. It's the same for The Crew 2 as well. I don't really care about the racing aspect of that game and prefer to just drive around the map 😄
  15. Bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for around £44. I pre-ordered the game on Amazon just before the launch and got it for the PlayStation 4. It's the only game that I'm playing at the moment because of fun it is and I can't wait for them to release some more maps for us to enjoy. I would happily recommend the game to anyone. It does need a bit of work but almost everything is great.
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