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  1. I've tried a few glitches in GTA Online to get some money easily or to duplicate certain cars. There was a glitch a while back about being able to gain access to the North Yankton location which I tried but other than that, I've never tried to actively break a game.
  2. I'm honestly not even sure, to be honest. I don't think there is a game that can be a 10/10 and has no flaws. Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 are probably the only two games that come close to perfection and even with those two, there are a few things that I don't like about it like the driving physics in 5.
  3. I don't have a problem with bots, to be honest but only if they make it clear that this is a feature and it's only for the first few games when you're new to it. If they're adding bots to every game when they don't have enough players, I definitely wouldn't like that.
  4. I got into F1 recently so I've been playing the F1 games on the Series X for a little while now. I won't be getting 2022 though since 2021 was just made available through the Xbox Game Pass and I don't want to buy it seperately. It's a very fun game and has helped me learn quite a bit about F1
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    Back to the GTA Online grind but not for long today. Just did the brand new time trials for HSW and the regular one for the extra $350k GTA$. Just can't be bothered to play any heists or muck around in free roam today.
  6. I've watched some foreign TV shows like Squid Game, Alice in Borderland, and Narcos (not sure if that counts as a foreign one). But with movies, I only watch ones in English. I haven't actively avoided foreign films but it's just not something I've ever thought of watching.
  7. I didn't vote because I genuinely don't have a preference. It really depends on my mood and what has just been released. When a new COD is released, I'll spend a lot of time on it. But if there is a new arena shooter, and it's good, I'll be happy to spend some time on that.
  8. Not necessarily but I think that may be because I just don't buy a lot of games ever year. I know what games I like and I tend to limit how many new games I try out which helps me save a bit of money. Paying around £100-200 for a few games every year is not too bad as it helps keep me entertained throughout the year.
  9. I do actually, almost every day. I switch between 3 radio stations depending on my mood but it's nice to listen to some different music from time to time. I have a Google Nest Mini so it's quite easy to listen to the radio as well. Helps me find some new songs from artists I may not have heard of before as well which is always nice.
  10. Yeah, the sound is one element of the game that can improve it massively. It would be way too weird for me to play games with them muted. I just tend to have my earphones plugged in to the controller so that I'm the only one that can hear it. And with certain games like sports games or racing ones, sometimes I'll just put on Spotify and listen to music in the background.
  11. The original black knight from the Season 2 Battle Pass. As someone that played Fortnite from almost when it started, I was addicted to the game back then and made sure to finish every battle pass. Love using this skin because it quite rare since not as many people have it and there's obviously no way to get it now
  12. We will never know I guess because anything could happen in the future. I would like to think that I would never stop gaming until I physically can't because it's one of my favourite things to do when I'm free.
  13. As someone that is fortunate enough to have both the PS5 and the Series X, it's the PS5 easily. But that may be a slightly biased opinion since I also had the PS4 and the PlayStation being my main gaming console. The Game Pass is good but I'm not a fan of the UI or the controller. And the haptics and adaptive triggers just create a whole new experience on the PS5 which is amazing.
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