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  1. One original Xbone and 2 controllers. One controller came with the console, the 2nd controller I bought the next day because when I got home and set up the console I noticed that they didn’t include a 2nd controller like they used to.

  2. I've got an xbox 360 that someday I'd like to turn into a linux machine. However, my PC is much better at gaming, and it can play everything at 21:9 ultrawide 1080p. PC Part Picker list in my flair.

  3. On 8/14/2020 at 3:18 PM, Zro said:

    Micro-transactions and loot boxes aren't categorically good or bad. When we see backlash, it's usually because they've been implemented in a malicious or incompetent ways.

    I  agree with you, loot-boxes have received a bad reputation when companies have lied about the odds of obtaining items or when it has been pretty much impossible to progress in a game without spending more money. However, the Indy game market could depend on micro-transactions and loot-boxes to obtain some sort of revenue.

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