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  1. For some of the games I play, I get right around 4-6 hours of battery life if I keep the performance settings around High, and brightness only a few ticks above being black (below 50% for sure).
  2. Syntax

    Gaming on Mac

    I've done a few types of games on my MacBook Pro, but with it being the M1 Pro variant, can't really play that many games unless I sideload Windows (and even then, ARM Windows only).
  3. The more free games they give out, the more you are likely to buy a game or add-on though them (which is where they would make their money back easily dependent on how many you have purchased).
  4. To be far I think Sony phones aren't that great, unless you mean camera specs. Otherwise Samsung is pretty much the king along with other Chinese based rivals.
  5. With all of the side quests, main story, and getting those hidden objects like in the first game - I can easily see how it would be abut 500 hours or so worth of content if done at a normal pace.
  6. As far as those silly games they have on Facebook directly, no. But in terms of Oculus, yes.
  7. I don't think I ever played the latest Twisted Metal game, but Sweet Tooth was a fun one or even Axle was a unique character/vehicle setup.
  8. I personally leave it set to whatever the default setting is, since if it's off but on for others, it gives them an advantage which can mean a lot of things in shooting games.
  9. GTA San Andres, was just like RDR2 in that regard. Skyrim is kinda similar although it is more related to the more you do something, the better you are (ex; running, for example).
  10. I've loved this racing series for a very long time. Pursuit, Most Wanted, Underground 1 & 2 will always be classics in my eyes
  11. Probably when you have to kill off a character that sticks even after you are done with the story mode (ex; they are gone for good). I also hate puzzles that make no sense without an online guide (ex; Skyrim) or being able to figure it out with clues in the given area/dungeon.
  12. Rogue Company, PlanetSide2, DC Universe, Call of Duty Warzone, etc. are honestly the best ones out there that are free and I believe they don't need PS+ to play online (although may need to double check Warzone and Rogue Company)
  13. I used to use this all of the time on my PS4 with my Vita when my console wasn't in a good location, although I've tried it with a few slower paces games on my iPhone and it works decently if you have fast speeds through your router.
  14. I do not, but would love to once they have bigger storage options and they stop having all of these resellers grab all of them up.
  15. I haven't gotten any on either year yet, kind of waiting for the PS5 Pro to drop with a larger SSD/storage that won't cost like half of the console for a 2TB stick).
  16. I like Sony's consoles better, ever since the issue with the Xbox360 and the very common red ring of death. As far as companies, they are into different things (Sony has Gaming + Electronics) whereas Microsoft kind of does it all (Gaming + Windows + Software)
  17. Death Stranding - no matter what, if you focus on what others may want, sometimes it can save the world (plus lil Lou)
  18. I honestly love Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm still trying to finish off the first game (playing the first time on Ultra Hard difficulty in order to unlock a PS trophy), but near the end (just need to make a bunch more time for It).
  19. I always buy new since a lot of modern games can come with codes to unlock specific elements, or they tend to have everything include (box art, manuals, etc.).
  20. I remember playing the second one on PC, and then Driver 3 on my PS3 (honestly I loved the game, had that GTA vibe for sure although people hated it). Would be cool to see a newer version of Driver like Driver 3 (hidden vehicles, could go inside of almost all buildings, drive around, walk, etc.).
  21. Yes it just takes time with the whole shortage of parts, and these people who are just reselling the consoles online for a huge amount to stop doing so.
  22. San Andreas, all of the Ace Combat games, and probably the old burnout and need for speed games for sure
  23. It had all of the games that I wanted back when the PS2 came out. Ever since then I just felt the controllers were best for my hands, and the gaming exclusives made it worth me to stick to PlayStation consoles.
  24. I tend to keep the console box and manuals within that box, just in case I ever need to send them in for repair or any type of refurbishment.
  25. Are you looking specifically for platform exclusives? If so I’d recommend these if you like these style of games; Flying: Ace Combat Racing: Gran Turismo Little Big Planet is also a cool kids game with a fun multiplayer. and of course some VR titles but idk if you have the VR headset
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