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  1. Wow major memory jog, yes i agree with every single game you have mentioned there Stacey, especially BioShock and even more so Mass Effect!! Mass Effect was one of the biggest games for me growing up, it really opened my eyes to the size of the universe and potential diversity of other races and how cool it would be to live side by side with such a variety of different sentient species. I have so many fond memories playing those games and was so so happy when they were revamped, as the younger generation really need some Mass Effect in their gaming portfolio lol I also loved how they included the same characters throughout the sequels, as you become so invested in those characters, even the baddies! 🙂 and i remember how upset i was when the killed Shepherd off, i really was devastated and nearly fell out with Bioware over it hahaha lol But with Bioshock it was more the ambience of the game and the atmosphere of an underwater metropolis, plus the relationship between the big daddies and the orphans was quite a powerful factor in the game too! thanks for jogging my memory Stacey, as my memory is shocking when trying to think of examples, while writing a topic like this, as i play/have played so many games i find it hard to recall specifics! Old age is probably a factor too! 🙂 but yeah brought back a lot of good memories reading your post, as like i say every game you mentioned also had meaning for me too! 🙂
  2. Hi all, as those of you who are familiar with me know, ive been gaming for many many moons, in fact i started gaming right when games first came out and because ive games all the way through the progression of video games, ive seen how they have changed, improved or declined in certain ways! The easiest thing to measure in the progression of games is the quality of the graphics, physics and game engines, as you can plainly see the improvements over the years, but what ive also noticed is how games have progressed as in the quality of the storylines and how the devs have learnt how to better engage their audience in the story they are trying to tell. For example i love multiple choice story based games (action adventures), such as heavy rain, beyond 2 souls and the Dark Pictures Anthology games, which are the only games I feature on my YouTube channel, as I believe they are the most immersive of all the games I play (just my opinion), not that I dont enjoy or get immersed in the the other game genre's, I just feel I get most immersed in these games. Whilst playing these games i have in the past become so invested in them that i feel genuine emotions while playing them, which is obviously a sign of a well written story and a well made game, for example may have become upset to the point of having tears in my eyes, o been so angry with a specific character or storyline that ive had to walk away from the game and calm down, again these are good signs as it shows how well the game is made! 🙂 My question to you guys is, firstly am I alone in feeling this way and getting so invested in certain games that I feel genuine emotions? and secondly if im not alone, what game/s got an emotional reaction out of you and why? Take care all and stay Immersed!! 🙂
  3. Hi all, just to let you know ive started uploading the 3rd game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, House Of Ashes! I've already uploaded part 1 and 2, but ive decided that im going to keep my weekends for myself, as I upload most week days, which does take up a lot of my time, as im sure you can Imagine!:) so i think its only fair i keep a couple of days to myself, where i can do the things i enjoy with the people i care about, so Part 3 should be uploaded probably tomorrow (Monday)! Anyway for those of you who haven't played House of Ashes yet, come give it a watch and see what you think, as even if you watch it, you can still buy and play it yourself, as by making different decisions in the game, you will get a different outcome and story, so watching my version wont spoil the game for you too much. As always if you do watch it and like my vids, I would appreciate it millions if you could like the vid and even subscribe to my channel, as with support things will only get better! 🙂 Thanks everyone and take care! 🙂
  4. Definitely Justin11, i completely agree mate, like i said before bud, that's what makes us all so different an interesting, as it would become very boring very quickly if we all liked the same things and thought the same way lol But yeah mate i get your point and completely agree with you! 🙂
  5. Thx for your reply Justin11 and I dont disagree with your opinion, but that could be said for anything in life, not just video games, we all take different things/experience from any situation in life, be it in a video game or a real life situation, that's what makes us all very different and interesting. Some people overthink every situation they face and therefore will probably gain more knowledge or experience from said situation, while others dont put that much thought into things and just live for the moment, so they probably wouldn't analyze things to deeply and wouldn't learn as much from the same situation, that's just the difference of personalities and what makes us all so different. I think you missed the point I was trying to make, I wasn't trying to say we all play video games to learn, or use them as a learning tool, or that we should take anything we see or hear in a video game to seriously. My point was that some videos games are based loosely on real life situations/conditions and that there has been many times throughout my life where I have known something, or how to do something which I, at first, didn't know where I got said knowledge, only to later realize it was from playing a certain video game, without which I would probably not have known said information! Like I said earlier though, this could also be said for films, tv, or any life experience for that matter, but this post was specifically about video games. Also I was referring to the non gamer people I know, who believe that all games are strictly for fun and mostly for kids. They also believe that there is no useful knowledge at all to be gained from video games, as there is no truth or true to life information contained in them. I didn't mean that gamers who dont learn anything from the video games they play dont appreciate them as much as people who did learn something from them, not at all did I mean that, in fact I dont even know why you would get that impression, as reading back though my post, I dont see anything that would suggest that to be my stance, so if that is the impression you got, I apologize, that was not my intention or point. But yes bud, I get your point, not everyone will get the same experience from every game, but that's fine we all play games for different reasons and no one reason is more right than another, if the game brings you enjoyment and satisfaction, in whatever form you were hoping for, then the devs have succeeded and your money was well spent! 🙂
