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  1. I was going to say an open world game around the time that dinosaurs existed but I guess that is already a game with ARK. I would love a game based around the 1900s that is like the TV show, Peaky Blinders. Being a gangster in the UK would be quite an interesting game. I don't think something like that has been made before. Mafia is the closest one but that's obviously not set in the UK
  2. Darth

    Android to iOS

    So, good news is that I found a way to get my WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS. I did have to pay for it (around £15) but it was pretty quickly and easy to use. I do agree with that skyfire. I miss being able to sideload apps which was just an amazing feature of Android.
  3. If I remember correctly, I think I tried out the mobile version for one game but never played it again. It just wasn't for me because I prefer playing shooters on console where the controller makes it a lot easier to play. I didn't even realise that there were bots in your first game which made me like the game a lot less when I found out about it.
  4. It's even worse when they make you watch the celebration and do a dance that is very annoying and obnoxious. Losing a game that you dominated and should have won is just extremely annoying.
  5. Honestly, most of the time, the PlayStation store. Even with full priced games at launch, you can usually get a pretty good deal for PlayStation giftcards from online stores which helps save a lot of money. For example, sometimes you can get a £30 giftcard for just £25. If it's an older game, I'll usually check Amazon
  6. I always wanted to do it when I was younger but just had no idea what to do or how to do it. I do wish I kept at it and tried something because some of these Roblox developers are making a lot of money! Bloxburg is a really good example. It's such a simple idea as well because it's a sort of roleplaying game but kids spend a lot of money on it.
  7. I like to keep the boxes. I don't really read the manuals but I think it's just nice to keep them as well so that you have everything that came with the console. The box helps a lot when you're moving house or if you ever decide to sell it. It's not too big either so it's not like it's going to take a huge amount of space in your house.
  8. The GTA V torture scene. I'm not going to lie, the mission in general wasn't too bad because obviously they're fictional characters and the game style/aesthetic isn't extremely realistic. But the bit where you have to pull the guys teeth out of his mouth was very difficult for me. Had to close my eyes whilst doing it lol
  9. I knew about this for a while and it's quite useful. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about this time around since I currently have a trial for Amazon Prime. Just checked some of the offers out and there is one for FIFA 22 which is perfect. Hopefully I won't have any problems linking my game accounts to it because that seems to mess up a lot of people
  10. Both are quite different so I would definitely hate to see both games merged. It's fine to have a mission or two that might be "linked" or just refers to the other game. But I wouldn't go as far as trying to combine the both.
  11. Darth

    Android to iOS

    Has anyone made the switch from Android to iOS recently? And if so, how was it for you? I'm moving from the Galaxy S20 to the iPhone 13 Pro which I'm looking forward to. The only issue seems to be that I won't be able to move my WhatsApp messages unless I pay for a third-party app.
  12. If you ever see the word "free" online, it's easier to just automatically assume that it's a scam. And no one would ever be giving away a PS5/Xbox Series X for free randomly. Celebrities and influencers may do it but they would be giving it privately to hospitals/families that are struggling and would never advertise it beforehand.
  13. I would say that I have good reaction times. It's nothing out of this world because there are some professional gamers out there will unbelievable reaction times but I'm decent enough to not be bad at most online games.
  14. I do not. Other than probably turning my console/controllers off and on or resetting them, I wouldn't be able to complete any repairs on them. If I did ever have a problem, I would always make sure to get in touch with the retailer I bought it from and let them repair it for me.
  15. I think we all do, don't we. The biggest problem is that we just tend to be a bit stingy at the start because we don't know if a particular resource is going to be hard to come across or not. And then you get the games that make it hard at the start but then start giving you way too much nearer the end of the game. GTA is a good example with the in-game currency.
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