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  1. What are some of your favorite MMORPG games? I like survival games, too. Have you ever played Dead Rising?
  2. Absolutely! Good headphones help you pick up on enemy movements and advancement. My first good pair was a Triton and I remember the thrill of using them on COD.
  3. Yeah, one huge reason I play on PC sometimes is because some of the games just aren't available on PS4 or Xbox 1. I also dislike playing Minecraft on a console.
  4. Lol I don't think I've ever had a LAN party. Before I was a teen playing on consoles I remember playing Pokemon on Gameboy all the time with friends!
  5. Yeah, the strategy of pay2win is so wrong. That's the #1 reason I stay away from mobile games, and the #1 reason I think mobile gaming is going to die. Even if you pay for stuff you never really get anywhere because other people are also dropping bags and you keep the same competition.
  6. Oh, so you play COD only on PC? Do you play on console, too? Infinite Warfare is awesome.
  7. Oh, dude, I'd be so mad! Were you ever able to reset the account to get your access back?
  8. When I was younger my room was filled with gaming apparel. From props to posters to banners and more! Lol... These days I don't have any of that stuff other than a few stickers on the back of my laptop.
  9. I can't name the song, but I love the original Easter egg song in the COD Black Ops Kino Der Toten map!
  10. Try Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy! Both are really popular and great games.
  11. Man, 8 million is a lot of money! It's incredible how big the gaming industry has gotten over the past few years. Fortnite really took-off...
  12. I definitely don't identify as a mobile gamer. They're boring, mostly pay2win, and aren't fairly competitive. The only games I keep on my phone are brain games like puzzles and quizzes. Console & PC gaming is more my style.
  13. Have you ever had a PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, or other gaming profile hacked and stolen before? I remember trying to gameshare with someone when I was much younger and they ended up stealing my account. I was friends with him for a couple months too. People are just shitty. Have you ever been a victim? 😞
  14. I hate when you have a team that doesn't understand teamwork. I also hate people that belittle other random players and cause a stir for no reason just to get the lobby riled up. Since I'm a COD Zombies addict, I hate when people deliberately refuse to revive you just to troll.
  15. I saw in another post that you were developing a game! What got you into game development and how long have you been a creator?
  16. 9Online

    Pokémon Go

    When it was trending I was playing. I got bored with it by the time the trend ended. I really like that time though... everyone was just coming together playing games. Headlines on the news about Pokemon Go was so much better than the ordinary breaking news.
  17. I bet Resident Evil would be really fun in VR! Thanks for the suggestions!
  18. Dude, that is awesome and looks like fun! I'd love to know when you release it. I love Metroid, and I'm glad you're inspired by it and started working on your own game. On another note, I've never even thought about game development. ZERO knowledge in that area... LOL!
  19. I grew up in the age of owning a physical disc, but these days I stick with digital downloads. It's better than going to the store and I find a lot more coupons online.
  20. I've got a Cybertron PC and I absolutely love it! I've really been thinking about making the switch to Alienware but they're just so expensive. What computer brand are you using?
  21. My first Nintendo device was the Gameboy Color and the only game I would play on it was Pokemon! 🙂 What was your first Nintendo handheld or console?
  22. Minecraft is my evening game. I love to play it when I want to relax.
  23. I really hope another Dead Rising is released 😮
  24. My favorite game series is Call of Duty. Love playing all of them, but mostly the oldies. I'm also a big fan of GTA 5
  25. I've never officially placed wagers online for eSports but I've thrown money on the table around friends over COD matches! Does anyone here actually place bets on eSports?
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