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  1. Yeah, but when you're Dutch you grow up in a culture of conformity. By the time I was in my teens listening to characters talk like anime characters in Dutch felt like being emotionally tortured. It works in American English and I haven't bothered getting back into the anime on Netflix yet, now that I'm an adult with my own Netflix account. I did love it as a kid, but the same goes for the games. My life has been too hectic and my tastes have become too diverse to be nearly as much into Pokémon as I want to be. Too many games to play even just when it comes to Nintendo, and too broken a mind because of my autism. Plus, I never connected the dots right when I was a kid regarding the ways Ruby and Sapphire handled the teams differently. I never got to the point where you discover they both want bad things even in only one of the games, and there wasn't a lot of context with what they said because I was a Dutch child. I didn't speak English yet and I played the game in English. So yeah, I wasn't that informed.
  2. Sorry, that was way too wordy. I can't edit posts in some places for some reason. Maybe they changed the requirements for the feature to be used recently and it hadn't been applied to the entire forum yet. In any event: a lot of the Humongous Entertainment games are very much worth it for kids and kids at heart.
  3. My friend has been bugging me about getting into Bioshock for years because it fits every box on my checklist regarding action RPG's. I guess it might be time to check it out.
  4. Animal Crossing New Leaf. No doubt about it.
  5. Sorry, Alpha Sapphire. I originally regretted not buying Omega Ruby because I had Ruby as a child, and I figured it would reduce the nostalgia for me. I later learned I'm immune to nostalgia over the longterm. I also realized I like puns, and Team Aqua does a lot of nautical puns, and I've learned that both teams are officially bad guys. I never got that far. I figured Team Aqua would be the canonical good guys since they got the good guy colors versus Team Magma's bad guy colors. I learned canon is pointless as well. Why would canon matter more than personal interpertation of the fans regarding a piece of fiction anyway? That makes no sense. It's one of the reasons I like Rick and Morty: they point out the arbitrary nature of the concept of canon. Among existence and every part of it. And I like it because I'm a genius. Naturally. /s
  6. I really want to but I've not been in the right headspace for quite a while. I used to love writing and I love games even more, so once I can do so I'll be writing video game fanfic until I've at least written a full novel. Which means a book of at least 50.000 words, for those who aren't that into writing. My mom got published once. It's a good read, but it's in Dutch, so it's not gonna work for everyone. It's called "Aangeraakt, door Emma Fasol". It's about relationships. My mom likes people. I don't. But her book is a good one. Just not a genre I'm into. I read it regardless of course, so it's not like I'm uninformed, although I'm biased, because she's my mom. She also won a writing contest called Nanowrimo. My dad works with computers, so that's where I got the gaming and gadget interests from. So yeah, once I feel up for it, I'll be writing some fanfic.
  7. I'm not a mod, and I can't use my mirror anymore. It cracked too many times. Maybe you could point me to someone who fits that description, cause I don't think I've ever met someone like that.
  8. Same. I feel like I'm getting too personal on this discussion. This isn't the place for a therapy session. I'll be taking a break until my emotions are back on track. I got really angry during Animal Crossing just now and I'm hungry to boot. I still need to unwind and have some lunch. Yeah, I know, angry, during Animal Crossing.
  9. Yeah, I know. I was joking. It isn't for me, but people can like what they like. My dad's really into Pokémon Go. I tried it but I didn't enjoy it.
  10. Is it possible to delete posts? For now: DELETED. That'll do.
  11. Both options suck in their own special ways, but nowadays I only ever download games, so I'd say that says it all.
  12. I haven't been as much into Pokémon as I used to be in many years, but I am playing a decent amount of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Crystal for the 3DS nowadays, and it's pretty fun. I wouldn't say either are my fave though. It tends to depend on my mood. They both offer different things that I enjoy.
  13. Putt Putt is the childhood you never had, so I'd say make sure your kids at least end up having it. Putt Putt Goes To The Zoo and Putt Putt Travels Through Time are some of the best ones with hand drawn animation. Putt Putt Goes To The Moon is great too, and the DOS graphics make it one of the most endearing ones, not to mention Putt Putt's voice in that one. You can tell the voice actor was still very young and the sound quality isn't the best, both of which only add to the charm. I would say it's nostalgia, but I'm immune, so have fun, and not just as a kid. As I said: childhood you never had. Doesn't mean you can't still have it. It's an older series, hence the DOS statement, but the entire collection can be found pre-emulated on Steam. Not for free, but I'd say take a look. Freddy Fish is great too. And Pyjama Sam There's No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside is an absolute classic. Some of them are even mildly educational, although not all that much, and more so depending on whether your kids enjoy the aspects that are. They mostly teach kids how to be polite - and math, if they choose to take a few math lessons from a starfish in one of my fave Freddy Fish games. Nowadays I can even do the advanced ones with relative ease, but then again, I am 27, so obviously I'm the smartest fish in school.
