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  1. I love gaming but I'm not hardcore to the point where I'm trying to spend $60 on every new game that comes out. When I bought the original COD: Black Ops I was playing that one for years since it became my favorite (especially zombies mode). Usually, I stick with a game for a while until I become bored with it. I waited for 2 COD releases before I eventually updated myself!
  2. Nothing gets at me more than FPS games, especially when I'm playing COD and nothing goes right. I remember back in the day when I played PvP servers on Minecraft and getting raided was also a horrible, horrible feeling. Usually pretty chill now with games, though. If I start playing any shooters for more than an hour I start getting antsy with gameplay if things aren't going well. What game(s) get you bent the most at times?
  3. I've never played CS:GO but it's popular as hell. Every time I've asked for PC gaming suggestions I'm recommended CS:GO.
  4. I think there's a huge social aspect as to why console gaming is more popular. When's the last time you saw a group of friends get together and play computer games? No, everyone grabs a controller and lounges on the couch. Gaming computers are also too expensive for many ordinary people. Why spend $600 on a good build when I can just get a console for much cheaper? Nonetheless, computer gaming does have several perks and is just as equally entertaining to me as playing on Xbox or PS4!
  5. Minecraft is my favorite PC game these days. To be honest, I've been playing for years... and I'm still entertained! I'm not so caught up in all these modern PC games. I'd rather stay updated on consoles. Where are all the Minecraft fans on VGR? Does anybody here operate a server?
  6. Howdy, VGR members! My name's Tony, but I like to go by 9Online. I found this forum while surfing the internet for some gaming communities. What automatically reminds me to come back is that awesome domain! Anyways, I've always played video games. I originally started on the original Xbox and eventually became a fan of PlayStation. I went on to become a complete COD addict. Aside from gaming, I really enjoy getting entertained on community forums! Nice to meet everyone!
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