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  1. Jimmy

    Hi guy's!

    I'm doing great! How is everyone else? :)
  2. Jimmy

    Hi guy's!

    Thank you. Nice forum you have here! :)
  3. Jimmy

    Last Game Played

    Last Played on PC; I played a little bit of CS:GO after not playing in two years. Needless to say I need to touch up my skills. Last Played on Xbox; Fortnite! If I am ever on the Xbox I am most likely playing Fortnite.
  4. This honestly depends on what game & platform. For PC: All my games are usually digital on PC. I use Steam or download the game Online. I don't see the need in hard disk copies for PC anymore personally. For Xbox: It really depends. If I am in Game Stop and I find a game I like then I will buy a hard copy. Although, I would say 75% of my other games are all through Xbox Store. It is so much more convenient to just hit a download button!
  5. I think it is all because of money. They don't want to lose revenue by allowing players to cross-play. Right now if you want to play with your PS4 friends, guess what, you have to go buy a PS4. That is constant revenue for Sony. Although, I think with all the new games coming out; Fortnite, PUBG, they really should start switching over. If we were still in early 2000's I could understand, but we are in 2018 now. Majority of people love cross-play due to the fact you can remain on your preferred system, but also play with all your friends. All in all, I hope they eventually switch to cross-play. I have a lot of friends on PS4 I would love to play along side.
  6. I currently spend only about 1-3 hours of gaming MAX on PC. I do 75% of my gaming on Xbox now. I miss the old days though when I had more free time. I use to play 6+ hrs a day on CS:GO / Rocket League (PC).
  7. What are your opinions on mobile gaming? Is it your go-to? I personally never liked mobile gaming. I will play a few 'small' games on mobile. Although, I will never personally play Fortnite, PUBG, etc. I can't focus on that small of a screen honestly. I am going to stick to Xbox & PC most likely. I like being able to see everything on a large monitor or TV.
  8. Does anyone here play CS:GO? Do you keep up with latest news on it? --- About two years ago I was on CS:GO everyday. I recently jumped back in without playing in a long time! Needless to say that was rather interesting. I forgot how much you have to practice to remain at your respective skill level. I use to be up towards the top but now I am rusty. Who else here likes playing a little CS:GO?
  9. I haven't noticed anything about this yet! I think Fortnite could easily afford that big of a prize pool. Fortnite cleared around 250 Million in April. I am sure they are continuing to sky rocket, especially since they are releasing new & great content! I would say the only company that can compete with that right now is PUBG. Realm Royale is a big hit, although I don't see it generating enough revenue yet to play with the big boys.
  10. What is your favorite game to release on Xbox? This can be old game for 360 or new ones for 'one'. I would have to say that my favorite game would be Skate series (Xbox 360). I wish they would remake one of them for Xbox One. Runner up would probably tie GTA/COD.
  11. Jimmy

    Hi guy's!

    Hi everyone! I'm Jimmy! I am 23 years old, and living in TX, USA! I am interested in anything from technology to off road racing, dirt bikes, etc.
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