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  1. This truly does look like a next gen game for an artstyle like this and surprisingly being made by an indie studio, this definitely is one of my top anticipated games.
  2. People saying this game is dead don't know what they are talking about. This game is more alive than ever. It is probably in its best state in years
  3. Been playing Worms since the first one, This is not worms you have gone for a 2D Arena shooter. R.I.P Boggie B
  4. I started playing EDF 4.1 on PS Now and I’ve been loving the ridiculousness of it! I can’t wait to play this one on my Switch, having a game from this series in handheld form would be super cool!
  5. Oliver


    This thing is $230!!!! I'd rather buy a real one and actually play it lol or save up for a next gen console. Why are Legos so expensive!?
  6. This is the best battle pass ever in history love it .....and the dR-H unbelievable
  7. Im so excited🤯 this game its so cool, i hope they continue the story and explain more about the root, the worlds,guardians and maybe some remake of the first game that is only available for VR
  8. NMS has been an amazing game for years, yet it's never enough and HG keeps improving it for free. These guys are just some of the best in the industry!
  9. I'm really hyped for this! Shadow warrior 1 and 2 are extremely good!
  10. Video is no longer available or deleted by a user. Can you post any other link ?
  11. When the first gameplay was shown I remember how super mediocre it looked, now I’m extremely hyped.
  12. This don't even look like a game trailer, this looks like a teaser to a cold war conspiracy documentary coming to Netflix...
  13. I've been a member of the Cheap Ass Gamer forums since the site started and have done some trades/sales over the years without any issues. Great community as well.
  14. Oliver


    Many people dream of games we play.Like.... if I play Sims a lot, I may dream about red bars turning green while I sleep.... or of falling blocks for Tetris.
  15. Oliver

    2D Games on DOSBOX

    Thanks for the teachings man, Btw i have been trying to install "mario teaches typing" and i find it more harder to install than other games can anyone help ?
  16. I remember, when I was a kid, I was waiting for the bomb to explode after getting the denonator powerup. After waiting for like 1 or 2 minutes, I reset the game and avoid getting that powerup. XD
  17. Oliver

    Virtua Cop

    Any Chances Of Playing This On Windows 10 64 bit ? Please It's My Childhood.
  18. Not only for gaming a lot of things are harder to do in windows 10 and some features are just outright missing for some reason. I work tech support and noticed little things here and there which add up to a terrible UI experience.
  19. Recently bought a MARKUS chair from IKEA, its really comfy and good for the back. Paid around 160€~, not sure how much that is in $, but i guess not
  20. Oliver

    Arkanoid Classic

    The first game I got when I bought an EGA monitor LOL. I was so excited for that intro!
  21. Oliver


    Wow old versions of tetris are so slow. The game boy version will always rein supreme in classic style while modern style has to go to puyo puyo Tetris or tetris 99.
  22. Oliver


    I've played this game before and its still pretty fun after 2 years. the community is really harsh though so i don't play multiplayer often. its worth checking out though
  23. I've sold some of my old PC games, as far as I know if its a really old game like say Half Life and is single player only I think the serial will work on multiple PCs. I think if it's a multi player game the serial will work only on one game that trys to get online.
  24. Oliver

    Games on Linux

    GoG has a huge Linux support. The only way to get the situation even better is to vote with your wallet. Buy games under linux and play them under linux to make the stats matter gor devs
  25. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, though it's more of a puzzle-solving game than an atmospheric mystery game. The Wolf Among Us felt great but it was also my first telltale game so it might be shrouded in bias because of that.
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