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  1. If you know there is a big decision in the game that will change it (such as killing off one, etc.) I'd always recommend avoiding the autosave and manually saving it in case you wanted to see the other direction or see how else the story can evolve from various changes. 

  2. From where he has come, he's pretty decent. Back in the day, I thought that he was super annoying, but nowadays, he seems more relaxed and laid back since he kind of has fallen into his own grove (rather than trying to make one or find out where he fits in best).

  3. The game looks really cool, kinda curious if they expand everything out to include other aspects in like DLCs (such as online play, that would be cool lol).

  4. There are a few I've played (Death Stranding) once you realize in the story that everything has been told a lie (for example). I think that it's honestly expected in some genres since, without it, the game wouldn't really fit within the given genre anymore (ex; Horror games are another good example).

  5. The whole purpose of the boss battle is honestly to make sure that you spent enough time learning skills, and gathering levels, or items that would let you defeat them. I see them as the doors into a new area that is even more challenging, and without the game knowing you can make it over there, it would be an area that you probably wouldn't normally make it through on your own.

  6. I'd say that it depends on the game, and the content (including online aspects or not). Some games can be played pretty young if you disable online content, or others have it to where you can't really do anything outside of text chat which you can hide away for kids.

  7. In terms of design, I'd say the PS4 since it just would blend into other things compared to the PS3 which had a handful of the different design per iteration. 


    In terms of capabilities, PS3 since you could (on the first-gen model) play PS2/PS1 games, and it just had a bunch of other things you could do (boot Linux on it, PlayStation Home was seriously fun if you didn't have a chance to play it), and more. 

  8. I'm super excited to see this game, it seems super cool and like a huge open world. I'll honestly be really curious about the usage and playing content when it comes to online play (will everyone see a handful of people they can interact with but then complete their own story, will online have its own story, etc.).

  9. For some of the games I play, I get right around 4-6 hours of battery life if I keep the performance settings around High, and brightness only a few ticks above being black (below 50% for sure).

  10. I've done a few types of games on my MacBook Pro, but with it being the M1 Pro variant, can't really play that many games unless I sideload Windows (and even then, ARM Windows only). 

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