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  1. I play it here and there,although the recent change with the whole gem cards mad little sense to me. Otherwise I find it fun and challenging
  2. I tend to lay them down, although something like the PS5 i might stand it upright compared to how I have my PS4 laying down.
  3. Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Command and Conquer games, a few Burnout games, and a few Need for Speed games. hardest by far was horizon zero dawn as I did it the first play through not using the Play+ feature
  4. This ^ the camera also has a mic and can be used as a replacement for a microphone to talk in some games, although not ideal since it’s quality isn’t that amazing (same with its picture quality to be honest).
  5. Sounds like the hard drive gave out sadly, I’ve never had that problem since when I got my PS4 I just popped it open and added a bigger drive in there. The same happens with other consoles and PCs, but at least it’s super easy to replace it on your own and legit takes only a few minutes, a USB, and the understanding that a majority of your saved game data is gone unless you have PS Uploads enabled.
  6. 100% agree with Brave being a solid choice, I use that browser on all of my platforms. Another good one just for some compatibility aspects is Edge/Opera GX.
  7. Mostly due to the type of games, and how you can play them on the given system. Like I’d never play a sims game on a console since it makes little sense to me control wise, but then again playing a racing game with a keyboard and mouse also isn’t ideal to me either.
  8. I don’t think I have even noticed any of the paths or roads in Skyrim. Although I would say that some are kinda not the texture or the layout I’d think, overall I feel like everyone’s attention isn’t so much on the ground so that’s why.
  9. Oh man I wish this was remastered. I know it’s on the app stores, and some people have tried to make a clone of the city and people on GTA V - but this game brings back so many memories.
  10. I mostly play them in my free time, or games like Pokémon when I’m in a public setting just to check on what’s around me to catch. I could never get into like MMORPG or MMOs on a phone, since the gameplay seems limited or the screen size isn’t ideal (even on my iPhone Pro Max).
  11. I’d say it was a Mario game or something similar, but I can’t remember.
  12. I normally will keep playing until I want to get off. I remember leaving my PS3 running Gran Turmiso since some races were 24-72 hours long straight (I would switch to their B-spec mode to let my AI drive when I was sleeping or doing other things). I’ve never had any issues at all with overheating a console, or any damage.
  13. Yeah, games like Death Stranding that have an okay gameplay but the story is where the cake is at, is a perfect example in my eyes.
  14. Yes, since a lot of the time without a story the gameplay can be fine enough (things like sim city, etc.). Really depends though since if the gameplay sucks and story, there isn’t really a reason to play minus removing it from a list.
  15. I tend to like realistic movement since it can add to the tone of the game. If it’s unrealistic, then I’d like the game to have way more unrealistic things otherwise it just makes me wonder “why did they skimp out on this only”
  16. I think having more than one ending can be pretty cool, since it can add a nice twist to what happens or where you think the game ends (and possibly where a sequel could lead off).
  17. The ending of death stranding - man I definitely didn’t see that coming or even the whole freaking outcome at the end
  18. Extremely easier, since you tend know their strength or weakness so it can help you kill them faster.
  19. Almost every game that Epic has given out on their monthly rotation sadly, and a few from the PS+ rotation.
  20. When it comes to some games I tend to turn off some of the soundtrack, I mostly leave it though since it can provide helpful hints on items or things nearby.
  21. I’d say $200 or so. Which is a decent amount but if I like a game, I’ll pay for some DLC (even if it’s free for example).
  22. I tend to try to play as a good character first through the first gameplay, and then might do the evil side in order to get all of the rewards or trophies unlocked.
  23. I’ve always been a go-to for disc games, the only time I would go digital fully is with something like the PS Vita/Switch. so if I had the chance to either buy a digital PS5 now or wait a year for the disc option, I’d wait a full year TBH
  24. I mostly try out PvP unless the world is so far ahead that it puts me at a disadvantage by being PvP as a fresh start (ex; SOME ark worlds/servers as an example).
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