  14. I'd say Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy. You know, tropical paradise holiday destination, and space, the final frontier. Well, until Mario goes to the 5th dimension. I would say 4th but he probably did some time travel at some point. Maybe in one of the RPG's? I wouldn't know. Plus, he does exist in time in every one of his games. If he didn't it'd just be a picture, and those are hard to make into something interactive, cause interaction requires some form of movement, and that requires time. I feel like I'm overanalyzing this a little bit.
  15. No doubt in my mind on that one. I just hope it'll be before I reach the 8 year anniversery of my med lowering. I'd like to be able to tell people that I ALMOST had to suffer for 8 years because of that. But we'll see. It's not something I can fix by anything other than selfcare and patience. I'm about to create a secondary char in Animal Crossing and the save is still there, so today is starting out quite well. I would play some PC games as well, but I broke my PC on the BIOS level recently, and I only have this ancient laptop when it comes to PC games as a backup. I can't even play most indies on this thing. It's already past the average lifespan of a DESKTOP PC, so yeah, I'm just happy I can use the internet at a good speed without having to use a smartphone. Those things are a nightmare. They run out of energy in a day so they don't work as an emergency phone and they're a pain to use for the internet. And if we're talking video games, well... I shouldn't have to finish that sentence. Seriously. Mobile games? Uh, I think I'd rather go outside and hang out with people. You know, as in YUCK!
  16. Nah, just obsessive thinking and autism. Obsessive as in obsessive. I won't say I'm happy but I'm not depressed. I still got hope. I've had hope since the beginning. Don't worry about me. I'll be alright. But thanks for your concern. The real problem is that I can't play games properly. Someone on Youtube once complained that they had to go through Skyrim's intro for the seventh time again because they CHOOSE to. Lucky bastard. That's most of my playtime, and I got hundreds of hours of Skyrim playtime, most of it the intro. I just long for the days I could finish MySims Kingdom on my Wii by playing an entire weekend at home without erasing my file at least a few times that day. I think I was still in highschool. I'm 27 now. Those were the days, man. Too bad people were a thing back then. As in fellow students. Yeah, life's never been perfect. But then again, I don't think it's supposed to be. That's why I got Animal Crossing New Horizons. I got that save for 3 days now. I'm gonna continue playing in a moment. I should get my museum soon. Hopefully it'll be there for a while. Even a month of playtime sounds like heaven to me. Heck, a week would already be a treat. Should keep me going for a while if that happened. Maybe that idea could be a motivator. Sorry if that got too personal. I hope I didn't break any rules of the site. In any event, happy gaming.
  17. Isabelle from ACNL. She's an optimistic go getter so she would be useful for survival and keeping up morale. I wouldn't be able to understand her but I don't need to understand her to enjoy her company. I would be worried about what she'd be like without her caffeine habit being fulfilled for an extended period of time. Then again, it's Isabelle, so I doubt it'd be a problem. She'd just pick herself back up after what she'd describe as an unbecoming outburst and I'd describe as adorkable. Actually, maybe a custom, female sim from the Sims Castaway Stories for PC would be better. I know how well she'd do and the story in that game (which is about her stranding on an uncharted island, no less) is she's looking for a partner when she gets stranded during a singles cruise. That way there'd be some romance options. Plus I feel like Isabelle might end up doing something clumsy when it wouldn't be convenient. Adorable in game, less so in RL when that might mean no food for a night or two. Less adorable, more woohoo until rescue arrives, because for a veteran simmer seducing a sim shouldn't be a problem. We'd be woohooing in 2 days tops, and by the time rescue arrives, we'd be married with a family and some beachfront property.
  18. I've tried it with my dad. He has a VR headset. I'm just not in the right mindset right now. I haven't been for a few years. But for as far as I could I did enjoy it way more than I even thought I would.
  19. The Miitopia Demo on the Switch. It was great. I want to buy the full version but I'm not ready for mental health reasons.
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