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  1. I think the issue is that too many people want games that they can get participation points in or that don't have any horrible way to tell if someone is a god or sucks (ex; Battlefield 2042 without a damn scoreboard). Thus it gives the appearance that the game is super easy, just because those who have no skill can play it very easily when they might miss a ton of things a skilled player can do (but is hidden away from view).
  2. Not many, unless they are specifically about that (ex; Tony Hawk). I've only ever seen snowboarding/skiing in the same aspect (if you exclude out Republic Rider, but that game is about all actual sports in the outdoor environment).
  3. Once GTA V added it to their online game, I kinda figured it would evolve into it's own thing where it might be a paid cash option to buy special in-game currency that only can be used for gambling. Waiting for it to be added to other games now, since if a big company adds specific aspects most kinda copy + add on more to make more $ or get more hooked onto it.
  4. GTA V story mode. I'm like level 412 online, but never have even done anything past the third story mission.
  5. My number 1 complaint would be the games that basically force you to do a quest, and then you have to do either a side-quest or even minigame/mini-quest inside of it to complete it or advanced further. Like why not just make that apart of the quest itself vs. having ties to doing other things that have their own requirements.
  6. I remember toggling this with my PS3, but it only really can make your voice sound really deep or really high pitched. Nowadays you can practically sound like a different gender, or even add in accents, etc.
  7. I've thought about it, but every single one I've sat in for so long it becomes like a hot sweat pool since there isn't a way for air to move around you unless you have like a fan on you as well.
  8. Bicycles, skateboards, I mean even things outside of the normal such as ski/snowboards, or even surfing as an option since only like a small handful of games even have that as an option.
  9. I've found myself far too low level for some bosses, and stuck in a room where there is no way to train
  10. I only will use tempered glass (privacy glass, at that) on my phones in order to help prevent any of the scratches that appear on the screen from it coming in and out of my pockets. As for dropping, that it honestly up to your phone case to save and hold everything together.
  11. It depends, if I will play the game a bunch and get that value out of it - sure. But not to just every app that may have ads, and if the ads are super super annoying I'll just delete the game outright.
  12. I wouldn't be shocked that it has some type of multiplayer aspect, esp. with all of the different groups there are and the things that could be done - plus it's Rockstar, which always has a multiplayer aspect to all of their mainstream (or really, almost any) game.
  13. I've found it an issue when it comes to consoles, even after upgrading their internal HDD to the maximum size possible. When it comes to PC, I feel like it's easy to move games from the main drive to a secondary.
  14. Probably not so much F2P, but more of selling every aspect they can as a DLC or having those lovely season passes for things that should have been inside of the base game.
  15. Right now my active backlog of games I have started, but either not finished or gotten to 100% completion is about ~25.
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