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  1. I used to just always keep them, let my friends borrow them, or maybe trade them in with another game - but never for a return when I was completed with them.
  2. The best lesson learned was to make sure that you always read every trade/exchange with players and check if it is too good to be true, or if something else is off.
  3. It's sad too since a lot of those games could have been re-released or at least given a good remaster, since the communities 100% loved them but hated what EA did to change the game once they took over.
  4. Fallout 76, No Man's Sky, Twisted Metal (the refresh on PS3/PS4) are really good examples of just broken games out of the gate that I've personally played.
  5. Spiderman, Infamous 1&2 (if you act good vs. evil) are good examples where they will cheer you on, or give you items.
  6. Most newer Rockstar games (RDR2, GTA V), Death Stranding, Detroit Becoming Human, and on the flip side games that have generated aspects like No Man's Sky, or huge map games like The Crew 2 (water details, amazing, up close details are meh).
  7. 10/10, probably the best multiplayer horror related game out there that still stands this day in terms of gameplay in my eyes.
  8. No Mans Sky when it first came out, same with Fallout 76 when it first came out. 10/10 trash games until they had huge updates (and Fallout 76 is still poor in my eyes).
  9. Syntax

    Genshin Impact

    I've played it a few times, the graphics are really good for a mobile game and the fact that it's basically the same game on consoles/PC is a huge plus in my eyes.
  10. I try to stay in the 1.00s area of any FPS, but in all reality that really just boils down to you knowing the game, having better weapons and leveled up weapons, etc. So of course at first your K/D sucks, but gets better as you play it more often.
  11. The first thing that I did was upgrade the hard drive to a 2TB model (which is now running out as well, compared to the 500GB that it came with). With the cheap prices of SSDs, it makes sense to do this as well once you upgrade the storage space as well.
  12. PS2, and PS3 for sure had the best line up the second that they dropped. The PS4 would be second, and PS1 after. I think the issue with the PS5 is that it was so hard to get the console that many publishers did a dual release with PS5 & PS4.
  13. It makes sense since you are getting a console but in a headset form (kinda of). I think it's worth it, as long as more games support it (since with the PS4 there was a lack where only parts of some games supported it, or only in certain settings/modes, or not at all).
  14. I personally go for disc, since I want something physical that I could let a friend borrow or exchange out later. With digital, you are at the mercy of the store you bought it from to not go under, or the publisher to not just yank the rights away for the store to sell/let you download it later if something were to happen to your local copy.
  15. I think that it is a super nice to have, especially when people drop a ton of hardware (controllers) and games on prior gen consoles. I don't see it being a huge task to support software wise, and can help more people make the jump since they don't need to just toss or sell their old games to get the same game on the next gen console.
  16. I 100% could see this happening, but it really depends if they can add enough detail and character depth so it's not just a poor game experience like many movies to games become.
  17. I think if done right, it could be super good. But it really just depends on the story and backstory that they give any given set of characters.
  18. Saints Row, is another good choice if you like the freestyle aspect (not the new one, but the older ones).
  19. I'd say I believe for one of the COD games, it took me about 2-3 hours to download, 1 hour to install it, and then another 2-3 hours for an update on day 1 on my PS4.
  20. For me, I'm tied between Final Fantasy X, and Death Stranding.
  21. As you stated, RDR2, GTA V, RuneScape/World of Warcraft, and even Skyrim are good examples I can think of that have this similar feature set.
  22. RuneScape, I remember that they changed an item to be worthless to suddenly worth like 10K of in-game currency (not much, but with people who had >100) it really caused issues where people became millionaires overnight for a stupidly common item.
  23. I normally like multiplayer games similar to No Man's Sky, but in other games like Call of Duty I would do single-player and then branch out into multiplayer later.
  24. Dying Light, Silent Hill, Resident Evil. I'd also check your main games that have Halloween Events (ex; Warzone had them with jump scares for example last year).
  25. Might just depend on your device, but I've played games where I can't see anything at night and have to actually adjust the brightness to see enough. Maybe try to dim the brightness level in your game to see less?
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