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  1. I never personally saw the huge appeal on Candy Crush as many others did, I remember trying it out and just basically not finding it that interesting only after a handful of levels.

  2. I've played it a bunch, but I'm honestly just read for Warzone 2 to drop on mobile devices the second week of May. It's going to be a good year for CoD!

  3. You don't need jailbreak an iOS device to get emulators, look up AltStore as it allows for you to side load apps without any jailbreaks or doing anything outside of what normal orgs do to test their apps. 

  4. I've tried to play two games at once, and the only time I was able to do that is if there are a bunch of AFK aspects from both ends that allows you to give either dedication to one game, or be able to split screen them across and view them on a larger monitor for example.

  5. I feel like many have just gone online only, since you can read the content faster and it's easier to search. Back in the day though I remember being excited to get the newest release of Game Informer in the mail to see all of the games coming up, or their reviews of them, since not much was posted online in a centralized format (outside of watching videos on Google Videos back than).

  6. I believe so, now most studios are just having their own events to release the games online or virtually, which saves them money and they can build their own hype just for their release vs. having to compete with others within the hour or week timeframe. 

  7. I believe that is put a huge impact on things, from events like E3 basically being dead at this point now, to game studios shutting down since they were unable to release or keep a game on track when everything shut down. Are studios back to normal? Kinda, but I still believe that without COVID we probably would have a few more studios or games come to light/life that died off during production.

  8. Probably either a licensing issue or trying to make the game like having a story and content would be tough since all he does is fight criminals, etc. I think without a good story, or other supporting characters, how could there be a good story with like better upgrades or ways to do things (with Spider Man I feel like it's easy and same with Iron Man).

  9. I personally use the air in a can with that very small nozzle in order to get the dirt and dust under the keys out. I've tried using like a cloth but it never can get fully under some of the keys, and ends up just helping if there was like liquid or sauce or something else that needs to be cleaned vs. the normal stuff.

  10. I've used emulators for older gaming consoles, but it doesn't feel complete unless you can find good wireless/bluetooth/wired controllers that can plug into your PC to play the games on. Otherwise, I've never really had any issues with emulators. 

  11. I believe that they will end up not making another portable gaming system, since they were promoting heavily the Backbone controller and the aspect that you can play your PS4/PS5 remotely (from anywhere) with your phone and only have a very small lag. 

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