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  1. I think it was Churchill who said to a colleague when they were talking about a third statesman. The colleague said a certain person was a very humble man. Churchill said "well he has much to be humble about". Brit insults can be devastating.
  2. This one may cross the line so delete it if needed. A stand up comedian was getting heckled by some prick in the audience. After a while he told him " hey, I'm working here. I don't go where you work and knock the dicks out of your mouth do I?" I usually don't like dick jokes but that's funny.I can't remember who told it though.
  3. Ya the more I think about it I think it's my problem by not having patience with it.Which is dumb because I really like the game.For example I've never used a tripcaster to tie down the machines.I sorta panic and start blasting them with my weapons.And I usually don't like melee in games but I like it in Horizon.
  4. I tried the new version of Vice city when it was re made.Fucking awful. The 'new' version had graphics that looked like crap. I had to go through 3 cut scenes when I died and then the controls were so bad I'd just die again and go through the same 3 cut scenes to get back to where I was. Uninstalled immediately after a few time going through that crap. Just a cash grab from Rockstar/take 2.
  5. I wasn't interested in the first Horizon game at first but I figured I'd give it a try when it was on Sony's PS now. It took about 5 minutes before I fell in love with Aloy. I'm thinking of getting forbidden west but was wondering if it's generally the same as the original.I had a couple problems with it though. It was sorta annoying when it wouldn't stop the action while changing weapons.I also found it pretty hard and I hate lowering the difficulty.And it sucked when trying to get to a camp fire to save the game. Even worse when there's a bunch of machines there that attack you before you can save it. So I'm sorta looking for opinions about the new game. Thanks for any replies.
  6. So many for me. Lord of the rings, game of thrones,Friends,Big bang theory,any real housewives bullshit,any 'talent' shows,Avatar, Star trek,Star wars,many others.
  7. A cop knocks on the door of a house. A 10 year old boy answers wearing fishnet stockings ,high heel boots and has a dog collar on. The cop asks him if his mother is home and the kid says 'does it fucking look like it'?
  8. As far as games it'd be PS2. If on appearance I'd take the original piano black PS3.
  9. The UI is fine for me. OP I don't know about Windows but in Linux you can get different themes for the OS or browser that'll change the appearance and color of some things.
  10. Interesting.I guess I've been lucky and havn't been frustrated by Quick time events. Not too many games I play have many of them though.And I thought it was only me that gets stuck in games.I admit I can be dumb in games sometimes but it is frustrating. I love the modern tomb raiders but I have the walkthroughs bookmarked.I generally don't like puzzles.Lemme rephrase that: I f***ing hate puzzles in games.Online requirements for single player games is a no go for me.Which sucks because I wanted Far cry 6 on PC but gotta get it for PS4 now. And Ubi sucks so I'm gonna get it used.I guess I'm a prude but I don't like much nudity in games either.And since I love animals more than humans I only kill animals when I need to.And parents be VERY careful about killing animals in games when kids are watching and make sure they have proper compassion for animals.This is very important for not having a fucked up kid when they grow up.
  11. "Code Veronica zombie lap dance". I almost pissed myself when I read that. Keep up the good work Crazy.👏
  12. I usually don't bother with these types of threads. Sorta like talking about particle physics to a toddler.MK Ultra didn't have anything to do with being straight or gay.I'll give you an example of toxic masculinity. It's when a piece of shit blames a woman for getting raped because of the way she dressed. There are plenty of other examples but I'm not doing your fucking research for you.And alex jones is real news to you? He's too busy worrying about paying the parents of a massacre he denied even happened. But that makes sense because it seems you're obsessed with testosterone.The right just loves being told how tough they have it.So emasculated.Poor things.You've been watching too many boner pill ads.I'm a straight white dude over fiddy and I still have plenty of testosterone.Bigly. I didn't even bother watching the original vid because I'm sure it's a skewed poll or whatever they pulled out of their ass.The thought of choosing your sexuality is just silly.I would LOVE having a debate with a republican but they've slowly lost their fucking minds over the years.I'll end here because the dude may already be banned and I'm wasting my time.
  13. Speaking only for myself but yes modern Rockstar/take 2 are especially greedy.And yes I'd put them in the same category as EA as far as being greedy.No corporation is your friend, but they're both especially greedy.With Sony pulling this crap I have to add them to the really greedy category also.
  14. I think these studios are relieved they're not with Square Enix anymore. It seems SE is going full on with NFT and blockchain BS. I'd be very worried if I was a fan of Square Enix. Hopefully the new tomb raider won't have always online requirements for their new game.
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