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  1. I don't care to watch them. I've seen some behind the scenes & they make them only for drama not real life. They retake some scenes to add more emphasis on something. I used to love watching House Hunters. Then I found out that the people already found their homes & the homes were i.e. a friend's or somebody else's that they shot that looked good for the show.
  2. I love watching documentaries. The ones I watch the most are nature & animal ones. I like the ones that David Attenborough narrates as I feel he has a great, down to earth voice.
  3. Our living room. Nice place to gather to watch TV, eat dinner. We also sit with our furbabies. Play with our dog in there. I like the way the lighting is. We also have some Christmas lights hung around that we use as a light until we go to bed. It just helps as it's the room where we have to go through to get to other rooms & we don't need to stumble in the dark.
  4. This is a tough one for me as well. I love the beach (note my avatar lol). If the beach were secluded & my own private island with warm weather & palm trees, that would be ideal. On the other hand, I love the woods & being self-sufficient. Tough choice here. I think I would lean more towards the beach for the tropical feel.
  5. Normal person. I'm a private person as well & an introvert. I don't like drawing attention to myself. Celebrities don't have any privacy. Every thing they do is scrutinized. If they eat the wrong thing, wear the wrong thing. Nothing they do is good enough for tabloids.
  6. Without the internet. As long as I have my landline that works. We live rural so while I can do without the internet, I DO need a way to get in touch with people in an emergency.
  7. I am an animal & nature lover so I'd pick lost in a forest. I have some survival skills. Animals are more predictable than humans. With humans, they can be nice one minute then stab you in the (literal) back the next. Give me animals any day lol
  8. I exercise daily. I have a "body part" day that includes legs, abs, arms, etc. I just make it fun & if I'm not feeling the best, I allow myself to do light exercises. If it's really a bad day, I practice self-care & focus on other areas with stretching. I also take 2 to 3 walks with our dog on our acreage. I have some videos as well as Youtube Trainers that I follow to spice up my routine. My tip is to not make it seem like work :)
  9. I know some people do. I had a friend in school who couldn’t sleep without the radio on. To me, I need white noise. Listening to music tends to distract me especially if it’s a good song. You just want to sing along to it lol
  10. Now this is an older movie, but definitely a classic. Leonardo DiCaprio played the mentally challenged son beautifully. I remember a friend telling me when she watched it when it first came out that she was impressed with the performance & you would have never known it was the same actor who played in the later years of Growing Pains. I think it’s a simple yet deep movie touching on family love for each other. What are your thoughts?
  11. When I first heard about these years ago, I thought it was going to be too catered to the teenage crowd. I’m a lot older lol However, when I happened to catch it on TV, I was hooked. It’s quite good! I actually bought all the movies & have watched them several times already. Even though I don’t usually buy movies, I wanted those Extras that seem to only come in the ones you buy. So, what are your thoughts on these movies?
  12. One rule is to be myself & not let peer pressure get in there. I also don't eat for 13 hours during the night (intermittent fasting). I exercise daily, even if it's walking & stretches. Take time for my furbabies & husband. I don't take crap from others.
  13. I like being organized. Everything in its place. Makes things easier to find that way. I'm not white-glove tho. I clean the house thruout the year so the whole house gets cleaned every year, just slowly. I use that time to go thru items we no longer need, use, etc. I like simplicity. It also helps reduce stress when you don't see junk piles all over.
  14. Here in Michigan, USA, we have Michigan's Adventure. Used to be called Deer Park Funland. We've been there a few times. Even back then, we stayed in MI to support local before it was the 'in' thing lol Also been to Cedar Point. But this was many years ago. I can no longer ride those rides lol
  15. Nice topic! I grew up learning not to take life & family for granted. I'm in Michigan, USA & we used to go camping with my parents years ago. They are my best friends! We stayed in MI 'cos there was so much here we could see, why travel out of state? We have the Great Lakes as well as a wide variety of inland lakes. Old ruins. Shipwrecks, lighthouses. I even got a Michigan History book detailing some of the things here.
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