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies, it makes me feel better that im not the only one who thinks this way, i was starting to feel like i was just trying to justify all the years ive spent in the wonderful world of games, by telling myself that im actually getting more from them than just pure enjoyment (which is reason enough to do anything for sure) lol 🙂 I guess ive just spent too much time around non gamers, who dont appreciate the work, imagination, research and money that goes into making a good and in a lot of cases historically accurate game. Kane99 you are correct my friend, i too have learnt so much from the assassins creed games, as not only are they full of fact based history, but you also get a real feel for what it would have ben like to live in that era, im thinking right now of my latest AC experience which was obviously Valhalla and in that game, especially as im from the north of England, it gave me a real appreciation of the struggles our forefathers faced, not only from the Vikings but from the Romans too, everyone wanted a piece of old blighty back then lol! Ive also just got into PCVR as i connect my Quest 2 to my gaming PC and wow let me say the immersion level has gone through the roof, its another level and can only add to the learning experience, as now im in the game/game world and you experience things and see things that you would have missed playing on a monitor or tv, its absolutely crazy 🙂 ive just finished Lone Echo and i was left speechless, to be in orbit around Saturn, as a worker droid protecting your human partner is another level when your actually there, i was stood looking out of our space craft at the view of Saturn with its rings and all the meteors floating around it, it really gave me a perspective i would never have dreamed of without VR 🙂 There is a few tweaks you have to make when first setting up your quest 2 for PCVR gaming via a link cable, but it is well worth it when you get it right, as it improves the look and feel of the game 10 fold, im happy to help anyone who is using their quest 2 for PCVR, just drop me a message and ill talk you through it, as it does improve the look of the games in VR very much if done right. Anyway peeps thanks again for the replies and sorry for the long response lol once i get chatting you cant stop me 🙂 take care all, Woody
  7. Hi all, I have been a gamer for many moons now, in fact I have been gaming right from the begging when video games were first born. I started gaming on my Spectrum Sinclair ZX 128K, back when i was about 8 years old, in fact I may have even been younger than that, but im saying 8 as a safe estimate. Im now 44 years young and love games just as much now as i did back then. Anyway to get to the point, ive noticed through my life that ive come across certain situations, or been faced with certain questions that i was asked to answer and was able to resolve/answer them because of information i gained while playing video games, i struggle to remember an actual example for you, as my memory isn't as good as my 8yr old self's lol, but I know for a fact it has happened throughout my life numerous times and after questioning myself as to how I knew that specific information, I realised id picked it up unknowingly while playing a video game. In my opinion, if written properly, games can teach us so much and its knowledge that sticks with you, as your usually quite immersed in the game when you learn it, so it tends to stay with you, much in the same way as other life experiences do! So yeah my question is has any of you guys ever noticed anything similar, where knowledge you gain from playing a game, came in handy in a real life situation?? 🙂
  8. Hey all, im new to all this so please bear with me and go easy on me lol, before about 6 weeks ago id never even seen video editing software, never mind used it, so its been a fast track in learning enough to start my own YouTube channel and fulfil one of my biggest dreams, which up until now i never had the time or the balls to do,. I still struggle with nerves quite a lot, as im quite a shy person in real life (you can see in the vids i fidget and itch my face a lot, which is nerves) but ill get there i the end, as im in it for the long haul and have a mission i want to achieve, so id welcome any support from you guys, god knows do i need it lol Thanks all and i hope my vids dont offend your eyes too much lol! 🙂 Take care! 🙂 Woody https://www.youtube.com/@immersiongaming22/playlists
  9. Little Hope, as im playing though all the dark pictures anthology games, then going to buy the latest one, Devil in me, which im really excited to play, as i love multiple choice story based games! so yeah Little Hop was my last, massive twist at the end, but not into spoilers so wont say anymore lol! 🙂
  10. Hey all, just to let you know ive just uploaded the final part of Little Hope to my channel, so if anyone fancies watching it feel free! 🙂 Here is the link to the playlist! enjoy! 🙂
  11. Hi Kyng, thank you so much my friend and i know ill defo enjoy it bud, if its anything to do with gadgets or gaming, im all over it like a rash lol But thank you for your welcome mate, i really appreciate it and feel free to contact me for a chat anytime bro, i might not get back instantly, but i try and check every day if poss, im just very very busy at he moment! 🙂 Take care buddy and thx again! 🙂
  12. Thank you Shagger, i appreciate your support and ill do my best to make it a success, but its early days and way more work than i ever imagined it to be lol My hat goes off to all the content creators out there, as i now get it and know how much time and dedication it takes to run a channel, but im also enjoying the challenge and the learning curve, as just over a month ago i had never seen video editing software before, never mind used it 🙂 but im learning as i go along and we all have to start somewhere! But thank you for welcoming me into this community, i really appreciate it and hopefully ive got skills i can bring to the table, such as over 20 years experience building and repairing PC's, plus as stated above many many years of gaming experience, across every console and computer that exists, so always happy to help if needed! 🙂
