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  1. Idk if its the kind of game you'd be into but if you like RPGs Horizon Zero Dawn is awesome and it has one of my all time favorite stories. The combat and gameplay is great too
  2. Its not really a classic but I really want a Skyward Sword HD on the switch the game definitely gets hated on a lot but I personally love it and its a great Zelda game
  3. literally when ever I have free time I never get bored of gaming
  4. RPGs with wicked good stories and lore behind them
  5. Either beating the final trials in Breath of the Wild at like 2 am with that AWESOME theme playing the in background... or when I read the vantage story in Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time... is it embarrassing to say that I cried during both times
  6. I love Horizon Zero Dawn's combat. Even thought its mostly only bow combat, there were plenty of different bows and ranged weapons to choose from and they all seemed to serve a specific purpose in fights. I also thought the combat was really satisfying and not clunky in the slightest. Its genius how Guerrilla designed the machines so that each component has a specific purpose and by knocking off bits of armor and weaponry you could disable that attack. It added a whole new level of strategy to the game and I was never board fighting every machine I saw
  7. Idk if its my top favorite... but I love the outpost theme from Starbound. I think the soundtrack especially is one of the underappreciated things of this game https://youtu.be/sT_A-bpBgBQ
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