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  1. Katri Marcell

    Ask Katri

    The only thing that I resent buying was Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch. I never had a console so I was to quick to get the best games on it, even though I was never a Mario fan. Other than that, I love all my stuff since I rarely buy things that I don't need 😄
  2. Katri Marcell

    Ask Katri

    Hmmm tough one... I remember back in my junior year in university I was kind of living together with my boyfriend. We were playing a lot of League of Legends and we found a guy on a match from Croatia and became pals right away. A few months later me and my bf broke up after 5 years and I had practically no way to know if he's ok or needs something. The kind croatian guy, whose name I cannot remember, was there to let me know that he's ok, he found a job etc to make me relax and know that I did the right thing for him. That's probably the most help I would need from a stranger gamer 😄
  3. Katri Marcell

    Ask Katri

    I don't know what future pop is but I'm willing to give it a try and let you know 😄
  4. Katri Marcell

    Ask Katri

    I am usually nice even to the baddest people on the face of the earth. I would go out of my way only for my family and my significant other but I tend to mess my life up to be kind for everyone. I have to stop that 😄
  5. Katri Marcell

    Ask Katri

    If it involves beers, pajamas, a movie and blankets then yeah hahahaha
  6. Katri Marcell

    Ask Katri

    Kindness 😛 Which is both a wish and a curse actually hahh
  7. Katri Marcell

    Bioshock Infinite Blew My Mind

    SPOILERS BELOW AS WELL!!! I remember that scene with Anna as a baby where her pinky gets stuck in the wall. I was sitting there, shocked about what the guys have made of this story. One of the best experiences in the industry for sure! Can't wait to see the trilogy on Switch some day 😄
  8. Katri Marcell

    Bioshock Infinite Questions After Finishing (Spoilers)

    About 3, now that I remembered, the saying was there will always be a man and a lighthouse and a city etc. I believe this one was more of a clifhanger for something in the future since it's a neverending cycle and the decision actually didn't impact the whole scheme behind the story.
  9. Katri Marcell

    Bioshock Infinite Questions After Finishing (Spoilers)

    Wow, I totally forgot about all those questions I had too back when I played the game. I watched some theory videos but it was long ago and cannot remember. I must replay it ASAP. However, about #4, i believe it kills both. That's why it was a real decision which impacted us too. Otherwise it would be ok let's just kill Comstock. You should also play the DLC, it might have some interesting information on your questions. I suggest you play the previous games before that though 😛
  10. Katri Marcell

    Last time you saw a cheater in game?

    I used to have that issue with my friends. We were starting a new server, agreeing that none will cheat. I started building and mining and making my empire 😄 At some point I needed some sand I think to make tiles and my best friend said I got some come to my place. He had a huge house with more than 50 stacks of diamond inside and a full box of each material. I quit and never played Minecraft after that 😄
  11. Katri Marcell

    Is anyone enjoying Fallout 76?

    I wish it had the same feel and depth s previous FO games since they were amazing. At this point though, I don't believe I'm going to get it. I will when its price falls to 20$. I bet it will be son hahahaha
  12. Katri Marcell

    Worst "freemium" experiences?

    For me it is Hearthstone. All my friends are spending hundreds of dollars on it. I haven't and I don't intend to but to keep up with its pace you have to either play a solid 3 hours per day and be good at it or pay. Blizzard is a huge d.. when it comes to making money. I still hope I'll be able to play WoW without the damn subscription 😞
  13. Katri Marcell

    What game would you have paid more for?

    I agree with The Witcher 3! I'd also pay a lot to see more depth in the Dark Souls saga. Practically give me a dark fantasy or Cyberpunk theme and take my money 😄
  14. Katri Marcell

    What is the most you've spent in an MMO?

    Hmmm... Content-wise I've spent a lot of money for the expansions of Guild Wars 2. In terms of in-game payments though I must have spent the most on Black Desert. Not that much for an mmo player but 40 euro are still a lot for me 😛 I got three pets and a cool outfit though so it was worth it, although I stopped playing after a few weeks
  15. Katri Marcell

    Count To 1000