  13. home built is always the best, easier to upgrade built for purpose and no bloatware, but if i had to buy a prebuilt, which ive not done for many moons, so my opinion may be a bit outdated, i would stick with DELL, as they have brands within DELL that are for specific purposes, like Alienware for gaming, Studio for editing and other high demanding tasks and XPS as a good all rounder, Plus they are a big name in the world of PC's and have stood the test of time. every DELL PC/laptop i have used or had to repair has always stuck me as well made and fit for purpose, so yeah Home built defo number one, followed by DELL! 🙂
  14. Wired if possible as you will always get better data speeds/latency with the wired option, but sometimes the practicality of wireless outweighs the speed and response times, so yeah i always prefer wired if its practical and does not hinder whatever im using it for! 🙂
  15. The future is no phone at all, the phones will be built into chips implanted in our bodies somewhere, which isn't too far fetched even at this point in time! They can already put a heads up display in contact lenses, so team that up with a chip implant that can make/take calls and messages etc etc and your nearly there already, so yeah its already been played with in many games and films, but in real life we are very close, if not able to make it a reality! 🙂
  16. I myself dont mind people using their initiative to better themselves or their lives and if they genuinely have a skill or ability to share then im all for it, as that is called entertainment, but when someone clearly fakes content, with no skill or imagination involved, then i dont agree with that and think there should be a way of electronically throwing tomatoes at those people, but for now guess the dislike option or avoiding their content entirely is the best we can do, as they only do it because they are getting clicks! so dont give them what they want!! 🙂
  17. Hey guys, im Woody an old skool gamer, who has been gaming since i was about 8 years old on my Spectrum Sinclair 128k, which is what started my obsession lol anyhoo im 44 years young now so that is a hell of a lot of gaming and a lot of stick ive taken over the years for my obsession, as if i had a penny for every time ive been told that i need to grow up, that games are for kids not grown men, well firstly i dont give a badgers nadgers what anyone else thinks, i love games and gaming and will never change for no one or nothing. Games have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, which if i had not had the escape of games, god knows what the outcome would have been! Secondly a lot of the types of games i play are definitely not for kids and if the people with that view of games were to actually see and experience these games they would see why! lol Anyway fellow gamers lets get to my reason for asking for help! I've also always wanted to stat my own Gaming YouTube Channel, again against all there advice from the doubters in my life who said im wasting my time, where not only can I upload some of the best story based games ever made and show the haters exactly why games are so good, not always for kids and have had so much work and thought put into them, but will also allow people who cannot game, either due to just not being any good at playing them, not being able to afford the hardware needed to do so or having some disability that does not allow them to game. I've tried to cater for all tastes on the channel, for example i upload 2 versions of every video, one with commentary and one without, as not everyone likes some Yorkshire twat talking over the game while trying to enjoy it! 🙂 This is twice the work, but again im not scared of a bit of graft if the content is going to be enjoyed! This has been an ambition of mine for many years now and up until lately, one or another reasons has always prevented me from going for it, be it money, work, self esteem/belief or the knowledge needed to capture, decode, edit, export or upload video's to YouTube, which i have now had to learn from scratch and is way more complex and work than i could have ever possibly imagined and takes way more time to do than i ever dreamed it would, so my hat goes off to all the content creators out there as i now know your plight lol, but its also great fun learning new skills and making a completed upload that you are happy with, dont get me wrong my uploads are nowhere near at the level of quality that i want them to be eventually, but i only started about a month ago, so ill get there in the end, ill make sure of it! My future plans for the channel are also quite ambitious, as i dont just want to upload games, i want to actually go to the game developers premises, interview the dev's and get the inside skinny of how the game was conceived, made and released, plus get a look at the actual place where they were made. I would also like to visit the places where the games are set and if based on real life locations, do side by side comparisons of the real and game worlds, again to show how much work and effort has gone into making the game what it is. I also in the much further future, want to secure a property for the channel, which can not only be used as a studio to make future videos, but to fill with every computer and console ever made, going right back to the beginning of gaming, so i can create a space for like minded gamers to meet up and establish new friendships and for the younger gen of gamers to come see and experience where it all began and how far things have come, so yeah obviously that is a long long way off yet and just a dream at this point, but every reality starts as a dream or an idea! 🙂 So yeah guys the purpose of this post was to hopefully ask for helps from others like me who love games and gaming and to ask if you would visit my channel and see what you think! Im open to ideas, feedback and opinions and if you like what you see and want to support my channel and become part of the Immersion Gaming community, then liking my vids or especially subscribing to my channel would really help me out at this point and would be more appreciated than i could express on here, as this really is a dream come true chance for me, if i can make it work, which im 110% committed too, but i cant do it without the support of like minded people! Anyway im sorry for the length of this short novel sized post, this was the short version hahahaha! 🙂 I wish you all the best for the future, take care of yourselves! Woody Immersion Gaming Channel Link https://www.youtube.com/@immersiongaming22/playlists
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